Friday, February 22, 2008

Ken Miller's talking points?

Surfacing in Gallegos' points to the Grand Jury? Did you catch that?
Judge continues Douglas-Zanotti arraignment


  1. Step away from the computer Rose. You need a long rest undisturbed by any reference to Salzman, Miller or Gallegos.

  2. Bite me 8:58.

    Keep at it Rosie girl. We love you. You know you struck a nerve with the orks when all they can do is personally attack you.

  3. Then Ken Miller must have struck a nerve with the anti-Paul crowd because all they can do is personally attack him.

  4. No. They just don't want the DA's Office corrupted by special interest pot docs.

  5. It's funny, nresquan - I know you get the concept, because you are very concerned with keeping corruption out of the voting system. Yet you seem to condone the things that have been done by Paul.

    Why is that?

  6. If anybody else had given money to get someone in office however many times Ken has, then was allowed to run free in the DA office and use it as a private law firm, you'd think you'd here more people screaming.

    Just think of the screaming that would be done if Arkley was even hinted at doing this!

  7. Rose:

    1.) Paranoid

    2.) Nasty

    3.) Delusional

    It's all one big conspiracy again for our little Rosarita! Remember hon, you deserve to live a normal life. Get help. Get help soon.

  8. 1.) Paranoid

    2.) Nasty

    3.) Delusional

    Are you talking about Paul and his friends? Unless you really think someone broke into Paul's house to turn up the heat, I think that covers #1 and #3, and the #2 are the "cases" Paul is running through court right now.

  9. Look, Missy (1:39) - I'm not the one who argued Ken Miller's talking points to the Grand Jury. I don't think the Times Standard made it up, do you? Now that would be a conspiracy, if they put words in Paul's mouth. So very clever, you.

  10. anon.r.mous arn't you the little guy who claimed 'Heraldo' was actually Larry Glass? Quite amusing. But aside from being an obvious rip off of a plot point in the latest Harry Potter book I think we all know how prone to conspiracy you are.

  11. Guess we'll know all when "heraldo's" identity is finally revealed, eh, 2:52? How closely related to Glass "he" is - or not. Heh. Now that will be interesting.

  12. wouldn't want to ruin anyone's day but the problem with calling Miller a "pot doc" is that he's retired from that posstion.

    sold his practise late last year to two women (No I don't have their names) MD's - one used to work for the Vets - I doknow that much.

    Also that they are ONLY taking people with referals from their PCP (that's Primary Care Psyhian but I can't spell that).

    And yes I am the same person who gave you the up date on Steve-o's doings. And I still can't spell.

    Just thought I'd give you a heads up, I don't imagine that you'd know that this just happened - (as of Last year) but Miller has IN FACT been looking for someone to take over his practis for several years now that I am aware of.

    Just FYI - you don't have to belive that, but the 'he's sold his practis' is verifiabe and that he's out of the "Pot Doc" business.

    Just thought I'd let you all know before you ended up with Egg on your face when someone goes "your so out of touch you don't know he quit that years ago."

    -- right now its only been a few months. But he is totally out of the "pot doc" thingy, he was reitred when he went into it, never really liked doing it, was skitished (best way i can explain it) whole time he was doing it - and is glad to be out ...

    The two women who took over the office now are only seeing people who have recomendations from their own MD's.

    You see lots of MD's up here don't mind their patients using it, and understand that it works better for many aliaments then the Rx dope they can perscribe legally with out fear ... but that word "fear" is the kicker ...

    so they 'refer out' -- I can honestly say that damn near every time I walk into my MD he asks "whos writing now?"

    Because he's FOR MMJ but doesn't feel comfortable writing Rec_s for it.

    just an FYI ... side note - bla bla bla ...

    Oh and here's another one - one of the 'lessor known "pot docs" that has a large reg_ practices just did drug testing on the parients - and found that some who were getting MMJ as well as other drugs (in fact the Rx drugs is what frist made the MD aware of this 'problem")

    Ie people are getting Rx drugs (dope) and not using it - but reselling it - the same with the MMJ (to a lessor extent) ...

    This MD found that MMJ people were getting MMJ rec_s so they could grow -

    this is a well known and liked MD in our Humboldt area, they frist found out a problem and started drug testing (Radom) of clients because of reports of re-sales of pain pills ..

    ie this had NOTHING to do with MMJ - the MMJ thing just came up when the tests came in ...

    Just FYI -- and really many of "us" real sick people - don't like the BS that goes as part and parcel as bagage with people like when a certain famous Chritian Right wing radio RUSH person gets busted for dope - or some kid are using MMJ as a "pass" to get high.

    We need to look at it as 'their sick' and not support them.

    The ladies who took over Miller's practise have the 100% right idea - ie make sure you know that the PCP knows the clinet is using MMJ, that way that use is monitored (or we hope it is) by someone who is medically caring about that person ...

    Oh the other hand we have "wonderful old MD's here that KILL people all the time by giving them as many drugs as they want.

    I'll never forget that the Head RN at Redwood Mamorail in Fortuna cir lat 1970-80's ended up on dope in the streets because one of our "wondeful" MD's just kept writing her for Doctor dope.

    When ever the subject of "Pot Doc's" comes up - I bring up the LIST of MD's here in County that have had their linc. removed to write because they wrote so many 'pain pills' ...

    Funny Law Enforcement and 'nice people' get ansy and want to change the subject right quick.

    Like when the NCJ did that arical on the "pot doc" who couldn't see woman - funny they NEVER Publshed the letter I wrote documenting that 4 of our COUNTY MD's in cluding LEADING MD PHD - child well fair MD / Shrinks had the SAME 'dings' against them - and couldn't be alone in the room with a woman with out another person there.

    Guess saying "oh the head child protective Mental Health MD PHD for the county was busted for molesting patients" isn't as 'cool' or as easy a target as a 'bad" POT DOC ... ammazing - the constant cover ups like this

    I recall when the MMJ ID cards were beeing debated (something Law Enforcment wanted - to be able to easlyiy ID real patients - vs. every kid they stop as some wadded up peice of Xerox paper and says "oh I'm legal man"

    -- anyway the ONLY MD against that stood up and started to talk - at the Board of Sups.

    I couldn't help but 'cat call out' the name of the Head RN whom he ALLOWED to get HOOKED on drugs (an old freind of many people) ... and ask him "if your an expert on what is dope - what about HER?" ...

    he sat down all PO'ed

    I mean its FUN to take "pot shots" and people like Miller and Assad - because you know they can't fight back ..

    but what about the % of MD's here in Humboldt who have lost their ablity to write triplicats?

    and who ALSO can't be alone with a woman with out someone else in the room ...

    I'm amazed at the cover ups ... stuff that isn't talked about - nor addressed ...

    if you can't hang a POT LEAF onthe cover - then it just don't sell papers - and heck - doon't want to UP SET the apple cart - and ADMIT that we got a PERP 'checking kids' into Juve Hall - or who has problem with thier parents ...

    YUP YOU KNOW THE ONE he had the same restritions as Assad - and NEVER was on the covver of the NCJ - nor would they print the peice ... I wrote about HIM and the other MD's who have HOLDS on their lic. of one kind or another - why?

    Because the word "POT" sells papers - and makes for EASY HITS (like when we were kids and people would bully on one kid and go "FREE HITS" = that's what doing anything with MMJ is like ...

    though you can molest and write away - anything else - and its JUST FINE with the people of this county ...

    as always .. Anonymous

  13. Those are good points. And you're right, it is good to keep things in perspective.

    As for Miller, once a pot doc always a pot doc - mostly because he played semantic games.

    But it's not his pot doc status I take issue with, it is his political machinations - and I don't think he has retired from that business. It's his obsessive crusade, and his at-any-cost approach that offends me.

    His plotting and planning and scheming, and pretending he has nothing to do with, for example, the PL suit, telling the Chronicle that he was "stunned" when in fact, later it is shown that he was in there helping write it, when a little research shows his long-standing history of throwing himself at that wall, suing and trying to sue and trying to find a way to get at them. Disingenuous lies.

    Regarding the physicians - I think we would all like to know who is good and who is bad, who can be trusted, and who can't, because we walk unknowing into those offices, trusting that they are good. And I agree with you that too many pills are prescribed - over-prescribed to too many people, from Ridalin on up. When you think about how strong alot of those drugs are, the whole pot thing is even more insane.

  14. once a pot doc always a pot doc

    Got to disagree, he is NOT writing even for his 'freinds' or anyone. EVERYONE is refured to the new office. Which he has nothing todo with.

    Just FYI - you can call him 'names' if you like. Just you'll be called on it at sometime in the future, just making you aware of it.

    BTW - its a real problem, which I hope you never learn about: Ie how do you get a Rec_ for MMJ if you have cancer or HIV or MS and your MD doesn't write them out of fear?

    Not saying that it justifies the 'pot doc' trip - but as I say the "normal" MD's in Humboldt ask me about "who's writing" for their "real" patients they don't want to do it for.

    such is life - I think the whole p215 thing is out of hand - in a way - there are some tryng to do the right thing - like the two women MD's who took over Miller's practis = ie they demand that you have a letter from your reg. MD before they will see you.

