Thursday, February 28, 2008

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Writer says DA and media think mountain lions more newsworthy than crimes

Dear Editor,

Are the residents of Humboldt County more concerned with a mountain lion attack or being a victim of a criminal attack? The local newspapers seem to think that mountain lions are more of a threat and more newsworthy than the criminal element infesting our streets.

I arrive at that conclusion because when I submitted a letter to both newspapers regarding my being an assault victim, both papers declined to publish it because it was too long. I thought the news outlets would be interested in knowing that, based on my own experience, prosecuting criminals does not appear to be a high priority for our District Attorney’s office. I was wrong.

Apparently, it’s not news when a man is assaulted and beaten by four alcohol-influenced street punks in “Friendly Fortuna” and only two are prosecuted. It’s also not news when the D.A.’s office is apathetic about conducting an investigation even after stating three times that they would.

It must not be news that if my wife had not urged concerned citizens to write letters to the D.A. they wouldn’t have prosecuted anyone, despite one or more being on probation at the time of the assault.

I guess it’s also of no interest that the investigator, who didn’t have time to investigate, called to let me know my wife was not a credible witness. She was on the phone with the 911 dispatcher before the creeps jumped me. She watched the entire incident, but she’s “not credible

By Manny Mello, Fortuna
Published: Feb 27 2008, 6:13 PM

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  1. what do you really expect from PVG? look at his record, his real record.


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