Wednesday, February 20, 2008

NOW they're in trouble!

Forget the 100 pounds of processed marijuana, $20,000 in cash, two pistols and seven rifles, and the 5,275 pot plants...

Forget the 271 grow lights powered by two generators, a 400 and a 350 kilowatt unit...

According to deputies, Finds the Feather and Wood had fled the residence in the Jeep with the children riding unrestrained in the back of the vehicle...

Yeah, NOW they are in trouble.


  1. I just feel sorry for those kids; what were the parents thinking? The size of the grow was crazy enough but to have your kids there? I hope a responsible relative has custody and that they will not be too traumatized by this event.

  2. The kids are 6, 5 and 2.

    You're right. There is nothing funny about this.

    Those kids are now in protective custody, and they don't understand why they can't be with their parents. their world has been ripped apart.

    That's what people risk when they do this. No excuse.

  3. Child endangerment SHOULD be a more serious charge than growing an intoxicating weed. These idiots probably didn't restrain their kids when they weren't running from cops either. I feel sorry for the kids but their parents don't deserve the title.

  4. Child endangerment is, indeed, a serious charge & I would think that even a ridiculously named, large scale grower such as Kite Finds the Feather is alleged to be, is shaking in his boots at the prospect of losing his children (if they are his children).


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