    One or two of the clubs are doing that, saying you can't come in with a "pot doc" rec_ unless you also have a back up from your reg_ MD to show they know your using it.

    As to Miller's politics, there is a book - and I can't think of its name - Liberal (something) -- and it shows how NUTS the liberals are and more PUSHY then the conservtives .. ...

    Miller is one of those - he's totally nuts on HIS subjects and asumes because he got an MD that makes him an expert on everything ..

    he's a idiot lots of the time .. and talks out of both sides of his mouth for sure ...

    but that is another liberal trate I see around all the time ...

    Worst is that so many good places to eat and drink have gone ...

    Now OH's is closing ... and THAT is the damn Librals fault for sure ...

    perrty soon we'll all be forced to eat ToFu - because its 'better for us' ..

    gawds --

    OH HERE IT IS ...

    Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning by Jonah Goldberg

    I have NOT read it -but it SURE feels like people I know ...

    I grew up an abused kid yelled at for any hippy leanings ... and when I told my floks I wanted to be a Vegiatarian - they went crazy!

    --- I see NO DIFFRENCE in my 'hippy' freinds who today FORCE their kids to eat Tofu and 'healthy snacks' and watch only the 'PBS" shows ...

    Gawds I see those kids - running off (and I have) sneeking junk food and doing almost ANYTHING for a peice of MEAT

    -- CLOSED MINDS -- left or right are just WRONG ...

    and that's what I see Miller's got - totally closed mind = knows what's BEST for the rest of us ...

    Fascism ... in any form -

    Tofu or Red Meat (or anything inbetween) is just plain wrong ...

    as is taking Pot Shots at onee group of MD's when so many of the 'respected ones' are as bad- if not worst ...

    Look up

    Jutla's record with Rx drugs and RN's et al he's killed ... with LIBRAL Recomendations - gives out PILLS fasteer then Miller Pot Rec_s

    Tanunhuse's sex record? - why does he have to have a 'second' in the room - and he's the (or was0 the counties #1 Child Shrink for problem kids

    Olken - can' write triplicates (cause he gives him self so much dope) .. a triplicate is a Rx for any addictive dope ...

    there at 3that NO ONE has done WORD ONE on NCJ cover - and I wonder why ... ???

    Yet the "pot doc's" get pulled over the coals ... with cute images of pot leaves


    and the what is he "head" of the new clinic? = was the same one who was STAR MD = doc feel good for the Rolling Stones - and was in a movie documentry with them - shooting them up - giveing them pills ..

    One wonders why THIS stuff doesn't make page ONE - or two or even in the paper .. .

    Benchly /Bashly -what's his name -- all we hear is about "the good he's doing"

    -- go find a copy of the Rolling Stones vidio "C___ Sucker Blues" - and take a look there is bashly (sp?) Benchly = that MD who is head of the county program ...

    stuff Hank Sims nor an other paper will publish ..

    and Yup 'doctor feel good" is what hes called in the movie (sorry about the name Rose = that' what its called .. don't hang the messenger!) ...

    anyway that is what 4 5 "GOOD MD"s" holy walk on water people- to think about --

    MY FAV is Tanenhuse - I could get up and CROW about tht guy - molesting women afte woman - and the county still kept him on as the "child shink" ...

    Oh that was under Terry frarmer - that's right - and people like Worth Dikeman knew all about it - and kept itall 'hush hush' ...

    -- I could never figure out how why they kept Tanunhuse in there - fat tub of lard - MORBIDLY OBEASE - how the kids they would drag in front of him must have felt for Assessment --

    Oh another one was his old partner - Clason - he's gone now - but there was a guy .. WOW ...

    and it justgoes on ...

    Miller - ha ha ha -- Yup he's an idiot - and a Liberal Fascist for sure -

    but he don't molest kids and women and pass out pills like pop corn - nor does he have the 'past' for being the dope dealer for the rock stars --

    But then I guess like Rober Zimmerman (bob dylan) says "steal a little they put you in jail - steal a lot they make you king"


    Miller and his freinds - just don't know how to steal big enough - I still wonder what Tanunhus had on who - to keep that job with CPS - interveiwing kids - while he was up on charges ???

    -- or the county that let that go .. now benchly (dr feel good) in his 'holy' roll ...

    and the rest of them ...

    like I say "miller ain't shit" compaired to what these guys - the HOLD they must have had on Terry and Worth ... to remain in pratics

    but we do agree that Miller is a poo poo head - I doubt that anyone listen to him any more - he's so freingy - and out of it ... beliving his own BS .. its amazing!

    -- the sky is falling - the sky is falling - and its all Rob's or herwits fault ... chuckle --

    eat tofu - and do Yoga you'll all be in better shape .. Fascism ...

  15. Rose said...
    The date on this 215 scrip is 7/3/07.

    Right like I said he stopped 1st of this year = 1/1/08 as far as I know - it may have been later ...

    I do know that he is TOTALLY out of it now - NOT auging - just informing ...

    I'll check back -but call 'his' office - its totally run by diffrent people now ...

    Just FYI ... I know it was in the paper - or some where - when he transfered over ...

  16. I do believe you - and, you have nailed what it is that I find so offensive - that fascism, all in the name of "good for you" "knowing better than you" seeking to regulate all of your decisions and micromanage your life - yep, you nailed it!

    It's why I say he and his bunch are "malignant narcissists who hijack the high ideals of others" (sort of a paraphrasal of a Tammy Bruce quote, from The Death of Right and Wrong, I think.

    The little boys club. Though you're right, name-calling probably isn't doing any good. I guess we all use it when we want to express our disgust with a person.

    :) Your wife is right, you know. I hope to meet ya someday.

  17. Rose: "His plotting and planning and scheming..."

    Hey Rosie, I just figured it out - he's the anti-christ!

    Fetch the Holy Water!

  18. How's the fundraising going?

  19. "eat tofu - and do Yoga you'll all be in better shape .. Fascism ..."

    so, according to you, fascism is the philosophy that you should eat tofu and do yoga?

    actually, the term "fascism" was defined by benito mussolini, dictator of italy, parter to adolph hitler, as the merger between corporate power and state power. this arrangement was used by the nazis (who were fascists) to organize their war economy and fuel the gas chambers and concentration camps that in which so many millions of jews, gypsys, gays, and other victims of the nazi regime were murdered.

    it was this fusion of corporate power and state power, combined with the notion that these fascist states had a "right" to expand and take over other countries, that brought about world war 2, one of the worst bloodbaths in human history.

    your comparison of the evil philosophy that is fascism, to the advocacy of tofu and yoga, trivializes the horrors of fascism, and reveals a certain self-centered lack of perspective on your part.

    by the way, unlike you, i actually read the book you reference, "liberal fascism." what a piece of crap. but don't take my word for it, read it yourself. i recommend you borrow it at the library (or hold onto the receipt if you buy it so that you can return it to the store), because when you've finished slogging through the senseless piece of crap, you won't want to have paid a dollar to the author, who is simply put, a political hack, and certainly no historian. (then i saw the author interviewed by glenn beck, and i was surprised to find out that he was an even bigger quack than i thought. but again, check it out for yourself, it was on the glenn beck show a couple of days ago)

    try reading the books you recommend before you start recommending them to others, and before you try to use their title as evidence that your little problem with liberals and their lifestyle recommendatons has anything to do with fascism.

    grow up, get real, and do your homework before you start spouting off about something as serious as fascism.

  20. Well 7:19, it's kind of like looking in the rear view mirror and thinking fat old southern white guys are the only ones who scheme and cut backroom deals - the challenge is recognizing it when it looks like a pretty young man, who says all the right things, and claims he stands for high ideals, and looks like you. The challenge is seeing through the new mask, and recognizing the new age con-men for what they are.

    The masks are coming off - and you will see the day when these predatory litigants - Ken Miller and his ilk, and the orgs, will be as despised as corporations are today.

    Because 5:21 is right. You'd be surprised at how many people are seeing it. From all walks of life, right here in Humboldt County. The people whose ideals were hijacked do not appreciate what is being done in their name.

  21. you mean kind of like mark lovelace...errrr HERaldo????

  22. so, rose, who's the "pretty young man" you're comparing to the fascists? gallegos? miller?

    what's the matter, if you really think they are fascists, why are you so afraid to come right out and say it?

    my guess is because you realize that most people will find that comparison just as ridiculous and self-indulgent as the dude who thinks being advised to eat tofu and practice yoga is evidence of fascism at work.

  23. You're funny, 9:26. Really, really, really funny. You really need to go back and READ what he said.

  24. Glad you're having a laugh, rose. Pity you seen incapable of more than that. Laugh on, vacuous one.

  25. I notice you dodge the question of who is the local "the pretty young man" you equate with fascism.

    Cuz THAT's a laugh!

  26. Guess saying "oh the head child protective Mental Health MD PHD for the county was busted for molesting patients" isn't as 'cool' or as easy a target as a 'bad" POT DOC ... ammazing - the constant cover ups like this

    Yo, Deep Throat: I vaguely remember the letter. Sorry, it was about a year ago so the specifics of the case elude me. I tried to look it up in my e-mail just now but I couldn't find it.

    There's no "cover-up." If I had the goods on a doctor molesting patients -- especially a doctor employed by the public molesting patients -- you better believe I'd publish it in a red second.

