Sunday, June 17, 2007

The right thing to do

Last week in The Journal "...relatives of Cheri Lyn Moore had finally made good on their threat to sue the city and members of its police department..."
...District Attorney Paul Gallegos has still not made a decision on whether or not to prosecute members of the police department on criminal charges. "It's a mystery to me," (EPD Chief Garr) Nielsen said. "When we've made inquiries, we've not gotten a reasonable answer. After this much time, I find it very difficult to understand why that is."

In The Times Standard Moore wrongful death suit filed
”It's frustrating to me that we haven't had a decision by the district attorney yet,” Nielsen said. “It's been well over a year. It's like an open wound to us.”
...A woman answering phones at the District Attorney's Office said Gallegos was “out of the area” Thursday. He did not return phone calls seeking comment nor did other representatives of his office....

Gallegos should put an end to this. He has no business having anything to do with this case, given his handler's hideous politicization of the incident.

Not to mention the fact that he is apt to retaliate against EPD because EVERY SINGLE law enforcement association in the County endorsed Worth Dikeman.

He absolutely has to hand it over to the State Attorney General's Office. "At the end of the day" Paul, you know it is the right thing to do.

DAY 429


  1. How about just counting the days since the Coroners Inquest! It's been ages since all the reports were completed.

    There is no legit reason PVG has not released his decision. If there was he would have said so and avoided the heat he's generated over the issue. Maybe Ken Miller hasn't bought off on it yet? This whole thing is an outrage.

    PVG wasn't in on Thursday? How about Friday? How about Saturday? Is it possible that PVG could bring himself to put some weekend time in. Other's do.

  2. Maybe today is the day? If PVG is back in the area. Maybe?

  3. Perhaps no one had made up his mind for him. Witch way to jump? What looks good?
    How will it hurt/help him, with whom, and at what
    cost? These are tough questions, as opposed to whether or not a crime was committed. Answer there, no. A tort, maybe. But who cares about justice when there's politics to be considered. At the end of the day, the questions are
    will this get me elected judge or re-elected DA?

  4. Where is the use of force policy? Where are the CAST documents?

  5. Rose. You need to do a time counter showing how long Paul has taken and still not made an decision on the Cheri Moore case. If others can do it about the cost of the war...


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