Friday, June 29, 2007

Good Goin'!

ER Drug task force reels in big fish

Three children were taken into protective custody and nine people were arrested following a drug bust Wednesday evening.

Wednesday’s bust was the culmination of a five-month investigation into a large-scale methamphetamine and cocaine distribution operation, said Special Agent Supervisor Jack Nelsen, commander of the Humboldt County Drug Task Force...

...Those arrested and alleged to be involved in the “high-scale” drug distribution were not just people one would see on the street, “dealing hand to hand,” in the community, Nelsen said.

These were “big-level” drug dealers dealing with “mid-level” dealers, Nelsen said.

“This would be the top of the food chain.”

TS Nine arrested in five-month-long drug investigation

Nearly $200,000 in drugs were seized and nine people arrested -- including the owner of a taco truck -- after a five-month-long, multi-agency investigation, Humboldt County Drug Task Force Agent Jack Nelsen announced Thursday.

Arrests were made at a number of locations Wednesday, including homes in McKinleyville and the taco truck at the intersection of Seventh and I streets in Arcata. Methamphetamine and cocaine were found at several sites. Eight adults and one teenager were arrested.

”As far as Humboldt County, this is the top of the food chain,” Nelsen said.

Drug bust defendants appear in court


  1. Outstanding work by the street cops and narcs. Now let's watch the attorneys and INS screw it all up.

  2. Hey the guy wil get Prop 36 probation with Gags

  3. the guys will all end up in Teen Challenge. it will be a boom for local cults....

  4. The prosecution needs to be harsh! Felonies for all. Jail or prison then deportation.

    How about zero tolerance for illegal aliens selling drugs.

  5. How about zero tolerance for ANYONE selling drugs?

  6. Fat chance in Humboldt County.

  7. Fat chance with Paulie - he has his dirty hands in everyone's "pot"


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