    There's a few possible scenarios for why your letter didn't get published. One, maybe you didn't sign it. Two, perhaps it was too long and/or too poorly spelled, and if so that might have made me assume -- incorrectly, I see now -- that you were a crazy. I get crazy letters every day.

    Most likely your I took your letter as potentially or probably libelous or defamatory. The thing with newspapers that's unlike blogs is that if I publish it, then by law I've got to be prepared to stand by it. That goes for everything in the paper, down to the ads. Blogs are the opposite. The web is different, due to a legal quirk. A blog publisher has no liability whatsoever for something that appears on her blog except the stuff she writes.

    So the likelihood is that I read your letter, saw that it contained material for which I would be held legally liable for if I published. At that point, generally, I make a guess: Is it worth spending time trying to verify the allegations in this letter? About 95 percent of the time the answer to that is no. Like I said, I get a lot of letters from crazies.

    It's all a guess, though, and I'm sure that I do guess wrongly sometimes. If that was the case with you, you have my apologies. Now that I've read you here on the blog I've got respect for you, whoever you are. If I get a letter from you in the future and I'm able to figure out, "Oh, it's Rose's Deep Throat person," then I'd probably be more inclined to give the fantastic-sounding allegations a second look.

    That's how it works. It's not a science, and it's certainly not a conspiracy.

  27. Or maybe his claim that this local doc is molesting patients is relying on the same stellar research skills that led him to endorse a book he didn't even read ("liberal fascism") and make the argument that advocacy of tofu and yoga is tantamount to fascism...

  28. 9:04 - I am betting you are a Lakoff fan.

  29. Well, I don't know what a "Lakoff fan" is, but I'm a Lakers fan...

  30. I eat tofu so I am a fascist.I do yoga so I can drink more beer. Yes,I do think mark could be the anti christ. At least one of his tiny orc's.I vote for Nader to balance out my life.

  31. Now for something AT least as "important" .. chuckle

    Soul Man' to Obama: Cool it

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Hold On: Stop using my song.

    That's the message to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama from soul singer Sam Moore of Sam & Dave fame.

    The singer said Saturday that he's sent a letter to the Obama campaign asking them to stop using one of the duo's signature songs, "Hold On, I'm Comin'," at campaign rallies.

    Moore says he's not endorsing Obama or anybody else at this time for president.

    "No one called me, no one sent a telegraph, no one did anything. They just did it, and I think that's rather rude," Moore said from his home in Scottsdale, Ariz.

    Tommy Vietor, an Obama campaign spokesman, responded in a brief e-mail Saturday that they received the letter and will stop using the tune.

    Moore, a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, said the song is played frequently at campaign events, with supporters sometimes changing the lyrics to "Hold On, Obama's Comin'."

    He said it gives people the wrong idea about his politics.

    "My vote is a very private matter between myself and the ballot box," he said in the letter, which was faxed Friday and sent by mail Saturday to Obama and campaign officials Carolyn Mosley and John Kluczynski. "I reserve my right to determine who I will support when and if I choose to do so."

  32. Hank Sims said...
    Guess saying "oh the head child protective Mental Health MD PHD for the county was busted for molesting patients" isn't as 'cool' or as easy a target as a 'bad" POT DOC ... ammazing - the constant cover ups like this

    Yo, Deep Throat: I vaguely remember the letter. Sorry, it was about a year ago so the specifics of the case elude me. I tried to look it up in my e-mail just now but I couldn't find it.

    There's no "cover-up." If I had the goods on a doctor molesting patients -- especially a doctor employed by the public molesting patients -- you better believe I'd publish it in a red second.

    There's a few possible scenarios for why your letter didn't get published. One, maybe you didn't sign it. Two, perhaps it was too long and/or too poorly spelled, and if so that might have made me assume -- incorrectly, I see now -- that you were a crazy. I get crazy letters every day.

    Most likely your I took your letter as potentially or probably libelous or defamatory. The thing with newspapers that's unlike blogs is that if I publish it, then by law I've got to be prepared to stand by it. That goes for everything in the paper, down to the ads. Blogs are the opposite. The web is different, due to a legal quirk. A blog publisher has no liability whatsoever for something that appears on her blog except the stuff she writes.

    Keep looking – it was a HARD COPY letter – it was totally spell checked, and re-read by my wife and others I work with for gram. Errors et al –

    Also HANK BOY it was ALL CITIED – so your crap above just don’t hold water .. what you DID publish was an RN’s letter that was a ‘milk toast’ version of what I wrote … that refer’s to some of the MD’s in the area having the same or WORST problems then Assad did – also how CRAPPY it makes the climet for MD’s who want to write for MMJ – normal MD’s with REAL patients with REAL disorders … HIV, AIDS, Cancer, MS …

    Here we go again … Here is from mem. What I wrote you – with sources – which I included in the rebuttal letter to your “Pot Doc Assad” cover story.

    A.) Dr Tanenhaus, Herb 4452074 315 P St. who does “intakes and assements’ for the mental health (child & adult) for Humboldt county. You have a kid with PROBLEMS – Herby is the MD PhD your kid will most likely be sent to.

    Herby can NOT see women alone –
    Herby is MORBIDLY OBESE (how can someone who is so screwed up – that he can’t control his weight – to the point of absurdum – be thought FIT to asses anyone?)

    Let alone that Herby couldn’t see women patients alone – for YEARS just like Assad – look up his Lic. JUST LIKE YOU DID ASSAD = same web site for MD Lic and if their good – and if there are restritions on them .. He had it all though the time of Terry Farmer – Worth Dykman et al (I wonder what he knows about who) …

    Anyway the SAME PLACE you found the PDF file on Assad’s court case – you can find Herb’s …

    (think that always amazes me about Herb – is how can someone so FAT (he’s totally huge!) can ‘molest’ someone …

    Guess the old saw of “Love (molest/abuse) will find a way” still holds true even for some one that big ..


    Phil Olkin MD (fortuna) has had his ablity to write Triplicats suspended because he is hooked on RX dope that he writes for him self and who ever … (Triplicates are what Rx for addictive drugs are called – because they are on 3 pieces of paper – carbonless – one to the MD’s records – one to the Pharm and one to the gov. = Philly boy can’t write these – last time I looked he was on restrition / diversion for drug use …

    Go to the SAME web site you got the PDF for the ASSAD transcripts – Phil and Herb’s stuff is found there …

    (I have that link on my other computer – so I can’t pull it up right here – though I will if you wish … gosh I wouldn’t want you getting a hand nail from doing research – say how did you look up Assad’s record? Any HangNails on that?


    Here’s one of my PERSONAL HANK SIMS SCREWS WITH THE DOCTOR INFO – and how YOU (HANK) would have US perceive Assad (bad pot doc) – vs. KNOWN ADMITTED CHILD MOLESTERS ..

    What does Hank call this ADMITED ON FILM CHILD MOLSTER?

    “Mother Theresa!" Yup – see

    About 3/4's down the page – or search “Dr. Lawrence Badgley” on that North coast Hank Sims page …. Hank’s BIG show and tell about DOPE and ALCOHOL addition in our community … hard hitting Hank

    Or another Bull shit piece tossed together after lightly looking over the people – taking them at face value

    HAY HANK – do searches on EVERYONE you gona call “Mother Theresa!" not just the ‘bad’ pot doc’s

    This one is so lame – and the REAL REASON I believe Hank didn’t print my letter – and put in that RN’s instead …

    I’ve mentioned the “underground documentary” (please excuse the name) “Cock Sucker Blues” (it’s the name + a non-recorded song by Mick Jagger “where do I go to get my cock sucked, where do I go to get my ass fucked?” – story of a loanly homosexual new in town – made up on the moment ..

    The move is really a bummer – board rock stars and their MD (guess who) screwing underage grils and shooting dope … (provided by who = Hank’s “Mother Theresa!" )

    And you wonder why Hanky didn’t print my letter – even with TOTALLY CITATIONS and spelled right – why it made it into the ‘crack pot’ file ASAP ..

