Thursday, February 07, 2008

Gallegos on Humboldt Review last night w/LINK to podcast

Transactional Immunity, Lincoln School, Trinidad’s General Manager – February 7, 2008
Only time for a short dispatch this week.

On the Thursday, Feb. 7 Humboldt Review, we’ll talk with District Attorney Paul Gallegos about his decision to grant “transactional immunity” to members of the Eureka Police SWAT Team who testified before the Humboldt County Grand Jury in the Cheri Lyn Moore case. The main question is, why’d he do that? Other questions are about how the Grand Jury process works, what’s to come next in the Moore case and, is it true that he’s a “rogue DA?”

LISTEN LIVE - KHUM Humboldt Review is the weekly community affairs program on radio station KHUM 104.3/104.7 FM, Ferndale, serving Humboldt County California. It is on Thursday nights from 6 to 7 p.m. Hosted by Kevin L. Hoover and produced by John Matthews. Call-in line: (707) 786-5486.

LINK to the podcast.

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  1. Rose,
    Your blog causes my mac problems in both FF and Safari. The comment window refuses to scroll more than one line at a time and causes the auxiliary cooling fan to start. This phenomenon is alleviated as soon as I navigate away from your blog. It is possible that your blog's html script is corrupted.

  2. I'm trying to contact blogger about that. I am having the same problem with Firefox. Hopefully, I will find a way to get to talk to a tech. They don't have any easy links that I can find.

  3. Ouch, I don't even know what Firefox or Safari are or is. RSS feed and (*U(*&^T&^%* *^*)*) Too much tech for me.

    That being said. Did you hear about the two LAPD SWAT officers shot on Thursday? One officer (Randy Simmons) was killed. Randy was 51 years old, he was married, he had two children, and he had been with the LAPD for 27 years. Officer Randy Simmons was also survived by his parents and three sisters. The crook or crazy dude called the cops and told them he killed some people and told them to come and kill him. I guess that's what is meant as suicide by cop? I wonder what Ken Miller, Heraldo, the Plazoid and others think of that? The suspect (or what Ken Miller would call a victim) was later shot and killed by police. I'll bet the LA County DA is not going to even entertain the slightest notion of prosecuting any of the cops or the cops supervisors. Just a wild guess but I would say the guy that shot the Officers was at least somewhat mentally ill.

    Two more cops killed (Thursday)at a city council meeting in Missouri. The suspect, according to his brother, "went to war" with the city council. But he started off by killing two cops. The guy was angry over code enforcement citations from years earlier. After killing 5 and wounding 3 (including the mayor) the suspect/victim was killed by the police. Do you think those cops will be prosecuted by the DA in Missouri? I don't think so.

    What is wrong with Humboldt County?

  4. I am on a Mac and have no problem with your blog, safari, firefox, zip.


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