Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More testimony emerges

‘Fatal funnel’ for law enforcement in Cheri Lyn Moore stand off

Updated list of Cheri Moore related coverage with links HERE


  1. Does anyone ever make comments on this blog?

  2. No, never! Thank God, a visitor! I'll alert the media.

  3. Does 6:58AM ever use his or her brain ?

  4. Yes, it's called irony. Not everyone gets it, tho'.

  5. Irony huh ? I guess it's the same as someone who laughs at their own jokes (when nobody else does).

    How about this? What about a poll? Whether or not this case against the EPD cop supervisors will make it past arraignment? Or even to an arraignment?

  6. None of this matters. EPD has been a failiure as an organization. Hopefully Nielson can get it into working order. All of this is a side show.

  7. No it hasn't you little cop hater.

  8. A failure as an organization ???

    Really? Well, close it down then, and there will no longer be anyone there to respond to your calls for help.

    The fact is that it is an organization that works extremely well on a daily basis. It is a difficult job, made more difficult by ordinary citizens who look with anger upon what they see as "hall monitors" but who they call at the slightest sound in the middle of the night - made more difficult by a growing drug culture in our county...

    Your statement is inflammatory and factually incorrect. Maybe we should put you in charge.

  9. Has Nielsen done anything to improve the police department?

  10. It IS a failiure. Come on! Decades of promotion from within - a recipe for disaster. You show me a police organization who only promotes from within and I'll show you an agency with a culture issue. This is not rocket science. As for being a cop hater, gee, I'm glad they picked Nielson cuz he's going to shake it up!? Thats cop hating? As for great service, sorry but I don't think everyone in town would agree with you, and I don't. This whole issue is the city councils responsibility. I am glad to see they picked a chief from outside to shake up the organizational culture there. Hopefully he can get the job done.

  11. Obviously 5:45 PM really doesn't know shit about the EPD or Eureka.

    Eureka has become a shithole. the EPD can't control it all but they do a pretty good job keeping a lid on things.

    In the late 70's EPD had 49 officers. They have less than that now (46 to 48). Do you think crime has stayed even since the 70's?

    Nope, 5:45 PM you don't know shit.

  12. Of course, you could say it's a failiure on EPD's end - why don't you compare the number of officers for the population up against other cities. Eureka is not the only city with a meth problem.

    Listen carefully though; I am not blaming the officers, I am saying that the city council has allowed an organizational culture to develop that has obviously been counterproductive. Hiring Nielsen has been the best idea in a very long time. Were talking about a public agency, not a fraternal order. And this goes well beyond the police department to how all of government is run throughout the area. It's not being anti-cop in any way and you reveal your utter ignorance when make that assertion.

  13. Here's the question - what cops, what PD do you like?

    'Cause now on the Times-Standard and "heraldo" the comments are smearing Trinidad's Police Chief (though I suspect "the patriot" over there is more aptly called R. Trent 'cause Thrailkill's only 'crime' was investigating Salzman, far as I know...)

    Hill St. Blues and Andy of Mayberry, we know you like 'em on TV - on real life it is a tough job.

    Who wins the prize?

  14. "utter ignorance" Wow, I'm so impressed.

    OK, you're not blaming the officers, Are you blaming the city council?

    "an orginizational culture" that has "obviously been counter productive" ?????? OK, I'm not a police expert so I guess I need an example! Can you explain this "organizational culture" to an ignorant soul like myself 8:31PM? Can yo do that? And since I am such a simple person I need details and facts to understand.

  15. And if would be helpful if you answered Rose's questions.

    What cops do you like?

    "What police department do you like?

    And maybe explain what you like about the officers or department?

    can you do that 8:31PM?????????

  16. " Rose said...
    A failure as an organization ???
    Really? Well, close it down then, and there will no longer be anyone there to respond to your calls for help."

    Maybe, like Blue Lake, Eureka should consider shutting down their own police dept., and then contracting with the County for expanded services through the Sheriff's Dept.

    After all, the Sheriff's Dept. already responds to calls in areas most of us consider "Eureka," but which are outside the city limits, like myrtletown, cutten, ridgewood, pine hill, etc. And they spend a lot of time driving through "Eureka proper" to get to these areas to patrol them.

    EPD is redundant, amateurish, poorly organized, unresponsive to citizens, and, at times, unnecessarily violent.

    Get rid of EPD? Sure, why not? Good riddance!

  17. unnecessarily violent ?

    I think that more aptly describes the citizenry - Christopher Burgess and his knife is only the most visible example.

    This ain't Pleasantville, where none of the citizens even dream of doing anything worse than spilling an ice cream cone on the sidewalk. You're living in a dream world if you think it is.

    Cops, unfortunately for them, deal with the worst society has to offer. Sometimes it is probably difficult to remember that there are alot of good people out here who do live more like Pleasantville - oblivious, maybe, but good nonetheless.

  18. Wow Rose, you and you blog minions are quite reactionary. Seems like any criticism of the police is met by complete hostility. Yet this is the county where we've seen a Sheriff serve time, and now a police chief indicted on multiple counts. In fact the last time EPD was in the national news it was over a case (Pepper Spray) that ended up costing taxpayers alot of money.

    Problems with organizational culture can include a "Were always right, you're always wrong" attitude; A "holier than thou" attitude when it comes to clients the agency is supposed to serve; a closed system in which outside methods and new ideas are discounted; A tendency to solve disputes and fraud within the system, in defiance of set rules and regulation; In house promotion based on arbitrary factors, not qualification; Hasty decision making process that doesn't involve key players; Blurred chain of command.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone?
    (And yes, this is applicable to the DA, but we're not discussing him)

  19. Reactionary?

    Far as I can tell, the system works. No matter which walk of life you choose, you will find some who face charges, some who are found guilty. It's not limited to one profession.

    Schools also have a self imposed disciplinary system. But years ago tenure was instituted to protect those who serve from the fickle vagaries of the public.

  20. 4:17 wrote, "the last time EPD was in the national news it was over a case (Pepper Spray) that ended up costing taxpayers alot of money.".

    Nope. The pepper spray incident at Frank Riggs office involved the Sheriff's Office. EPD only did crowd control outside.


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