Thursday, February 07, 2008

Is this the reason

for "heraldo's" preemptive strike on Eureka City Manager Dave Tyson? The TS reports: City at odds with county on general plan
Could this be a clue? The timing is suspicious... so what's the game? Or is there yet another surprise waiting in the wings?


  1. Nope Rose, that's it. I posted about that at Heraldo's and the thread quickly ended.

  2. I noticed that.

    It follows the pattern.

  3. This is comment #7 on Heraldo's piece on Dave Tyson.And from what I understand nobody showed up Tuesday night.A review of Tyson's performance was also on the agenda.Really kind of disappointing considering the concern that exists within the comments on the blog.

    "mresquan Says:
    February 1, 2008 at 10:43 pm

    May have something to do with this tidbit on Tuesday’s agenda.

    “15. County General Plan recommendations.

    Recommendation: 1. Receive the staff report and letter regarding the Humboldt County General Plan Update Infrastructure Report;

    2. Discuss staff’s comments and recommendations to the County.

    3. Appoint two Council Members to conduct one-on-one meetings with County officials regarding the County General Plan Update.”

  4. Oh,I guess I should mention that Mark Lovelace showed up and voiced his concerns.

  5. And oh Pundit Resquan....

    What were the issues and, Lovelace's concerns?

    All the lovely man is looking for is a cheap land deal.

    Don't you get that Mark?

    It's the whole deal. If the City get's in the way of the Palco power play, then the Love man loses.

    There is no upside potential except for thosdamn fools who only know about 1/2 of what they think. Thinking and knowing are two really different things Mark.

    Or didn't you know that?

  6. You did call it, Mark - and I did note Lovelace's appearance.

  7. Suffice it to say Mark that you don't know what you're talking about.

    Of course Lovelace was there. Where else would he be and you Mark are not the authority that you pretend to be.

    It's a power play..with surgical precision and you just become more enamored with your little understanding of the larger issue.

    Ok....that's probably unfair, but you are so pompous sometimes that it tilts me sideways.

    There are some huge things moving here. Take a deeper look and I'll back off.

  8. "It's a power play..with surgical precision and you just become more enamored with your little understanding of the larger issue."

    Well if your little pea brain can remember, I made a statement regarding the HWC's specific involvement in this matter,which seemed to puzzle even Rose.I don't think I was far off,and that was just an educated guess.
    And sorry,I won't disappoint you that much when I saw I don't chastise Mark for his involvement, and I hope that the bankruptcy court does opt for their plan.

  9. At this point, whenever I see Mark Lovelace up there, I know something is up. mresquan is right about that.

    What it is? It'll become clear as time goes on. Just keep track.


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