Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bloggers on Nifong:

The Cost of the Lie: Duke, the Courts, and Hoaxes
by William L. Anderson

Says he received an email from someone who was a member of the Lacrosse Team at Duke University, a young man who had to watch the travesty suck three of his teammates and friends into North Carolina’s maw of injustice... an email that said that at the time, the estimated cost of defense to the three families is exceeding five million dollars. That is correct. Three families are having to shell out five million dollars in total to deal with the lies perpetuated by the State of North Carolina.

He says "...the outright lies and fraud have been exposed only because of the rise of the blogosphere. Professor K.C. Johnson of Brooklyn College has exposed official lie after official lie in his DURHAM-IN-WONDERLAND blog, while other bloggers, such as the crews at Liestoppers, Crystal Mess, John-in-Carolina, La Shawn Barber, Michael Gaynor, Friends of Duke University, (lots of links here) and Johnsville News.

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  1. This guy is no different than our DA -dishonest to a tee.


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