Wednesday, February 06, 2008

How about Measure MJ?

You've got Measure T forbidding contributions from corporations. Don't you wonder what would happen if the voters passed Measure MJ banning contributions from pot growers and drug dealers? (To include both declared and undeclared cash-out-of-the-paper-bag contributions).


  1. start a petition drive to get your proposition on the ballot. good luck! lol

  2. 3:48, I don't think those that favor medical marijauna want commercial growers/real estate developers running county politics. I recommend the Italian best seller Gomorrah, which details the workings of the Mafia like group the Comorra, to Rose and the readership of this blog as a cautionary narrative.

  3. Rose is just trying to boost her hits, note the label: POT LOL

  4. yea that is it 5:23, cause this is a commercial site right? add Rose is sellin adds? lol idiot

  5. I'm serious 5:23. Pot money is illegal money. The compassionate use act did not allow for these massive grows, and any politician who takes drug money is tainted.

    It's a whole lot worse than taking money from a corporation.

    This is money that is made, and no taxes are paid - at the same time, politicians are spouting the rich should pay more and we are going to have to raise taxes thing - raise taxes on the legitimate workers, and take payoffs from these crooks?

    It's wrong. And it is worse when it is a DA, who then turns around, and not only exercises his prosecutorial discretion (which any DA could do without any fanfare) to give those crooks full rein?

    And I am not talking about the legitimate medicinal users. I'm sure they exist. Then there are others who are used by PR flaks like Michael Shellenberger (and yes, he describes how to do it) in order to accomplish his goal, which is to pressure public officials until he gets his way. (And he is well paid to do so.)

    You talk about corruption - it's right here under your nose.

    The DA is supposed to stand up for and enforce the law. He is not a legislator and he doesn't get to decide what the law is or that he only chooses to enforce certain ones.

    The rest of the elected officials are also elected to protect society, and the laws of the land. they at least, have the ability to draft legislation and change the laws if they are wrong, but do so through the proper channels.

    Measure T was promoted heavily by Salzman and crew for one reason and one reason only, and that was to decapitate any opposition from their targets - to create a situation where he could operate with impunity and no one could afford to fight back.

    Do you doubt that?

  6. "any politician who takes drug money is tainted."

    A law like this would hurt the old guard much,much more as this would certainly be a huge blow to Rodoni, who is reliant on pot growth and money to secure his seat as Roger is certainly now the the most influential old guard stronghold politico.

    Watching anti-legalization people bicker and cry about this stuff is just hilarious to see and read about,as simply legalizing it would put an end to these concerns.

  7. It is an esoteric discussion, mresquan - a stroke of the pen could make it legal tomorrow. So many people in prison for breaking what was the law yesterday, are they lawbreakers still? Or not?

    By that argument - anything that is illegal today could be legal tomorrow so all laws are rendered meaningless... so any politician can take money from any criminal because they're not really criminals under that scenario?

    Is that how you want things to be?

    Or, if pot were legal tomorrow, would people like Hedlund and Co. suddenly become law abiding? Or do people who are not law abiding go on to the next illegal (big money) thing?

    You've got people championing a DA for going after people who submitted data late in a lawful process.

    That's small potatoes compared to massive illegal grows, warehouses, money laundering, tax evasion, and who knows what else.

    Why turn a blind eye?

  8. "why turn a blind eye?" doesnt take an economist to see that our local economy has been hurting since the 60's. any person who makes their income servicing the local community turns a blind eye in order to pay their bills.............

    jealousy of thy neighbor's income is the true crime here....

  9. WHO is jealous of their neighbor's income here? It's more likely that people are pissed that their neighbor is cheating the rules. While they pay taxes, he doesn't. While they abide by the law, he doesn't. While they work to make the world a better place, he doesn't.

    That's not jealousy. That's disgust.

  10. rose,
    should i really be concerned about how much you, or my neighbor, pays in taxes? thats up to you and your taxman and the IRS, not nosy neighbors.........come on, thats unamerican.....

    i personally am libertarian minded and tend to like to let people keep their money. i am not opposed to seeing the IRS go bye bye....

    but i also think that prostitution and drugs should be legal, so call me crazy...

  11. I don't necessarily disagree with you, Theo. Legal, but people should be honorable. Man's nobility is diminished when he falls into bad ways.

    I agree with the Libertarian bent, we shouldn't need all these laws and ordinances. Seems like the original 10 oughtta suffice.

  12. That's quite the conversation you have going on "heraldo," Theo.

  13. rose,
    the sad thing is, im not really making any argument over at heraldo's site....i asked a few questions and got in the middle of a name calling game.....

    people are sensitive about something, thats for sure..

  14. I thought your points were reasonable - and I agree that it is very hard to figure things out when no one will give facts...

  15. legalize drugs. Now that's original. And of course by legalizing drugs the problem of drug abuse would magically just go away.

    Oh yes I remember back in the 80's the druggies said cocaine was not addictive! It's organic, and all that. Just try and imagine how many lives were ruined (and ended) by cocaine when it was $100 per gram and illegal! Do you really think making it legal (and cheaper) would make it OK?

    And now marijuana is medicine ? Really? Well then cocaine is medicine too. Actually cocaine is a schedule II drug, meaning it has some medical value or use.

    Marijuana is not medicine and pot growers, including those that claim 215 status, are not legit. Prop 215 was a fraud perpetrated on the voters of California. I hope all pot growers, past and present, roast in hell along with the acid dealers, the Extacy dealers, the meth dealers, the heroin dealers, the cocaine dealers, and the maggot Dr.'s that take money for handing out 215 "recommendations".

    But of course that is just my not so humble opinion.


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