    Okay folks here are the citations …

    (compare and contrast Hanks “Mother Theresa!" with …
    Dr. Laurence E. Badgley, who was a star in the 1970's porn movie (as I said it’s a documentary – boring film of board rock starts with their MD fucking underage girls and board) " Cocksucker Blues ", first became famous as the original " Dr. Feelgood ", the notorious doctor for the Rolling Stones. In an article by Andy Warhol in "Rolling Stone" for April 12, 1973, page 39, Truman Capote was quoted as saying the following about Dr. Badgley:
    "They had this doctor on the plane who was a young doctor from San Francisco, rather good looking. He would pass through the plane with a big plate of pills, every kind you could imagine, everything from vitamin C to coke ... I couldn't really quite figure out why. He had just started practice in San Francisco, and this seemed sort of a dramatic thing to be doing, traveling with, uh ... I mean, especially since he wasn't particularly a great fan of theirs.
    "It developed that he had a super-Lolita complex. I mean 13-, 14-year-old kids. He would arrive at whatever city we would arrive at, and there would always be these hordes of kids outside and he would walk around you know like a super-fuck and say 'You know I'm Mick Jagger's personal physician. How would you like to see the show from backstage?' And they'd go 'Oooo! Wigawigawigawa!' He would get quite a collection of them. Backstage, you know, he would have them spread out, and every now and then he would bring one back to the plane. Usually someone slightly older.
    "The one I remember the most was a girl who said she'd come to the Rolling Stones thing to get a story for her high school newspaper, and wasn't this wonderful how she'd met Dr. Feelgood and got backstage ... Anyway, she got on the plane, and she sure got a story, all right, because they fitted up the back of the plane for this. You remember Robert Frank? He was on the tour. Robert Frank got out of his lights, the plane was flying along and there was Dr. Feelgood screwing this girl in every conceivable position while Robert Frank was filming. ....
    "They had lights up and everything. She was enjoying it! I said to her, 'Well, you came to get a story for your high school newspaper and you are sure getting one.' She got off at the next stop. I must say they were always very nice about these kids."

    gawds Hank – one would think that this would sell MORE NCJ’s then your Pot cover did – don’t ch thiMk? --- wonder what kind of “kick back” Hank got for NOT printing this …. Or is his ‘back ground checks’ only reserved for “pot docs”

    But again – my personal FAV of the TWO FACED MD’s up here is the ‘wonderful old Doctor Jutila’ – that fucker has KILLED more RN’s then any one I know of. Oh he’s TOTALLY against MMJ (medical cannabis) even if you got cancer or AIDS … but if you ever need DOPE of the RX kind – Viodans, Codeains et al – he’s your guy ..

    He’ll come out and RAIL against MMJ endlessly but ask anyone who has been in medicen in the fortuna area about the RN’s who he’s given so many RX dope to – they start out fine working medical professionals and end up street people strung out and then dead. I hold him PERSONALLY responcable for those deaths – no one talks about this ..

    Here’s a ‘real fun moment’ in my personal life – I had a friend / RN who drove a car off the road – she was so loaded – and the officers who came on the scene called me (we were dating at the time and she gave them my number). The officer who made the call said, “we don’t want to run her in and ruin her reputation, so if you just come down and pick her up, we don’t need to make a big deal out of this.”

    I asked for his badge number – and what he would be saying if some KID had been killed because of this DOCTOR RX LOADED RN? What kind of Proffesioonal curtosy would he be giving then.

    He appolgieed and took the RN to the station (as he’d do to any normal person) … she is alive and off dope … if your not ‘in’ the medical profession you have no idea how many addicited people, and molsters and people who take advantage of their postion of power –

    But to call someone “Mother Theresa!" when they were the CO-STAR of one of the most famous underground films on Doctors who give rock stars dope and screw children ..

    Well Hank your either REALLY LAME or bought … and again now why didn’t you print that letter – crack pot? – there are the CITATIONS just like I put them in the letter – there are UTUBE films of Badgley MD with underaged girls – and shooting up Rock Stars …

    Okay just so we KNOW what the critra for the NCJ is for “Mother Theresa!"

    So I’m here waiting to hear how you ‘excuse’ this ‘omission’ … lame, uniformed –

    Gawds a Goggle search would pick this up – let alone a MD search … guess you only do that to POT DOC’s

    So again do we hold different people up to different standards?

    I rest my case Rose …

  33. wonder what kind of “kick back” Hank got for NOT printing this ….

    So I’m here waiting to hear how you ‘excuse’ this ‘omission’ … lame, uniformed –

    Throat. Chill. That article was written not by me but by George Ringwald, and was published three years before I started working at the paper.

    This is the first time I've seen it, in fact. You want to blame me for it? Go ahead. But then you start to make my "crackpot" hypothesis look more and more likely.

    Herby can NOT see women alone

    Oh yeah? Why does the medical board have him down as having completed probation in 1992? Are you still living in 1992? Were the "citations" in your original letter 16 years out of date? Am I supposed to be reporting stories from 16 years ago?

    Badgley? I've known about Badgley's past for some time, courtesy of a great SF Weekly article published a few years ago. Is there any good reason for me to rehash it now? Tell me, because it would in fact be a great story.

    So, word up, Throat. You can go ahead and imagine that there's some massive journalo-medical conspiracy at the NCJ if that appeals to your particular worldview, or whatever you happen to be smoking at the moment. It's just that there is a more prosaic explanation, one that might make more sense to people who can keep their dates straight.

    I don't mean to be cruel, here, Throat, because I dig what you've had to say and you seem like an appealing cat. A natural raconteur. A least here, though, your shit is looking kinda shaky.

    Still, I'd love to go to lunch sometime and hear your tales. I'll charge it to the secret Badgley account -- Mick just called and said I'm up for a bonus this month.

  34. hank I've lived here since 1970's and sorry if Herby seemed "okay" to you because his having "completed probation in 1992"

    he did "HIS" 8 years - just like Assad did his ... this year.

    In fact the Assad artical was writen a about 6 months before his 8 year probation was discharged.

    But to reframe all this - again -

    16 years 'out of date' - Herby is / was and will be the Humboldt co shrink - and it doesn't bother anyone that he had chargers against him - and couldn't see woman alone - yet held high office with in the County Mental health ..

    Again - what I wrote was true then and true now - your 'cute' put downs don't change it.

    Assad, Herb and LOTS of MD's get busted for stuff. Papers (not just you) don't write them down.

    In all fairness, if you were ever in a posstion of power or thought of as having money, you'd understand that what might be 'normal' or 'no big thing' with regulare Joe's is a BIG deal if some one is in a vulurble posstion ...

    ME? - Hell I have vidio camras in all our offices just so no one can say "Oh so and so did such and such" ... we call it securty - but its for the protection of the Proffesionals invloved.

    As to "Badgley" - seems odd (to someone as 'dumb' as I) that all of Humboldt wouldn't want to knnow who they are trusting with their lives.

    I mean Pot Doc's for SURE diserve crusifcition ... I'm sure -

    again you don't address why wouldn't you inculed the letter - or mention that "several other MD's in humboldt have less then reputable pasts"

    --- just kind of weird that Assad gets such a DRAG over the coals

    Yet Badgley is ON FILM with under aged children and handing out drugs - what was it Rose said "we'd all like to know who we're trusting our lives too."

    People don't know about Badgley, or the other MD's that have 'records'.

    Herb was busted for the same sort of thing that Assad was (ie the women who claimed he perped them were over 21 ... BTW - the Heidi on her Jan cover peice - drug companies ...

    freinds . can you all about the endless "line" of women who had their lives ruined and spent years in therpy over what Herb did ..

    But like you say "Who cares - that was 16 years ago .."

    and I'm sure Badgley isn't giving out dope to teenagers (what was it called a Loleta complex) - I'm sure he grew out of that - and No one in Humboldt would want all that 'nastyness' draged up ..

    Let sleeping perp's lie - right? --

    I mean if the MD isn't on the "Meggins law" web site - then who cares that he PERPED 13 year old grils - that's all yesterday ..

    wild youth - right Hank? -- Nothing no one would be intrested into day - that this man lives with us and YOU KNOW about this - but don't consider it news worthy.

    Show of Hands folks - how many of YOU out there knew that Dr. Badgley has sex with underage girls and made moives of it - and gave out drugs -

    Rose said early "Once a Pot Doc always a Pot doc" about Miller

    I wonder why we give this kind of Pass to someone who was raping children on w/drugs ...

    Show of hands - is this a worthy story - maybe equal to that of the "bad pot doc" -- the PAST of a trusted "mother Theresa"

    -- I'd think (silly me) that IF I KNEW about this ahead of time - that I'd say "Gosh there are OTHER MD's like this ..."

    But I guess it wouldn't make the "BAD POT DOC" point quite as well to toss in all this "old" data ...

    as to Rose's "once a pot doc always a pot doc" -- As I recall the 'recovery rate' for pedofiles is way lower ... and what else can we call Mother Theresa er ah ... Badgley ...

    Anyway your right - I'm stuck in 1992 sorry

    Gosh but I've just lived up here with this for years ....

    I'm still wondering why NO mention of ... "to be fair other MD's in the area have had the same charges and probation. Some have much worst pasts that we could mention in trusted posstion."

    for the life of me - I can't understand why the HELL you woudn't mention a PERP like Badgley in an artical about Assad?

    Assad (like Herb) was charged with inaproateness with adult women.

    Badgley's was with CHILDREN ... and handing out drugs like pop corn

    and that ain't news?

    Guess you and I have diffrent ideas of what NEWS is ...

    Ya this Pot doc was acused of being loose with patients, so was our County Kid Shrink ...

    and Badgley was doing it with 13 year olds - while handing out drugs ...

    forgive me - but that's what I call fair and unbies reporting ...

    No I don't think anyone is paying you not to say this stuff - It just isn't "cool" to say

    "Hay that MD Badgley? He used to hand out dope to kids and have sex with them - and made fimls of it"

    Nor is it "Hip" to say "Ya well local Md's have had problems with claims of molest by patients ... "

    let alone the amount of MD's who can't write Rx's and have all their Rx's (dope ones) writen by their patners ...

    But then it wouldn't be a "BASH POT DOC" artical then - it would be one that held Pot Doc's to the same acountablity that we need to hold ALL MD's ...

