Friday, January 18, 2008

Weekend reading

Miller/Lovelace/Salzman and company will be trotting out all the anti-Mendocino Redwood articles, and touting the vast superiority of their plan. Not so fast...

In 2003, RANGE Magazine ran an expose on the Nature Conservancy. It's worth your time.

Unless we are willing to continue to accept the continued loss of not only private property and individual rights, but of large portions of our national culture and customs as well, The Nature Conservancy must be brought to heel.

Right now it is a well-fed and generally admired beast leading us in a wild run that is as destructive in its seemingly friendly character as it is in its seldom-seen attacks. This is no errant clumsy puppy we can finally calm. It is a runaway predator that will turn on us in defense of its territory.

The Nature Conservancy is the wolf we raised ourselves. The grizzly we fed from the table. The monster we made with indifference. If it is left to go on growing, it will be the master and we the obedient slaves...

...Most of us in America, if we know anything of TNC, have been inculcated to believe that the purpose of The Nature Conservancy is not only a noble cause on behalf of the environment, but on which has risen from the grass-roots desires and ideals of the people themselves.

But TNC is a runaway dog allowed to roam by our indifference... It is simply and obviously a matter of confronting perhaps the boldest grab for arbitrary power in history. It can only be restrained with a statement from the people that they will not be subjected to tyranny, however disguised it may be...

Perhaps the greatest secret held in the enigma of "nature's landlord" is that it is not really an environmental organization at all. It is a land acquisition scheme, complex and highly elusive, but dedicated in foremost to its own enrichment of wealth and power..."

This is all especially relevant to Humboldt County in light of the recent TPZ debacle, and the upcoming Palco negotiations.


  1. Miller, Lovelace, Salzman;

    is that anything like Mo, Larry, and Curly ? What ever happened to Shepp?

  2. Did I not clue you in on something a little while back,Rose?And no I don't have inside info,just an educated guess.
    Alright,I'm visiting with family so no more blogging today.

  3. It's amatch made in Heaven for the radical socialists wanting to shut lumber down ,shut our economy down and end freedom for the average man. It's a match made in Hell for every honest citizen. Study the info on the true nature conservancy not the face they put on for public relations and you will see true evil. Be afraid, be very afraid. They make Hurwitz look like a choir boy.

  4. Rose, I wonder if people realize that the Redwood National Park is a UN World heritage site. I think that is why there is such a fight to close down the forests and to destroy private property rights. It's because powerful entities want to lock up the forests in the name of the "world" and attack our natioanl sovereignty (sp). Anyway, please give me your thoughts on Lovelace and Miller and the whole TPZ BOS scandal.

  5. The old Kings kept the people off the land and would hang you if caught a rabbit to eat. Todays Kings rule their land with the same ruthless disregaurd for people. These Kings today are called ranger,warden,superintendent, district manager,etc and thay are as evil as those Kings of old. In many ways they are worse.They will put you in jail if you walk off a trail.

  6. How dare you walk off a trail you must be an evil individual.


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