Thursday, February 07, 2008

AG: No charges in Arkley-Glass case

TS, breaking news. The AG declines to prosecute. Are you surprised? An end to one of the stupidest chapters of political life in Humboldt County's recent history.

Hank has it on the BlogThing
Poor "heraldo" doesn't have much to say
The Eureka Reporter has it Attorney General’s Office: no charges in Glass v. Arkley case

Hank's also got an interesting post on the Lumber based Manufacturing Index...


  1. Many people have told me stories about being bullied by R.A.Jr. I am glad Larry Glass stood up to him and called him on it without resorting to stooping to the same behavior.

  2. Larry is an ass. No he is a whiny ass. This was all a waste of time, money and resources. If Glass want to be in politics he needs to toughen up. If not, he can sell CD's on the corner.

  3. Oh Larry is plenty tough. He spent many years running concerts and has had to stand tall and strong and not take any guff. He did the right thing by reporting the incident.

  4. No he didn't Carol. It was silly and petty. His conduct clearly shows that he is a whiner.

  5. Well, then, let's agree to disagree.

  6. Carol do you ever have anything meaningful to say ?

    An the other anon is right, Glass is a whiner! A wiener.

  7. Larry's voice is much too deep for whining.


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