    Once a very famous Pot Doc said (he's dead now) Dr. Todd "the medical profession is the cleagy of today." ... paraphrased from memory ...

    so the only 'free hits' we can take on MD's are the 'bad pot doc's"

    -- other MD's are NOT heald to that same standered ..

    I'm not saying your to blame Hank = we all are ...

    each one of us that knows - yet says nothing ..

    Rose said...
    Those are good points. And you're right, it is good to keep things in perspective.

    As for Miller, once a pot doc always a pot doc - mostly because he played semantic games.


    Regarding the physicians - I think we would all like to know who is good and who is bad, who can be trusted, and who can't, because we walk unknowing into those offices, trusting that they are good.


    the whole pot thing is even more insane.

    "more insane" then a MD who is on vidio with children giving them hard drugs for sex?

    Sorry - I don't think anything is MORE INSAIN then that ...

    Braging about this sort of thing - filming it ...

    and yet we don't talk about it and keep our EYE on that "bad pot doc" ...

    I know what you mean - and this sort of thing is so NON-EGO-SYSTOIC that thee data just can't get in to ones mind ..

    the idea that a 'trusted member of the Humboldt Medical Prof.'s' has done films with children giving them drugs ...

    its much easier going "oh once a pot doc always a pot doc"

    --- go talk to Badgley BUT just make an apointment - don't tell him who you are or what your looking for - the guy will be NODDING OFF as he interviews you ..

    he's STILL on something - OR - is so brain burned that he can't think ...


    anyway -- once a PEDOFILE always a PEDOFILE -- and he is an admited one -
    But hay as Hank says "who would be intrested in that today?" ...

    Its Not intrest - its just what is beliveable - and that a well known MD is someone who was doing that - and is "nodding" (maybe he's just tired all the time) while he's seeing patients ...

    heck that's of NO intrest .. is it?

    or that Herby had the same charges that Assad had (BTW - its quite comen for MD's and others like that to 'settle out of court' for the 9 year probation - as the court costs are amazing ...

    I'm not saying that Assad did or did NOT do it - I DO KNOW some of the women that are STILL in therpy from what herb did to them ...

    but hay that's 16 years ago - and don't fit with "pot is bad - Paul is bad - Miller is Bad" thing here

    I'm sorry for going off topic

    and bring up old stuff like a couple perps are running around in the county ...

  35. What I meant by the pot thing is even more insane is that - when you consider all those much more powerful and harmful drugs are legal, and that some are even being prescribed to children - knowing pot is more akin to wine - then all the illegality of pot is insane... essentially I was agreeing with you, DT.

    And I do sincerely mean it - just like Megan's Law - we need to know who we are trusting our lives, our health, our families' lives and health to.

    I don't think many people have any idea of any of what you have described here. I certainly didn't.

  36. Yup Rose and there are several others. Dr. Laurence E. Badgley, was the Stone's "doctor feel good' and how they (and their people, entourage, groupies (children) etal) got 'good clean dope' to shoot up.

    If you watch the whole movie you'll see Dr. Laurence E. Badgley talked about as 'doctor feel good' and where they get thier drugs from.

    Rose writes:
    I don't think many people have any idea of any of what you have described here. I certainly didn't.

    according to Hank Sims he knew about this ...

    Hank Sims said...


    Badgley? I've known about Badgley's past for some time, courtesy of a great SF Weekly article published a few years ago. Is there any good reason for me to rehash it now? Tell me, because it would in fact be a great story.

    So the reason you (Rose) don't know about it is that Hank dosen't feel "there is any good reason for me to rehash it now ... "

    I was 'stuned' when I read the drug and alcohol peice that mentioned Badgley NCJ 2001 many of us were - NO ONE IN THE NCJ printed the letters that WE sent in about this person. See peice here:

    there was NO refrance at that time about his past and he was painted as a 'good guy helping out dope adicts' ... watch that vidio think of YOUR High School Daughter shooting up - and tell me you want this guy treating kids or adults or anyone in Humboldt?

    And don't get me wrong I love the Stones music - but I sure as hell wouldn't have them baby sitting MY daughter! .... or their Dr. Feelgood being a PCP (Primary Care Phy.) for my family et al ..

    I guess NCJ thought it wasn't worth printing - and it would go against the "mother Theresa" rap they laid down ..

    Right Sims wasn't there then -

    But with almost a Full Issue given over to "POT DOC" and how they are villified - here and every where else ...

    I just wonder (excuse me Rose but) Just what the FUCK is the Ethical Juronlizm that says the press should go after one kind of MD and let a guy who gave KIDS HARD DRUGS and ...

    Well I think Hanks own words sum it up ...

    "there is any good reason for me to rehash it now ... "

    and THAT is the reason YOU don't know about this ROSE nor do anyone .. bashing an out of area Pot Doc - is okay ...

    but "TELLING" on a pedofile MD who used REAL HARD DRUGS and his posstion with the band to abuse children ...

    Well ...

    "there is any good reason for me to rehash it now ... "

    Hank Sims said...


    Badgley? I've known about Badgley's past for some time, courtesy of a great SF Weekly article published a few years ago.

    Hay NO GOOD REASON - Hank will PICK the MD's he goes after - and a PERP like this - is just fine with him ...

    again ONE WOULD THINK that a COMPELTE artical on Assad would (or MIGHT) look into other MD's with problems in the area ... maybe ask someone ..

    Hank will say "well I didn't write the one on Assad"

    Yes but you got letters about these OTHER MD's ..

    lets see - one is "too old" probation over for 16 years ...
    (funny the ladies in treatment for what he did betraing their trust - don't think its that long ago ...)

    and Dr. Lawrence Badgley ... hell Hank KNEW - its just NOT news worthy to 'dig this up' ...

    who cares that a humboldt MD gave KIDS dope .. and made movies about it???

    Right Hank = no big deal ... not as INTRESTING as a big bad Pot Doc right?


    good for the goose good for the gander ..

    Was it done for a reason ...

    Nope - just SLOPPY writing - and then since the Dr. Lawrence Badgley info wouldn't fit into the scemata of "good MD's vs. BAD POT DOCs" ... gosh lets not print the letters ..

    Oh but Hank - I thought - oh my gosh - I almost forgot this .. what did you say???

    Hank Sims said...

    Yo, Deep Throat: I vaguely remember the letter. Sorry, it was about a year ago so the specifics of the case elude me. I tried to look it up in my e-mail just now but I couldn't find it.

    There's no "cover-up." If I had the goods on a doctor molesting patients -- especially a doctor employed by the public molesting patients -- you better believe I'd publish it in a red second.

    There's a few possible scenarios for why your letter didn't get published. One, maybe you didn't sign it. Two, perhaps it was too long and/or too poorly spelled, and if so that might have made me assume -- incorrectly, I see now -- that you were a crazy. I get crazy letters every day.

    Most likely your I took your letter as potentially or probably libelous or defamatory. The thing with newspapers that's unlike blogs is that if I publish it, then by law I've got to be prepared to stand by it. That goes for everything in the paper, down to the ads. Blogs are the opposite. The web is different, due to a legal quirk. A blog publisher has no liability whatsoever for something that appears on her blog except the stuff she writes.

    Hank YOU ADMIT you knew about Dr. Lawrence Badgley - so I call

    BULL SHIT!!!

    You didn't toss my letter aside because it was miss spelled - as I've often said - I have staff spell check and edit letters I send any where - including to you dear boy ..

    And as to ...

    The thing with newspapers that's unlike blogs is that if I publish it, then by law I've got to be prepared to stand by it.\

    Stud you stand here saying "oh I knew about Dr. Lawrence Badgley ..."

    so your just don't think this type of INFO is important ...

    Okay folks show of HANDS - who wants to know this stuff - and maybe as much if not MORE then a pot doc had a hold on his lic (like others in the county over the years) ...

    But compair and contrast that we got a guy who is potraid as "Mother Theresa!" ... (abet before Hanky came on board ...)

    But still when I wrote you about verious MD's in the area - the Dr. Lawrence Badgley thing was included --

    I didn't get - 'well Herb is 16 years back' - can we cut that ... or just make refrance to it - as in the past ...

    Nope - you didn't bother answering - Yup lets see now how many of those did you get?

    I know of two or three - because staff wrote you on this POT MD Hit peice - but you didn't print any of them ...

    just that one by the RN who you chopped all to heck ...

    Amazing ...

    Nope rose you don't know - because Hank doesn't think giving kids Hard Drugs & molesting them is relevent info ... for the good people of Humboldt ...

    Not as intresting as a Pot MD story ... for sure ...

    I asume it just slipped his mind - and by the time anyone wrote to the NCJ it didn't want to look lame - so this (what I and I bet a few others here feel is) important info wasn't included in the story - nor in the LTE afterwards ...

    Hank just doesn't see

    "there is any good reason for me to rehash it now ... "

    Hank Sims said...


    Badgley? I've known about Badgley's past for some time, courtesy of a great SF Weekly article published a few years ago.

    Make me wonder what you consider important in other stories at the NCJ ... Hard Drugs and sex with kids - just don't make the news cut with Hank - he knew - that's enough for him ...

    Really Hank - I've seen you and most other (not all - in fact I know of one that check out items before printing) ..

