Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Looks like Ken Miller and crew are pushing Gallegos into appealing his piece of shit Palco suit.

It's not enough that the case has been thrown out, what is it, three times now? Miller & Co. won't give up. How else do you explain Jeffrey "yougofree.com" Schwartz buttering Gallegos up, telling him (and you) how fabulous he looks in those silky golden, jewel-encrusted robes they have created for him, in the hopes that he will parade into court yet again without realizing he is buck-naked.

This nauseating piece of - ummmm, fiction demands a response. It's time to make the real record clear. I'm going to need more than 750 words, Mr. Somerville.

Where do I start?

Hank has nailed it in his response. Bread and Circuses (Town Dandy, Feb 7, 2008)


  1. Well, for starters if you look under "boot licking sycophant" in the dictionary, you will find the same thing you find under
    "time-serving useless poser"; pictures of Jeff Schwartz. He was an absolute embarassment as an ADA, and has proven yet again that from day one(as quoted on day one of his tenure by the T/S) his only qualification for the office of DDA was a Heep-like grovelling admiration for PVG. He is apparently unable to accept the fact that appellate courts have a valid and vital place in the legal system (and as a defense attorney he should know that, but perhaps the finding of ineffective assistance has left him a little
    jumpy around the higher courts). He doesn't see, or doesn't care what it means to suggest that
    hey, if we had gotten the case to a jury of PVG voters, we could have ... well, that raises an interesting question, since PVG has tried almost nothing that wasn't worked up by someone else. Except the August thing. But it's interesting that yougone's instinct is to suggest the power of mob rule to counteract that of law. The bottom line is this. The courts -- and you can explain how the "historical power base" controls the courts-- threw out PVG's signature cases. Apparently, lauging all the way. Stings, doesn't it.

    Yup, 750 probably won't do it.

  2. Chris Crawford2/05/2008 3:57 PM

    OK, let's parse Jeffy's editorial homage ...

    1) Paul is not the prosecutor for old Humboldt, but he is for new Humboldt.

    2) Those who think he should spend his time prosecuting drug addicts, pushers and criminals are misdirected.

    3) Instead, he is doing what all prosecutors should do, which is to go after fat cat business miscreants and corporate neer-do-wells.

    Hmmm ... why wouldn't a prosecutor do his job for everyone in the community instead of just for some political clique? What, exactly, has Paul done to successfully go after bad business people? Invade Samoa Pulp? Convict Debbie August? Successfully sue Palco?

    I don't care if someone is a communist, an atheist, a lefty or a righty ... if you run for dog catcher, catch dogs for God sake.

  3. That's the problem....even with this ideological zeal to protect the "new guard" according to Schwartz....the fact is that PG has lost and lost huge.

    The base is evaporating and Schwartz and Miller cannot let it go. So it become another exercise in spin...Even Paul should have a problem with his cheerleaders.

  4. How long will it take for yougo to start shaking his pompoms for the Douglas/Zanotti prosecution, as part of the New Age DA's crusade for groovinesss for all? Odd that he left that off his list: Gallegos has gone after miscreants in the business community, corrupt politicians, environmental polluters and criminally negligent nursing home operators. He stands out among virtually every other district attorney in the state who limits their offices to prosecuting common criminals.

    And it's funny, but it seems to me that PVG axed his environmental prosecutor (right around the time
    he made yougo the child sex crimes prosecutor). And it will come as a pretty big shock to a lot of jurisdictions (say, for instance, the other ones that Hagen worked for) that PVG is the walking one and only who goes after anything but simple thugs. Hey, what happened to the high tech crimes investigator (lots of other DA offices still have those too). How many id theft cases has Humboldt prosecuted under PVG.

    The list is virtually inexhaustible. Indeed, 750 will not be enough.

  5. Nowhere close to enough.

    How many "white collar crimes did Stoen prosecute? Zero? How many cases did Stoen handle in his entire tenure? Two? Less than Ten?

    How many child abuse cases did Jeffie take to trial? None? How much extra was he paid?

    How many CAST meetings did Paul and Jeffie attend? They won't say, and they are refusing to turn over the minutes and attendance sheets...

    How many cases did yougofree.com Schwartz plea bargain away?

    Who gets prosecuted under Gallegos? Who gets nine felonies swept up and dismissed?

    Oh, yeah, justice for all. alright.

    I don't think Schwartz even wrote that piece. If he did, I don't know how Marcy Burstiner let that one out of the house. She is a journalism professor, after all.

