Thursday, June 21, 2007

Chauncey Gardiner, I mean...

Paul Gallegos was on KINS Talk Shop again today. Too bad they don't have podcasts. Really strange. Without the spin doctors talking for him, he is really - well, just inane.

But, he's got his talking points and he's stickin' to 'em... his general priority: Public Safety is our job!...basically interpreted as, if it doesn't impact public safety it isn't his top priority... not sure how the Palco suit fits into that, since he elaborated on that meaning people getting beaten up and attacked and murdered and stuff... Then, his job is to take them (the Deputy DAs) "out of their comfort zone and into their zone of creativity." Meaning, don't let them handle the cases they specialize in, but take them out and put them where they are least effective. Oh, yes, that is to IMPROVE their skills and make them better able to cover for all the absences. OK.

Said he wasn't expecting a "significant increase in grants"... wonder why? It's the strangest thing.


  1. Well, yougo is certainly creative at coming up with ways to avoid going to trial. And hiring a yoga teacher as the enviro prosecutor in trainin is, well, Kalifornian, for sure, dude. And while he is long gone, let's not forget he hired Pekin while Pekin was on probation for DUI and had no driver's license because he was suspended for refusing the breath test. Creativity for all. Justice, not so much.

  2. Oh yeah - remove the attorneys who specialize in certain complex cases like sex, child abuse and homicide and then put in people with no experience. A state of chaos is a good thing for him. Good god, what a mess.


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