    But the NCJ, TS, ER .. will all just print press releases with out checking with or who wrote the source ...

    I won't go into detail about the time it was 'done' to me - all 3 printed a peice that was a TOTAL FABERCATION by a person who wanted to look good and make my company look bad.

    All 3 just printed his press release and only one called me or anyone to verify if it was factual or even get 'the other side' of the story ...

    Its news baby - not reality - just send soemthing in - and they don't even TRY to call a Company with a whole staff - including a press person - to find out what is being said is true or not ...

    its amazing ..

    this Dr. Lawrence Badgley is such a telling "Oh I just don't see why we should rehash that ... "

    amazing dude - totally amazing ...

    Maybe when we find out that Dr. Lawrence Badgley has been perping kids - or handing out dope ... we can all be "amazed" ... "how could some one so nice ..."

    then the info about his past would come out - and everyone would look at each other - and go "well I just didn't know ..."

    Except Hank - he can sit there and go "I read about it a while back - I just didn't think it was important to rehash this now ... "

    You ask how / when / why?

    --- We wrote letters - after the Assad peice ... about other MD's in the county ..

    Or hell you could have writen - or put in "the town dandy" something like

    "Assad isn't alone in the UNDERBELLY of MD's in Humboldt we have Dr. Lawrence Badgley who was the stones Dr. feelgood - and made movies of his having sex with underage girls while giving them dope ...

    and Herb had this 16 years ago - while he was doing intakes on YOUR KIDS ...

    and heck we have MD's that don't even have the ablity to write for Rx drugs - because their so addicted."

    --- typical hard hitting town Dandy colum ...

    all easily checked up for valiatdy - but you didn't do it - and you even KNEW about Dr. Lawrence Badgley ...

    but hay - lets see what was more important in the weeks after the Aprial 26 2007 arical about Assad -

    Lets see what the "Town Dandy" has to say ...
    well that issue we have the Herwits drama ...

    with digs on DA Paul ...

    (much more important then the data that a know child molester dope dealing MD is in the county) ...
    but maybe you didn't put 2+2 together - and so didn't think ..

    Hum artical on POT DOC maybe I should mention the OTHER MD's in county that have probelms .. or could be potental problems ..

    aggreed that is too much of a leap -

    well by the next issue you had gotten our letters ... what did you put in yoru Town Dandy there?

    Mike Thompson, Himlick ....
    Schwarzenegger's broadband task force
    Rob Arkley "Heritage and Culture" tourism workshoplocal Mensa chapter's KMUD ..

    Hum okay maybe you wrote that before the letters came in .. (ya right) ...

    Okay the May 10th peice - which I belive the RN's letter was put in - cut down - stripped of any 'offiviveness to the local "good MD's" .. and for sure MINE didn't make it in there ..

    But were you INFULANCED to expose anyone or anything in your 'hard hitting no nonsence colum?'

    Rob Arkley Richard Salzman Humboldt Sunshine lawsuit

    Nothing on the other MD's there ...

    Like you say so well about the Perps ...

    Hank Sims said...

    Badgley? I've known about Badgley's past for some time, courtesy of a great SF Weekly article published a few years ago. Is there any good reason for me to rehash it now? Tell me, because it would in fact be a great story.

    none at all - Hank do you have kids - or do you think this is apropreat behavior - that needs covering up -

    I mean if your like a closet MAMAB or something - let us know ... (just kidding - I think) ...

    Still a bit weird that you can't think of a good reason to mention Dr. Feelgood "B" - when your sliging at the rest of the Dr. Feelgoods in the county ...

    maybe I'm missing something here ...

    Sloppy jounralizim with the need to excuse / cover for the behavior of a man who feeds children HARD drugs and has sex with them ...

    Sorry buddy - it just doesn't wash ... any way you cut it ...

  37. Here's the way I see it - when we read the piece in the SFWeekly - or anywhere else (Rolling Stone, whatever) and it says he was Dr. Feel Good, and dr to the rock stars - we don't think about what that means in the same way you do - we may realize it means there were groupies, may think oh, sorta like Elvis' doc, may realize that there were drugs involved, but NEVER REALLY THINK ABOUT IT.

    We just don't have the same perspective on it as someone who works in the medical field, or someone who has seen the realities of what it means (shooting up teenage groupies.) We think of it like The Doors movie. it's just not part of our reality. Some people probably think it is cool, those days are viewed with nostalgia...

    In a way it is very much like what is happening with Paul - the people who have to WORK with him try to tell you - Look, this isn't working, that isn't working, and you don't think about what that means. Because you've already made up your mind that he's fine.

    When, just for a recent example - the people who work with animal rescue are trying to tell you that the complete and abject failure that is Gallegos' DA's Office is resulting in overcrowding at the Animal Shelter and animals facing euthanasia - if you don't listen to the people in the field, you will not know.

    I can see that from a medical professional's perspective, you have much more knowledge and insight into this/these guys than any of us. And it is revolting to you, and you don't understand why we don't see it.

    Well, we should.

    Whether it is teachers trying to say that an administrator/Superintendent is bad, or law enforcement trying to say that the DA is bad or health professionals trying to say look this guy is dirty, we need to recognize and appreciate their perspective and expertise - and understand that there are valid reasons for their outrage.

    I can understand Hank's perspective in that if there isn't something current to report, it's not 'news' - thought I do also agree that in the context of the pot doc story it could be mentioned that drugs and the medical profession are by no means limited to pot....

  38. And, I might add, after just reading the post at "heraldo" - when the builders and < gasp > 'DEVELOPERS' try to tell you that something is broken in the Planning and Building Dept, you know there IS something wrong. When they say they get different answers every time they walk in, when their plans sit for months and months, when a subdivision like Central Estates has been trying to make it through for what almost 20 years, there's something wrong.

    Same deal. I guess then the question becomes, what is the media's role or responsibility in the whole thing.

    Alot of us - me included - have post-Watergate mentality when it comes to the news media. We view it as an arm of law enforcement, with the responsibility for exposing wrongdoing. I'm just not so sure the media sees it the same way.

  39. so I don't understand rose - are you saying that its OKAY for this guy to practic med_s here - and or for Hank to "shine it on" because its cool to shoot dope and fuck underage teenagers - if your a rock star doctor?

    I don't understand ... your saying that IF I'm a rock star - or a Rock Star MD then the rules don't apply to me?

    Do you have any kids Rose? Do you want them in that Hotel room and or at that MD's now?

    What you think HE CHANGED? Like I say go make an apointment with him, he's either loaded or the most 'tired' MD I've ever seen.

    Oh and we watch the Doors and that makes it somehow OKAY (Jim died drunk) ... Elvis was kept on pills too untill he OD'ed ...

    some how that's 'cool'?

    A roll model - something we should sespend normal moraes for?

    If anyone ELSE had this REP - If the 'dreaded Paul" or Ken Miller or R. Salzman or Steve-o had this in their closet - you'd be buying TV time to tell people ...

    Like I say whole issues about MD's that write POT Rec's are foder for the NCJ but this 'Fine Up standing MD member of the comunity (say there doc your nodding again wake up ... )

    should be somehow just passed over - as its NOT important?

    Like I say when he's found with Hank's kid - or yours - or your neghbors - what'ch gona say then?

    "oh my gosh it wasn't relevent at the time - we've got Paul to worry about - and Pot Doc's .. oh my oh my ... "

    We just let the REAL DOPE DOC's slide ... to nasty to bring up

    and after all its rock and roll - and sort of COOL (is that what you are suggesting Rose? --- that maybe Hank and you when you watch the vidios wish you were there - or in the Doors movie or where ever?

    -- really weird place to take the moral high ground from ...

    so when Dr. Miller writes Pot scripts or Assad THAT is NEWS - but a perp doc in the comunity isn't - because after all it was rock and roll and that's cool

    okay got it fine .. thanks for the clearifcation ... on the 2x standard here ...

    Then its okay to shoot up and screw children

    if NOT Rock and Roll
    then its NOT okay to write MMJ recomendations ...

    I just don't 'get' the diffrence between the two .. except that with a Pot Doc you know what you got = someone writing Rec-s for POT ...

    with this other guy - you got someone who nods off on patients and has a perditory past with children .. and somehow that's okay with this group because its ROCK AND ROLL ...

    gawds ...


  40. NO - I would not let him near my kids. I wouldn't let Ken Miller near my kids.

    All I was offering is an attempt to explain why we are all oblivious. Because a term like Dr. Feel Good encapsulates a thing, and makes it seem ok. It's what I sometimes call the easy rhetoric. It's like calling Tim Stoen Jim Jones' lawyer. There's so much more to it than that, but in most people's minds, that phrase covers it, explains and defines him and they are satisfied.

    The phrase Dr. Feel Good SOUNDS like it's all ok.

    No. I do not think what you have described is ok.

  41. Rose wrote:
    It's like calling Tim Stoen Jim Jones' lawyer.


    'DEVELOPERS' try to tell you that something is broken in the Planning and Building Dept, you know there IS something wrong.

    I wouldn't let Ken Miller near my kids.

    Well your alagory falls apart, because none of these people have given CHILDREN HARION and used them for sex!

