Friday, February 08, 2008

By Hook or By Crook - Funny to look back...

When the Palco suit was tossed the first time - District Attorney Paul Gallegos was out of town and had not read the ruling when the Times-Standard contacted him. Gallegos said he would not comment until he saw the decision.

Deputy District Attorney Tim Stoen, who was trying the case, did not immediately return a phone call left at his office.

But Steve Schectman, a private attorney recently pulled in by Stoen to assist in the case, said he believes the decision should be appealed. However, he added that was not an official statement. He said the judge's ruling would encourage corporations to lie, and place a burden on administrative agencies to be truth-finders, like a court.

"If you get it by hook or by crook, you get a pass," Schectman said.

Richard Salzman, a key political supporter of Gallegos, said he didn't believe the ruling would hurt the district attorney.

"His office isn't about this lawsuit," Salzman said. "I think the leadership, the real leadership that Paul shows in the community is what is important to me."
Source: TS Judge Axes PL Suit June 2005

Wonder what Schectman would say about LLCs and the right to, today?


  1. All the crooks right there in one neat little package.

  2. Schectman gives slimey lawyers a bad name.

  3. I just read the LA Times blog on the LAPD SWAT officer that was killed by a mentally ill 20 year old criminal this past Thursday. Of the 400 plus comments, two were negative towards the police and a few were ranting about gun control. The overwhelming majority of the comments were extremely complimentary and respectful of the LAPD and police in general.

    I shudder to think what a Times Standard blog would read if a similar incident happened in Eureka.

    Humboldt County has become a hellhole.


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