Saturday, February 23, 2008

Re: the Humboldt County Animal Shelter

Too many animals are being held for too long waiting for the DA to sign for them to be released.

BECAUSE OF DOGS ON LEGAL HOLDS (INCLUDING LONG TERM COURT CASE HOLDS) - we are still asking people to look at all our dogs and pull any that they can. Because of these conditions adoptable dogs would be at risk as the only legally available population from which to ease overcrowding.  (That means adoption or euthanasia, right?)


Total Population is now at 66 including bite holds and the court case dogs that are not listed on petharbor. Dogs are being double bunked and as soon as we get a rescue commitment on any dog in the place and they clear their legal hold and we find a ride they are out the door!

Adoptable dogs are at 32.


I will consider your office accountable for these deaths by your lack of action and refusal to sign the necessary release legal documents needed to get the animals either adopted, placed in fosters or transferred to other animal rescues.

Barbara Shults, R.N.-Founder
North Coast Animal Welfare Advocacy Center

Related 85 live animals from Cutten. They include chameleons, geckos, a monitor lizard, bearded dragons, rattlesnakes, toads, a bullfrog, ferrets, a stick bug, a tarantula, a cat with kittens and 61 turtles...they are court property because they were seized with a search warrant... Whether and how the animals are adopted depends on the criminal case... no adoptions can happen until that is over.

Barbara adds: Basically, the Humboldt County Animal Shelter can not currently release any of the animals on legal holds due to California Penal Code animal welfare violations, even with permission of the owner, because of the D.A.’s failure to bring these cases before a judge, therefore they take up space and increase the chances of euthanasia for strays currently being held and new ones coming in. So, if a dog is border line on adoptability, which can be due to medical reasons, being frightened of the shelter or other issues, this animal has far less of a chance to be placed on the adoption list.

The Animal Welfare groups do as a much as we can but are limited due to our lack of resources.  The Humboldt County Animal Shelter has done a miraculous job in connecting with animal welfare rescues and Animal Shelters throughout the U.S. However; as I have stated over and over again, our nation is failing in dealing with the pet overpopulation and millions of animals need to be placed in homes.

Currently all the animals seized in Cutten a month ago are in legal limbo. They also have an emaciated wolf hybrid dog and her pups confiscated from a breeder in Petrolia in a like situation.

What the District Attorney's office needs to do is bring all the animal welfare neglect cases to court, push for appropriate animal abuse charges and get a release so that the animals can leave the shelter. I am not sure of the correct legal term, however; Steve is not legally able to do anything with the animals until then.

Animal welfare organizations:
1. Animal Legal Defense Fund
2. Born Free USA united with Animal Protection Institute
3. In Defense of Animals
4. Animals and Society Institute
5. Humane Society of the United States


  1. Oh no, where is the people wanting you to step away from the computer, and topics such as the DA?

    Maybe this is part of your
    1.) Paranoid

    2.) Nasty

    3.) Delusional

  2. Oh, they'll be here. Funny thing is - the words they use are the words that truly apply to them. Their issues are their own.

    This post is about more than just the ferrets and other animals found abandoned in that recent case, this is long term neglect from the DA's Office as far as I can tell. Shultz is right on this one.

    It would take a couple of minutes for someone to deal with these cases. It's just shoddy.

  3. Huh? Sorry, Cappy....I just don't understand your second language usage here.....

    "Where is the people"? I, and I'm sure Rose "don't know where they is either".
    "Maybe this is part of your
    1.) Paranoid

    2.) Nasty

    3.) Delusional?"

    Do you mean "Paranoia",
    "Nastiness" and "Delusion"?

    Because if that is the meaning you are attempting to convey, I can understand the situation.

    You don't quite understand Rose's "satire" here. But I personally enjoyed your "sarcastic Twit"


  4. I think he is referring to my stalkertroll, Wollf - with a bit of humor on his part, I might add...

  5. Wollf is apologetic. Sometimes a bit too protective of his friends.

    Sorry cappy.

    Can I bite your stalker troll? Apologising makes me hungry.

  6. :) Might taste a bit bitter.

  7. Sorry, change it to "Where are the people".....

    the list was a c&p, from a "Nasty" troll. The humor was the troll was the irony Of the troll being the thing they were accusing Rose of being.

    Have a great day!

  8. Jesus Christ! In reading this thread I have come to understand you all are MORONS!!! lol

  9. Barbara Shults, while she may be working for a very worthy cause, is certifiably insane. Seriously. She needs medication.

  10. I expected there'd be comments like this - and I warned her. Nevertheless, she is right about this one.

    Imagine the dogs who are locked up for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 months - THEY go insane. They lose their trust in human and their joy in life.

    They're not a piece of evidence in a footlocker, they're living beings.

    This is far worse than Paul not releasing Lisa LaDeRoute's sister Andrea's remains - something he should also do. That is bad enough.

    And, now it is not just the dogs who are on hold, it is innocent new dogs that have less of a chance due to lack of space.

    Your tax dollars pay for that shelter, and it is exemplary - and it has a great record for saving animals - it is your money that is being disrespected by this DA.

  11. Are you talking to these animals now Rose?

  12. 10:45 - you evidently are a callous SOB. So what if the dogs that are locked up indefinitely because Gallegos can't and won't do his job? Doesn't matter to you does it? So what if there is no longer adequate child abuse prevention here because Gallegos can't and won't do his job? Doesn't matter to you either does it? So what if the elderly and disabled continue to be victimized because Gallegos can 't and won't do his job? Doesn't mean a shit to you does it?

    Yeah - you are one callous SOB. Or are you the bitch and not the son of a bitch - now that doesn't matter to me.

  13. No, 1:38, 10:45 does not care. - because he (Paul) had the "courage" to go after Pall-ll-l-co. He takes on the establishment, goes after City Councilpeople and cops - so who cares if the office is falling apart, he has a nice golden throne to sit upon.

    Dogs don't matter, kids don't matter, neighborhoods don't matter, women don't matter, victims don't matter, his employees don't matter, he has a fancy set of silken robes, see the nice reflection in them?

    You are seeing the great unraveling - things like this situation with the dogs is the tip of the iceberg.

    But he can fix it - probably take a week or two - question is - WILL HE?

  14. He had enough to remove the warrant from the fellow in Arcata selling food illegally and causing all that trouble, you know the one, the guy who also has a 215 clinic....

    Oh damn, answered my own question right there. I bet if those doggies had weed, or money, they'd be outta doggie jail already.

  15. Animal neglect charges have been filed as of this afternoon. In short the animals are released from the legal hold.

  16. Miss Rose....can I bite someone yet? I'm in the mood.

  17. I'll line 'em up for ya - nah, you'll end up in a 6 month hold, and miss your trip!

  18. If I recall correctly, one of the DA's last cases as a defense attorney was on behalf of a person who poisoned his neighbors kittens.

    He lost. The Deputy who won got the word that he ought not be there when the new DA took office.

    And how'd that horse thing work out for the Humboldt DA's office?

    It's amazing that you can have a DA elected who doesn't protect children or animals, and calls himself "progressive".


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