  6. The worst thing is people like Eric Kirk parroting that the Emporer's clothes are brilliant and bejewelled. What a disappointment.

  7. Gags was elected to prosecute POLITICAL opponents of Miller, Lovelace et al. Give him an "E" for effort.

  8. When discussing advocates of Humboldt's “historical way of life,” the Times-Standard should keep in mind that Humboldt's “historical” way of life included the decimation of the Native American population, much like the South's “historical” way of life included the lynching of African Americans.

    What a bunch of bullshit. They continually parade the Indian massacres as their line of defense. Most of the people they are fueding with didn't arrive in Humboldt County until after World War II.

    Yes, we all agree the Indian massacres were a horrible, horrible act and those locals whose ancestoral families were around at the time have expressed their deepest apologies. And the local Native American people know this.

    The desperate political camp of individuals who spew this rhetoric are positioning anyone with an ideal that is different from theirs as a murderer from that era. You are essentially saying, If you came to this county before me, you are connected with the deeds of European settlers of 1850to 1864.

    That is a shameful, low class argument. Typical of a son-of-a-bitch attorney of that nature.

    Rather than trying to work with what we have and perhaps marrying the best of both camps, no...let's start yet another culture/class war all for the sake of politics.

    I hope these people are finding some kind of great internal joy in all of this.

  9. I'm torn - pernacious twaddle or ignorant drivel? I particularly enjoy the argument that PVG's apparent inability to state a cause of action is evidence of a conspiracy against him and all right thinking utopians. And I like the rehash of "He's won all his homicide trials" - still counting Rollins, are you, after it was reversed because of PVG's closing argument, retried, acquitted? Homicides are usually fairly simple to try - mostly the issue isn't whodunnit, it's "What was he thinking when he done it?" A homicide invariably receives much more attention from the get-go then any other crime except perhaps sexual abuse, which helps. When PVG convicts someone of a low-blow dui, or a DV with a recanting victim, then I'll be impressed. Until them he has been judged and found wanting (by me, not the electorate). Anyhow, to say that PVG is virtually unique because he goes after white-collar criminals is, to quote Worth Dikeman, a fucking lie.

  10. Welcome, Ekovox. I absolutely agree. It's hard to even know where to begin to counter that piece it is so absolutely insane.

    And Red, good to hear from you... Schwartz conveniently ignores, and hopes the readers will never know, that the cases Gallegos won were all prepped by prosecutors who are no longer there. People who knew what they were doing. He's out of those, and the cases he does himself have gone nowhere.

    And more often than not, the jurors coming out of those trials are saying 'we convicted the guy IN SPITE OF GALLEGOS' noting that he is 'pretty lame.'

    There used to be some standards for Op-Eds - as in, there had to be some basis in truth and fact. I see none of that here.

  11. Sick and Tired2/05/2008 8:46 PM

    Check the court calendar, compare the booking charges versus charges filed versus case dispositions. Cases are being dumped in "fire sale bargain basement" style. Suspects booked on felony assault charges being allowed to plead to misdemeanor disturbing the peace charges (and thus being able to avoid the 10 year or lifetime firearm prohibition). DUI drivers being allowed to plead to speeding infractions. And on and on. Where is the AG's Office for an audit?

  12. Ditto! Ditto!! Ditto!!! DITTO!!!! I would write more but you all have basically covered it, and I'm puking blood! Oh and the August case was worked up by the Kool-Aid King!

  13. Sorry Rose, that was a great article on this issue. All you can do in response is drum up rumor and innuendo like you always do. Another thoughtful letter like this and you will be making your crusade personal again; viciously attacking PG without thought or care of his family. You are an opportunist Rose. You also live in denial of the political reality, a reality demonstrably proven through THREE (3) elections in which PG has been supported by the voters.

    Lets not forget that last year Rose also believed PG was raising a personal army (Remember the AR_15's?) to persecute her personally. Rose, you are unstable, nasty and full of delusions.

  14. What the F-ck are you talking about?

    Nice try, Richard. Or is it the Sterling Ms. Nichols?

    You cannot hide what Paul is behind the spin. It is wearing too thin.

  15. I'm curious about something:

    Did Schwartz ever write letters to the editor or My Word columns before he was associated with the District Attorney's office? Seems to me I might have heard the name once or twice before but not in a way that sticks out.

    Seems like since he left Gallegos he's been doing a fair amount of writing, and didn't he start some funky civil liberties protecting type organization a little while ago?

