Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What!? Deadlocked!?

Jury deadlocked in murder trial

"...about five jurors thought further instructions/clarification of the law might possibly help them decide upon a verdict." Wow.


  1. Needless to say that it would be futile to ask how Gallegos could f@#* up this no brainer. Not prepared, no experts and didn't even talk to the witnesses before putting them on the stand. If this weren't so sad and if the repercussions not so horrible, it would be laughable. Well, some people in this community certainly have gotten what they deserve with this idiot.

  2. Hopefully someone will interview the jurors after this one.

  3. Anybody who has heard Gallegos speak can understand why this jury would be confused.

    The guy usually does not know what he's talking about and makes absolutely no sense.

  4. I know a juror from the case that Gallegos got reversed on appeal for screwing up. She said they convicted him despite how bad gallegos was.

  5. Well, he won the Lunsford cases, can't take that away from him. Of course, he did it like a defense lawyer, winging it on cross and getting lucky with the shooter's brother, having
    first let the defense suppress the murder weapon. But he won.

  6. Yeah - and that (lunsford) case was put together by Andrew Isaac and put together very well indeed. You are correct that he won it, but it would have taken a lot to lose it. Now take away the skilled DDA's that put together the previous cherry picked cases and what do you have? Answer: Applegate.

  7. can't teach an old(defenseatty)dog new tricks, Gags is used to picking juries that will set the bad guys free. it's hard habit to break.

  8. Applegate isn't going free, it's going to be first or second degree murder. How it could not be first is anyone's guess. Isaac a few cases, so did Dikeman. It happens to prosecutors. Losing doesn't mean you're bad, winning doesn't mean you're good.

    Maybe when two guys get shot and one survives to testify, that
    would usually get you a first degree, but you never know.

  9. Well that is settled...they dropped the 1st degree murder charge completely. Now, it could also come to manslaughter as I read that that was also an offense given to the jury.

  10. No way. If it was 11-1 for
    first or second, now that
    first is off the table, second has to be a slam dunk. Unless the jury is so pissed off they find him not guilty of second because they are convinced, or 11 of them are, that he really committed first and they don't like being manipulated. I mean, they had the courage of their convictions, followed their oaths, and the PROSECUTOR cut their legs out from under them. That's inspiring. That's justice.
    Yay DA.


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