Saturday, January 12, 2008


Jury returns not guilty verdict for Orick resident


  1. The District Attorney's office failed to present evidence that would convince the Jury that the death was willful. What is so unbelievable about that? Business as usual, again.

  2. The price of incompetence (Gallegos) and inexperience (McLaughlin).

    If McLaughlin is smart he and Neel will get out of here before he is ruined forever.

  3. "The District Attorney's office failed to present evidence that would convince the Jury that the death was willful. What is so unbelievable about that? Business as usual, again."

    I have a feeling the the EPD officers will be granted the same immunity.

  4. So, how do we like PVG now, campers? Good thing he got rid of
    Wade, Fitzgerald, Jackson, Isaac
    Ozgur, Dikeman, Gimle, and on and on and on and on and on, and instead has

    well, who does he have this week? Any other brand new hires jump ship or get fired?

    Fleming and Cardozo can't carry the entire felony load.

    And tell us again, Mr. DA, why you dumped this case on a new hire, instead of fixing your own mistakes? That was standing up,
    that was facing front, that was
    being a leader. Very impressive.
    Just maybe not the way the taxpayers were hoping for.

    Oh well, maybe the Dear Leader can find a few cases to cherry pick before he personally tries the
    EPD case. Assuming the release of the transcripts doesn't generate a motion to dismiss.

  5. Mresquan - will due respect - the Douglas/Zanotti persecution is another example of a case which SHOULD NOT be filed.

    No, it doesn't mean I think you should never ask questions of any officer anywhere (take the case of the CHP officer who refused to allow Bill Boak to bring rescue equipment up to Trinidad this last week) - it is possible to recognize a fact, kinda like walking and chewing gum at the same time - and still reach an opinion.

    This is another case which GALLEGOS KNOWS should NOT HAVE BEEN FILED. But he did it anyway.

  6. No, Rose he hid behind the Grand Jury. But only after he presented to them what he wanted them to hear. It will go away but how many lives and reputations does he have to ruin in the process?

  7. Correct. He used the Grand Jury so that he could say his hands were clean. And he satisfied his handlers. He thinks it is a win-win.

  8. Mresqueenie knows no bounds. He is stupid and an Asshole.

    I guess there is something to be said for consistency.

  9. It would appear he used the grand jury to have a political hobbyhorse to ride after Palco bit the dust. Had he gone public with an open prelim, in front of a judge, he never would have gotten a holding order.

    So he will drag this out as long as he can, draping himself in new "crusading young DA" robes. Really, its all so transparently pathetic.

  10. So how was this case blown?

  11. It would be hard to explain how a felony trial gets blown to someone who thinks they know something about felony trials but actually has never done one.

  12. You do remember that this is a retrial, Eric?

  13. Maybe you blow it by
    a) firing Jackson, who knows how to try cases, right before this one went to trial the first time.
    b)taking the case yourself, thinking that you can cherry pick
    Jackson's work. This just in-- you're not as good as she is.
    c) proving b by introducing a statement in violation of the defendant's rights (Douglas and Zanotti should be so lucky)
    d) assigning a new lawyer to
    learn all the parts and players all over again, instead of fixing your own mistakes
    d) Being yourself

  14. Or maybe Allison Jackson blows it by giving a Misdameanor plea bargain to a cop beater, who goes on to commit a murder of a teenager.

    Allison, you can't run from your mistakes, if you want to run.

  15. Hahahaha!

    I wondered if you'd be back.

  16. Just for the record - here's stalkerboy's last post:
    Anonymous said

    Well Allison Jackson ought to know about offering plea bargains to Yohan Lopez.

    More to follow.......

    You know it's funny - anyone who is perceived to be a threat to Paul will be attacked.

  17. evidentily, someone is really reallly scared about Jackson. I can only imagne why? What too much of a threat?

  18. That is information that could only come out of the D.A.s office.

    Has Richard Salzman got access to D.A. files?

    Gallegos can be disbarred this.

  19. Giving misdemeanors to cop beaters is a Gallegos specialty. Ask the Arcata police what happened to the young thugs who ripped open the face of an
    Arcata officer. And none of the
    attackers had a mark on them, cop went to the hospital, punks went back to college.

  20. Even if stalkerboy's claim has some basis in fact - any plea bargain is the responsibility of the DA, which at that time would have been Terry Farmer.

    But you're right - this would appear to be generating out of the DA's Office, and given the rumors about unauthorized personnel being given access to DA files, I would suggest that another Grand Jury investigation is in order, at minimum.

    C;mon back, stalkerboy, let's hear the rest of your story...

  21. Good God, but Jackson would kick the holy shit out of Salzman if the two went mano-a-mano. My advice, knowing both of them? Pay good money to see it, but show up on time. Jackson would have Salzman sucking his own limp dick by the end of round one.


  23. Paul and his handllers are evidently scared shitless. IMy money is on Jackson if it omes to brawl. The woman knows how to get it done and has principles. Gags is scared pssless of her.

  24. He also hates her a little bit. Wonder why? Did she do something dishonest? Or did she not do something dishonest. HMMMMM......

  25. Well I remember reading that she refused to look the other way for one of his friends that got caught with some forged documents.

  26. I believe 2:11 is referring to Ed Denson. I misremember the exact procedural posture of the case, but the gist is that Mr. Denson apparently submitted to the court, on behalf of his client, a physician's recommendation for cannabis. Ms. Jackson noticed that the document was an exact duplicate of another such recommendation in the case file, except for the operative date. The date had been altered such that the recommendation covered the period of time in question. Mr. Denson essentially admitted that Ms. Jackson was correct, although I cannot recall if he took responsibility. Ms. Jackson wanted to file various felony charges but Mr. Gallegos felt otherwise. Wasn't there a fairly complete story during the late elction in one of the weeklies about this? PVG also disliked Alison because she was a damn good prosecutor and made polecats like Clanton and Sanders look like idiots on a fairly regular basis - boy,those guys really didn't like her. Her standard offer to child molesters was "Plead as charged and rot in prison, and by the way, fuck you." And she'd back that up in the courtroom. Yep, things have gone much more smoothly in that office since she was summarily discharged - for the defense bar.

  27. When was the last time the DA's office prosecuted a child molester all the way to verdict?
    What deals has the DA's office cut
    with molesters since yougone was made the CAST "prosecutor" (talk about gag me, pun intended). Who is the current CAST prosecutor and what qualifications has this person for this post?
    What if any child molest cases are pending? Gallegos inherited a
    state of the art CAST program and a
    squad of highly experienced felony level sex/murder/etc prosecutors, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?

  28. And oh yeah, echoing Rose's comment and 1:55 way above, it seems kind of chickenshit that PVG, having managed to screw up the trial the first time, dumps it on someone else for the do-over. Well, this way his supporters can continue to claim that he has won all his homicide trials. Not that that means anything, even if it were true.


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