    I'm wondering, assuming he wasn't very politically active before, what got him motivated now? Was he always in with the Salzman/ Gallegos/ Miller bunch?

    Or maybe, after being in the news fairly often as an Deputy DA, he found he liked seeing his name in the news and decided to keep it going.

    It seems to me he just all of the sudden started writing stuff. Why? Just curious.

  16. robin shelley2/06/2008 7:13 AM

    Deep Throat's famous words to Woodward & Bernstein were, "Follow the money." Will be interesting to see where the money trail(s) from the Joshua L. Hedlund arrests will lead. Let's not forget, 11:39, that the IRS is what brought down Al Capone. Is your house in order?

  17. I want to apologize for using the term "son-of-a-bitch" attorney. That also showed lack of class on my part.

    ...Ross Rowley

  18. Rose, your paranoia and delusional nature is well known and documented. In regard to the AR-15 assault rifle controversy that you capitalized on, we have this conversation from Eric Kirks blog:

    Anonymous said...
    P.S. um, Rose? Have you thought of, like, buying bullet-proof vest?

    Wed May 16, 02:36:00 PM

    Blogger Rose said...
    2:36, point taken.

    Wed May 16, 03:39:00 PM

    Anonymous said...
    I was joking, Rose!

    Wed May 16, 03:59:00 PM

    This is just a taste of commentary you made while appearing to suffer from mental illness. Rose, get help! You deserve to lead a normal life!

  19. Aww, darn, you musta missed this exchange on Carson Park Ranger's blog:
    anonymous said...
    I too think it's entirely appropriate for Gallegos & Co. to have assault rifles. How else are they going to protect themselves from Rose?
    18/5/07 4:05 PM

    rose said...
    Yeah. That's one way to justify it.
    18/5/07 7:07 PM

    anonymous said...
    Of course you too should have a few assault rifles, Rose. And some grenades, for good measure. That would only be fair. Make it an even match.
    18/5/07 7:36 PM

    rose said...
    Only fair. I'd like the armored humvee myself.
    18/5/07 10:15 PM

    anonymous said...
    Excellent. Will that be with gun turret, or without?

    The G-man is ordering the turreted version, and I highly recommend it.

    (Confidential note: I'd also recommend the dual front-mounted .50 caliber machine guns. Gags' hummer won't have that, so here's your chance to get the edge.)
    19/5/07 7:17 AM

    rose said...
    I'd like a custom paint job, with a special decal on the door, to match the emboridered patch.
    19/5/07 8:10 AM

    It's all in fun 9:43. Most amusing is the fact that your boy wants to use those weapons for asset forfeiture - which generally means DRUG BUSTS, and drug dealer's toys - how he's gonna reconcile that with all the support he gets from that quarter... just gonna be interesting!

  20. Eko/Ross, I don't think it is possible for you to show a lack of class. You're a good guy.

  21. Looks like she is keeping a file on you, Rose. I am impressed.

  22. HaHa! Just 'cause you;re paranoid doesn't mean they're not to get you.

  23. robin shelley2/06/2008 4:07 PM

    Seriously, 9:43, which of the Hedlund trails leads to your house?

  24. That piece by scwartz reads like Pete Nichols wife wrote it. You know the babe who makes Gags out to be a crime fighter?

  25. Schwartz is once again "officially" a defense attorney. It benefits him to have Gallegos in office. If Jeffie had to go up against a DA's Office that took cases to trial, he'd be in trouble.

    His "My Word" basically says: it is better for a DA to spend their time and resources prosecuting business owners and politicians than drug dealers and thieves. That's absurd.

    There are agencies and collateral consequences that can generally deal with business owners and politicians (loss of license, fines) unless they are violating the Penal Code (e.g. assault), Vehicle Code (e.g. DUI) or Health and Safety Code (e.g. drug possession), in which case they should be prosecuted.

    Gallegos himself got in trouble for campaign finances. It was dealt with by an administrative agency, not criminally prosecuted.

    This is a way to try to divert attention from the real issues at hand:

    Gallegos's abysmal showing in the PL suit; and

    the lousey job Gallegos's office is doing prosecuting real crime (not Jeffie Schwartz's definition of "crime.")

  26. How many more days before the Douglas Zanotti transcripts become public? Would it be a huge surprise if the DA finds a way to dump the case before that? One easy way to make sure it got dumped would be to rehire Schwartz and give him the case.


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