    Oh yes lots of 'bad things' goes on ... bla bla bla - but to place devlopement or Ken Miller - or even Tim Stone in the same breath as this guy ...

    what I'm saying is EVERYONE KNOWS about Tim Stone -

    NO ONE (out side of Hank and I and a few others in the medical profession) know about this guy ...

    I just can't put Miller in the same catagory as someone who got kids hooked on Smack, fucked them and made movies and BRAGED about it ...

    Yes Jim Jones is IN that bunch - but tim - or miller = a couple of fools - vs. PERPS them selves ...

    BTW as to Kids and Miller - my daughter has spoken with him sevveral times - she's a bright college student / who grad EHS with honors .. she thinks he's a silly waste of time - basicly and otllerates him the few times she's been around him ...

    He's like most all Libral Fasciests - they know what is BEST for others ... and are quite ready to tell YOU (her) what to do with their life - et al ...

    She thinks of him as a looser who wastes his time ...

    would he give her Haron and have sex with her? --- well he has NO pryros for that ...

    the REAL "Doctor Feel good" does ...

    and that is where your analogy falls apart ...

    Idiotss like the "out to lunch bunch" are "only" playing to FULL ADULTS ...

    (hell even the MMJ Pot Docs won't write a Rec for anyone under 21 with out BOTH parents signtures and another MD aproval) ...

    so when you say that the Devlopers or tim stone or miller - are in the same catagory as someone who knowingly exploited children

    We have to aggree to disagee there -

    the Out to Lunch Bunch is BULL SHIT lots of the time - and costs money and spins whells -

    but what Debbie August (whom I've known for some 30+ years) for instance - she's a "big girl' and oviouly had a good support system which took out the 'out to lunch bunchh' attack - in two shakes or a judges gavle (giggile)

    what chance did the "High school girl who wanted an intereveiw with the stones - and got strung out on Harion because of Badgley's procilivite to use children as sex objects?

    I just don't see how you can compair that to ADLUTS makeing choices at an election ...

    KIDS NEED OUR PROTECTION anyone over 21 well by then you got some 'wisdom' behind you - one would hope ...

    and when some perditor comes up and claims to be something they are not - one imagines that something can be done about it - BLOG or what ever ...

    But to put Debi Augest or any of that "out to lunch bunch's" tom foolery in the same bracket as someone who feeds SMACK to little grils to have sexx to them ...

    Rose - I just don't see that as the same thing ...

    We can vote out Paul or who ever (and gawd only knows they get the press) --

    But what I'm asking is HOW COME if were so self richious over the "pot docs" - and all this other huablu (wich is all adult to adult transactions / relationships et al) ..

    but on the subject of a local MD Badgley's past - well "that's just not relevent" ... (as I belive Hank said)

    and as you so well put it ... "it was then that was rock and roll" (paraphrase) ...

    Yup and Jimmy page had a 16 year old girl friend - and Jerry Lee Leiwse marfied his 13 year old cousing ...

    and Badgley gave Haroin to kids but no one seems to give a rats ass about that - its just not reliveant -

    as much as Arnold or Arkley or Paul or Miller ...

    I just don't get how this is NOT relevant - in the grand sceam of things ...

    Why Hank ingorned it - and you want to say "oh its just like how Paul (et al) are pulling the wool over our eyes"

    NO IT ISN"T - we're talking about CHILDREN who don't have the ablity or the support systems to protect their selves ...

    and you blow that off to rock and roll -- what is the 'rehab rate' for pedofiles? Last time I look it was close to "0" and Badgley has had NO recovery or any treatment for what he did ..

    just people giggling (like you Rose) and covering up (like you Hank) saying "hay that was rock and roll ..

    Yet you'll say "once a pot doc always a pot doc"

    --- yet he's retired and not writing rec_S for anyone .. not even best freinds!

    --- as far as Badgley's consirned do you KNNOW what he's doing to whome and where?

    Hell you didn't even know he eisisted in this light ..

  42. Throat: So you imagine that rock'n'roll pill-popping pedophiles are just groovy in my world, but that pot docs are evil and must be crushed. Sorry, but I don't get it.

    Even assuming that everything you've written about Badgley and Tanenhaus is true -- an assumption I'm not at all willing to make without a good deal of research -- there's a really simple explanation for why we wrote about Assad and not about them. I'm not sure if you're willing to believe it, but here it is.

    It's called "news." See, Assad was writing recommendations for female patients last year, at a time when he was prohibited by the Medical Board from seeing them. This screwed with the patients in all kinds of ways.

    Again, this was last year. At the time we wrote the story. You wonder why we wrote about that instead of something that took place 16 or 35 years ago? There's your answer. It's kind of boring, compared to your version of events.

    So you want to know why I didn't run your letter, then. Once again, I don't remember the specifics, but I can make a pretty good guess. Like I said, I have to be prepared to stand by letters that appear in our paper. I have to be prepared to stand by them in court. So I have to triage all the stuff that comes in and decide what's worth researching and what isn't. And it is very, very possible that I make the wrong decision occasionally or even often. If that's the case with you, you have my honest and sincere apology.

    Here's some food for thought, though, just so you can see where I'm coming from. Here on the blog, you get to call Badgley a "perp" because no one is going to sue you over that. But can you tell me when he was arrested, and on what charges? You get to say that the girl in that YouTube video was underage. How old was she, exactly? You get to cite an unreleased movie called "Cocksucker Blues" as the gospel truth. I essentially have to go back and re-report every potentially libelous or defamatory detail.

    Like I said, Throat, I'm sympathetic and I dig your spiel. Honestly. I'm honored that you think I have a little power to make things right in the world. All the press should be honored by that, by people banging on their doors to demand that they right wrongs.

    I just want you to know that blowing a whistle on a blog and publishing something in the newspaper are two very different creatures -- the law makes it that way -- and where I'm sitting it ain't as simple as it looks.

    And I'm not some brain-dead rock'n'roll groupie moron, for Christ's sake. Can't you at least drop that angle?

  43. This is a case where you are both right.

    And, see, DT, one thing is, if there is something going on NOW - Hank needs people to come forward. People have to speak up.

    About that coffee - my e-mail's in the sidebar.

  44. Hank - I'd buy all that "oh we don't want to get sued for printing stuff that we can't prove

    - 'cept for one item -

    DUDE you your SELF CITE the story ... lets see how did you put it ...

    Badgley? I've known about Badgley's past for some time, courtesy of a great SF Weekly article published a few years ago.

    So what is the law suit there? You knew about it, it was writen to you by myself and others, when the Assad peice came out and you chose not to print it - because ...

    lets see - frist you say its NOT relivent .. ah the fact that someone is practicing meds who shot up children with Haroin and had sex with them is working in our comunity ..

    Again BRO_ what is the 'recovery rate' amoung pedofiles? This guy NEVER was held responcable for his action, you know about them, the SF Weekly published on it ... rose in a few minutes it takes to type in cocksucker blues in to UTube comes up with films of the 'good doctor' and his 'victims' ...

    Yup sure don't just want to print some story as 'iffy' and not relvent as that - happened 35 years ago ...

    Not News - again show of Hands - how many people reading this consider that this is news - or do we just 'forgive and forget' this stuff ...

    because ??? ITs only rock and roll ... ? or what ever ...

    As to my crediblity - like I say - YOU KNEW about this .. so again its JUST not news ...

    Hell he's not registred sex offender - slipped though the cracks in the system (yet Utube has vidios ..

    Here buy a copy - check it out ..

    decide if its NEWS that someone like this is treating patients in our area ...

    Do you want him here? Is it OKAY with you? NO ONE KNOWS - to me that IS NEWS ... that a pedofile (watch the movie dude!) who shoots up teenagers is practicing medicen in our county - and no one is saying SHIT about it - blows my mind ...

    Maybe its just me - call me old fassion - but its something I think people would want to know.

    And again - I know it was "before your time" but one would think that after printing Mother Tresea about him --- anyway ---

    and getting letters to the fact -- and IGNORING THEM ...

    well to me its just weeird - and now the "wiggle" is that "Oh we didn't want to be sued or heald libal" --

    yet we got VIDIOS and also the SF peice on him ...

    guess that's not NEWS though ...

    Guess its just something for Hank to know - and NOT tkae HIS kids to see him ... (if and when you have kids) -- the rest of us - hell its just some 35 year old story ...


    (can I say that about him = YUP its ON FILM and you KNEW about it)


    its about "ZERO" -- so to me that's NOT something 35 years old - that's today - some mom is trusting the 'good (mother treesea) MD ' with their kid - and gawd only knows what he's doing ...

    Guess we'll read about it when he gets caught ..

    maybe not - with the cover ups in the mdeical area ..

    Like Dr. (oh gawds what was his name = bright young intern at Redwood Mamorial) .. Hogstrum MD - who OD'ed on ludes and a bag over his head sniffing nitruos -- well be fore your time LAD ... cir 1983 or so ..

    that was run as an 'acedent' by some papers - and the sisters sort of called it a susicide

    NO ONE wanted to say "HAY ASSHOLES YOU OVER WORK YOUR MD's / INTERENESTS way over board and they use DOPE to keep going ..."

    after all its the Sisters of Orange and their Nuns - - don't want to talk bad about them ...

