Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Any reporters invited?

Just wondering if any reporters will be attending Richard Salzman's Annual Pamplin Grove Retreat (yes, that is HIS invitation) (For out-of-towners who do not want to camp, there are motels 14 miles away, including a pet friendly Best Western... and Super 8... and even a few miles closer is a charming bed and breakfast, Riverbar Farm... If you are flying into the Arcata/Eureka airport and not renting a car, ask us to arrange transportation when you RSVP.)

The invitation is a bit tamer than previous years, where he said "Saving the planet may well begin by saving these dates: Saturday September 10 & Sunday, September 11 2005 "Retreat To The Future..." And don't forget the "Salzman Tribal Heart beat..."

Wonder if he will be conducting "Wellstone Training?" Or will they be discussing the "Big Money in "grassroots" organizations? Maybe he just puts politics aside for the weekend.


  1. Ask Richard if you can attend, see what he says. Hahahahaha

  2. Aw, admit it Rose, you're still pining away for your lost love.

    "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

  3. Very funny. Take you long to come up with that, 11:09?

  4. What? You mean you deny having had a romantic interest in Richard Salzman?

  5. Yes, I have a romantic notion that he will see the light, do a complete turnaround, open the Alliance for oh-so-e-t-h-i-c-a-l business" books, revealing where the money has been coming from, and say "I am sick and tired of covering Paul Gallegos' ass every time he fucks up." I also dream of him giving up politics around here forever so that there can be a return to civility and a decline in partisanship that is so sorely needed.

    Then I wake up.

  6. Oh, and by the way, you guys need a new copy writer. You already tried the "woman scorned" line.

    Remember this? "Perhaps Ms. Muller’s attacks on Mr. Gallegos are purely personal. Most women who go on a vendetta against a male public person are either jealous or envious of their wives, girlfriends, etc. Everyone is aware of the old adage, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

    Keep tryin' though. Laughter is good medicine.

  7. Robin Shelley6/24/2007 5:42 AM

    By reading your posts & using your own grade school logic, Anonymous 9:48 & Not Richard, I can only conclude that the two of you are head over heels, madly, crazy in love with Rose.
    Watch out, Rose! Next thing you know, these guys will be chasing you around the playground & pulling your pigtails!

  8. Rose, you're jealous of Estelle Fennel.

  9. Richard pulls Estelle's pigtails?

  10. He does a lot more than that!

    Rose is indeed on a personal quest for vengeance in her witch-hunt against Salzman and Gallegos.

  11. what, he pulls estelles' strings?

  12. No, he pushes her buttons.

    (The hot ones.)

  13. Rose is indeed on a personal quest

    Yep. I am on a personal quest to expose a DA who files suits at his handlers' behest, who seeks to change the public judicial system forever, making the district attorney's office for sale to the highest bidder - plotting to use his office to solicit special interest donors to fund his handler's lawsuits.

    If you have any doubt about this, it is revealed in public documents, in his own words (or at least signed by him). They are posted in the earliest posts on this blog.

    His assistant district attorney, Tim Stoen, goes so far as to ask the FPPC if he can donate personally to help fund the lawsuit.

    They (Salzman, Stoen, and Gallegos) planned to run full page ads in the San Francisco Chronicle and LA Times to solicit money. For those of you who are new to the blog, click on Salzman's Plan (link is in the sidebar,) and follow the other links in that series, you will see. You will see them lying to the press, and you will see the extent to which they went to implement the plan

    Gallegos went so far as to try running it by the Attorney General's Office.

    I am here to make sure that this cannot be hidden from the public any longer, to make sure that Gallegos' spin doctors and high priced PR activists cannot wrap him in another palatable fantasy to fool the voters ever again.

    In the meantime, Gallegos has demeaned and destroyed a once proud office, "lost" - fired or run off all of YOUR experienced prosecutors, decimated key programs, and made the Humboldt County District Attorney's office the laughingstock of the state.

    Thanks, 1:17, for the opportunity to remind us all why we are here.

  14. So Rose, I guess the problem is that Salzman pushed your buttons too, but they were the wrong ones, eh?

  15. Nope, I just realized he was lying, and the magnitude of the lie. That started it all. And Stoen and Gallegos are the gift that keeps on giving.

  16. But aren't you jealous of Estelle Fennel? She won, you lost.

  17. OK, 12:48, out with it. What are you trying to communicate?

    Are you saying KMUD's Estelle Fennel was invited to attend Salzman's training camp? Wouldn't surprise me. She's the only "journalist" left who hasn't taken the blinders off. The only safe place left for Paul to spout his platitudes, and Salzman plays her like a fiddle. We all know that. It's been going on for years now.

    Wait til she realizes the extent to which they have used her. Then your "hell hath no fury" phrase will finally be appropriate.

  18. You're so cute sometimes in writing.


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