Monday, February 18, 2008

"Baykeeper"/NEC propaganda radio

Recommended reading: Arcata Eye Editorial

In an editorial recapping the flouride related rhetoric that inflamed passions in the recent election, Kevin Hoover points out that:

"KHSU 90.5 FM’s The Econews Report only gave one side – that fluoride impacts the environment, or so the opponents believe. I asked Humboldt Baykeeper’s Pete Nichols, the host, why he didn’t present other perspectives.

He said, “Since I only do one Econews per month, I didn’t have time to schedule the pro-fluoride for an interview. Perhaps not so fair and balanced, but given that fluoride does have impacts on the environment, and Econews is an environment show, it seemed appropriate to investigate that aspect.”

The “investigation” consisted of the familar anti-fluoride presentation – selectively mined factoids and speculation, this time presented without rebuttal. An informed individual with a different view could have easily put this misleading information in proper context.

I asked Nichols if there was any thought given to having people who believe there is no environmental impact on the same show.

He said he “considered it, but felt 30 minutes was too limiting to get both perspectives fully. I decided to investigate the potential harm to human health and the environment from fluoride exposure since it has been the minority view for decades.”

Fluoride opposition wasn’t the minority view on KHSU’s centerpiece environmental program – it was the only view, during election season with a big vote coming up."

Kevin points out that he, himself hosts Humboldt Review "a public affairs show on KHUM FM 104.3, and our middle segment is about a half-hour long. We routinely have three, four, five or even more guests on in that period so as to ensure fair access for all viewpoints."

Busted, Pete. Fair and balanced, "Baykeeper"/Northcoast Environmental Center is not. "Baykeeper" also has another show called Coastal Currents, same deal.


  1. I've noticed that Kevin Hoover has become a pretty strong advocate for fluoridation. I can't help but wonder why? It seems to have become a very important issue to him.

  2. Nichols is a scammer.

  3. 12:11, I think you spelled it wrong. Your discreption is a start at defining both NEC and bAYkEEPER's phony persona.

  4. The pro-fluoride view is the prevalent propaganda that people hear. Most people don't know there is any controversy at all. So 30 minutes of anti-fluoride propaganda doesn't seem unreasonable. Or does your dentist give you the pros and cons of fluoride?

  5. Whoa boy, you sure got them on this one Rose

  6. 5:49 -
    nice rationalization but it is nice to present both sides of an issue to let us make informed decisions.

  7. You have to remember at all times that these friends,keepers,etc are simply modern day communists wrapped up in a phony new mantle. Most of their stary eyed followers are simply lambs for the slaughter and don't understand what an evil it was and can be again.They throw terms like prevelent propaganda around and hook young programed minds with "doesn't seem unreasonable" or come to my meeting we've got beer and a rock band. Silly wabbit,we don't needs no informed decisions wound here.

  8. "...impacts the environment..."

    Wait till these creeps find out about H2O.


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