    Hank if your not too much part of the 'out to lunch bunch' or have some people in the medical profession who trust you enough to tell you the truth - ask them about Laver Clawson and Herb Tanunhuse -

    I could even tell you who to talk to that I know the NCJ knows - people who've treated the victims - and decide if I'm making this up ...

    Of course its not "news" --- that a PERP (now off probation) is a major player in the child Psych world of the County ...

    Leaver Clawson MFCC left the county - find out about that and who he was 'doing' ages et al ..

    No one reported it / no charges pressed ...

    Funny because the "GREAT" Terry Farmer and Worth Dkyman knew of all this - as most people did back then ...

    As I say - this NEW "out to lunch bunch" may be 'silly' at worst - but they are PIKERS when it comes to the corruption that used to reign around here --

    and I get such a kcik out of rose et al going "Oh for the 'good old days of Terry" and "Worth was so much better then Paul"

    --- gawds Paul maybe (is) sourounded by Eco-fools or what ever - but he's NOT bought - and covering up crap -- like the Old Guard did ...

    Clawson and Herb had a officce togetehr - I imagine you or NCJ has contacts amoung the med_ comunity - given the artical you just recently did on the drug companies

    though agian - that's OUT OF AREA stuff - not local ...

    So even if you finnd everything I say is GOLDEN TRUTH - I doubt that it will come out - and you'll protect it by saying "oh that isn't news"

    --- funny how the foblies of yesterday are NOT news - and infact seem to be GLORIFED - weather its ex-DA's or MD's who shot up under aged Rock & ROll groupies and fucked them ...

    Yup histroy - intresting stuff ...

    I got along fine with Terry as I do Paul ... so I have no axe to grind either way --

    to tell the truth in a way I prefered Terry and the old boy net - cause it was so much esier to get things done - or ignored .. brushed under the rug ...

    Same with the old MD's - and the whole Old Boy net work ..

    and that is this DT's big dicotomy if you will, wheater it is nobler to support the less corpute but stupid mertiulations of the 'out to lunch bunch' or long for the days when the 'fix' was in and - if you were inside - stuff just happned for you -

    It still does - somewhat - doors open - that don't for non-insiders .. but

    Well its like say - the OLD VD by the Sea (Vista Del Mar) --

    when it was the roudiest bar on the whole of the coast ...

    I sort of miss that - in some pervers way - on the toher hand - I'm glad that Eureka has become more civlized and that sort of thing is not tollerated ...

    Weird huh?

    Still think its NEWS 'just' the items that the SF and the vidio shows about the 'good mom teresa' doctor feel good ...

    and as to 'worried about his rep'

    --- I'd be more worried about how I'd feel knowing this - being in the press - and NOT doing a story on it - then AFTER something goes down ...

    dealing with the feelings - and working up the cover story as to why nothing was said ..

    is he 'clean' today? - as I say he's NODING OUT durning patient time last I heard - several patients I deal with have compalined about it ...

    And you can look up Phil Olkan MD's record on not being able to write triplicates ... and his on going drug addtition


    thing is the whole medical profession has this "we don't talk bad about our own" thing going on

    coupled with - these guys who hand out pills like pop corn and take them them selves - are proected by theri clinets - hell you don't want to BUST your 'conection' so no one says shit --

    and the "NICE people" just find this all so "nasty" they don't want to hear about it - or re-frame it into "oh well that was rock and roll"

    (BTW - Hank - that was rose not you - as I recall said that - 'things were diffrent then')

    -- no they weren't - a child is a child and needed protection then as well as now ..

    anyway - good luck if you even bother with this search

    as I say its so NON - EGO-systonic that people just don't want to know about it ..

    MD's are good! - we want to know that - unless they write for POT - then they are suspect and BAD ...

    BTW - here's a HINT to who I am - my best freind for years was head (under 3 governers) of the Pharmicy Board ... a gold sheild investagtor ...

    such is life ...

    Silly when you think about it - like someone once said "everything you know is wrong or the oppiste"

    I feel that way sometimes - someone else said "its the greatest gift fo the human mind that it can't corrlate all its facts at once ... because reality would drive any 'sain' person mad."

  45. Rose said...
    This is a case where you are both right.

    And, see, DT, one thing is, if there is something going on NOW - Hank needs people to come forward. People have to speak up.

    About that coffee - my e-mail's in the sidebar.

    Well Rose I did speak up and Hank (as he so well said for himself) Lets see - what was your piece called?
    "It's called talking out of both sides of your mouth "

    One side said ... "Its not news"

    The other side said ... "Its not proven"

    Then another side of Hank's mouth said ... "Well I've known for some time now ..."

    So seems he's known and doesn't need people to ...

    ...Hank needs people to come forward. People have to speak up.

    My freinds and I have writen letters on this and were egnored. Like he says here ... it's just not "news" ...

    Though I really wonder if one was to put a questionar out say like

    [ ] I feel that knowing that an MD in the area used to shoot kids up with dope and have sex with them is news worthy.

    [ ] I feel that knowing that MD, PhD's in the area who see children for child's protective, the Juvie Hall et al had a record in the past and that that is news worthy.

    [ ] the above is all BS - just tell me more about Arkley and Paul and Larry Glass et al Hank - we don't care who are MD's are, unless their writing for MMJ - in which case investagate the heck out of them.


    Yup sure glad someone like that is keeping their eye on what is 'news worthy' and what isn't ...

    makes ME feel safer ... and I know the children of Humboldt are safer given the attention to NEWS Hank has .. Arkley vs.. Paul and Miller and Assad -- now THAT's NEWS ...

    and hay - don't ask me to do anything I've writen as my staff has ...

    we're just "nuts" - 'crazy people" who will get him "sued" for suggesting this stuff ...

    (even though he's read it himself else where - and it took you Rose what about 15 min to find it on U-tube?)

    --- chuckle ---

    it is NOT ego Styonic to think negitivly about MD's - period unless their out of the norm scapegoats that are 'safe' objects like MMJ Doc's ...

    while the real Dr Feel good is laughing up his sleave at you - thinking what a fat hog he's cut with the "mother Tresea" peice ...

    (Ya I know that was befor your time ... )

    my my my its just endless ..

    Write letters he needs support --

    Well damn me Rose we DID give him support - Hank squrmes like a Local Sultuions guy on Debi Auggest -- "well we need support"

    "well we can't print infamotory un proven ..."

    "Ya I knew about it a year ago ..."

    Sad really --

    as to the coffee

    maybe some day Rose - I look forward to it - but I'm sure the antisapation will be much better then what reality is ...

    Just an old transplant medical person who's been here since mid 1970's ...

  46. :0 By now it'll be like meeting a friend.

  47. I must say, it is quite a story
    Dr. Feelgood Has His Day in Court.

    The calls I made today seem to indicate he does not work for the County - is he in private practice?

  48. Unreal, that story! How in the world did they have a judge that stupid?

    Then there's the links to the movie:
    Fun Stuff
    Trivia:The Rolling Stones were upset by this film's portrayal of them and sued to prevent its release. The film is under a court order that only allows it to be shown once a year with director Robert Frank present in person. more
    Movie Connections: Referenced in Hustler White (1996) more
    Soundtrack: If You've Got Time (To Say Goodbye) more

  49. Then there's this
    Doctors in Eureka, CA (California Physicians)
    Humboldt County Mental Health. Dr. Laurence Badgley General Practice Physician Family Practice Physician 2456 Buhne St Downtown Express Medical Group ... - 23k - Cached - Similar pages


    720 Wood St
    Humboldt County Mental Health

    Dr. Laurence Badgley
    General Practice Physician
    Family Practice Physician
    2456 Buhne St
    Downtown Express Medical Group

  50. Dr. Lawrence Badgley threatens to Sue Sam Sloan (the author of that article)
    - 7:01pm
    I represent Dr. Lawrence Badgley, a Medical Doctor, who had a lawsuit resolved in his favor and recently discovered that a person unrelated to the case ...

    As an on-line information provider, once you are informed of defamatory statements or have reason to known of defamatory statements contained in publications that you host or distribute, you are subject to liability for continued publication (Dun & Bradstreet Inc. vs Greenmoss Builders, Inc. 472 US 749).

    This letter is intended to put you on notice that the information contained on Mr. Sloan's web-pages that reference to Dr. Badgley are defamatory. Not only is the information outrageous and libelous, but it includes letters, purportedly part of the court record, that actually were unsolicited and rejected by the court. As far as motives are concerned, Mr. Sloan apparently is a personal friend of the woman who lost the lawsuit to Dr. Badgley, and thus the pages at the domains are arguable a form of retaliation.

  51. Ken Miller is the one that contacted the so called police expert (ronald scott) from Arizona prior to the coroners inquest. i read this scott guy's website. He had published his opinion before many of the facts were out and way before the coroners inquest. And now he is quoted by the T/S? Well what do you expect?

    I suspect that Ken Miller is the driving force behind this unwise prosecution of the police management.

    When this is all over DA Gallegos will be the one that looks like a fooooool!

    They didn't get a Ramey warrant ? OMG! He really is that stupid.

    At least with the Blue Lake scandal Gallegos will or can get a criminal conviction. Even PVG could win that one. And I doubt that many of the local police will shed a tear for the chief or his lovely bride.

    Just a few thoughts


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