Friday, January 25, 2008

Joke of the day

The tribal wisdom, passed on from generation to generation, says that when you discover that you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount.

In modern education and government, however, a whole range of far more advanced strategies are often employed, such as:
1. Buying a stronger whip.
2. Changing Riders.
3. Threatening the horse with termination.
4. Appointing a committee to study the horse.
5. Arranging to visit other countries to see how others ride dead horses.
6. Lowering the standards so that dead horses can be included.
7. Re-classifying the dead horse as "living impaired".
8. Hiring outside contractors to ride the dead horse.
9. Harnessing several dead horses together to increase the speed.
10. Providing additional funding and/or training to increase the dead horse's performance.
11. Doing a productivity study to see if lighter riders would improve the dead horse's performance.
12. Declaring that as the dead horse does not have to be fed, it is less costly, carries lower overhead, and therefore, contributes substantially more to the bottom line of the economy than do some other horses.
13. Re-writing the expected performance requirements for all horses.
14. Promoting the dead horse to a supervisory position.

OR -

15. If you are Ken Miller/heraldo/Salzman et al, when admitting you're riding a dead horse means losing your cash cow - what do you do? You post - "Unlike the T-S, the Humboldt Herald is disinclined to declare the fraud suit saga “over.” In response to the recent appellate ruling, other action prepares itself behind the starting gate.... Developing…"


  1. "other action prepares itself behind the starting gate"

    Interesting, especially if we AGAIN find out that "behind the starting gate" means something devised by Ken Miller, Michael Twombly, Alison STIRLING Nichols and the usual suspects.

    Interesting also, because if this is in fact true, then the DA is either leaking to Heraldo, or s/he is part of this merry band of pranksters who are decimating our County with frivilous suits.

  2. Dear 3:25

    You're giving Kesey & Co a bad name.

  3. PALCO was decimated by maxxam, face it. or is rose and her usual suspects PAID by maxxam? ive never heard rose stick up for the palco workers....ever...

  4. You haven't? Believe me, otherme, I support those workers. More than that, I support their honor and integrity. When I was in high school, nearly everyone had a first job at the mills - nearly everyone started out pulling green chain. It was hard work.

    When I started this journey that I am on now - I was alot like you. I believed what i had heard, and believed it was my own opinion.

    It was only when I was exposed to Salzman and his machinations, and I started looking into who Michael Shellenberger was, and reading him bragging about what he had done - and all of a sudden, I saw where my beliefs had come from, how they had been machinated, how they were the work of the PR man and his admitted pressuring of public officials and "controlling the debate." He talked about how they conspired to portray Hurwitz as the robber baron. And he has been enormously successful.

    Hurwitz may be bad. I don't actually KNOW. I know what I have heard. I know what I am told. But I don't KNOW.

    What I do know - and what I do believe - is that he and his company have endured the most amazing and concerted effort to destroy him and it that has ever been seen.

    He hasn't survived. The company is in bankruptcy, and those who have worked to bring this about are now crying crocodile tears for those workers, and pretending to care about them.

    Whatever happens with Palco - what offends me here is the lying dishonest manipulative tactics of people who pretend to hold high ideals.

    People who are willing to subvert the entire judicial system to get at their prey. New age con men who make their money off of controversy and finessing the law.

    So much to say, otherme - and in a couple of paragraphs, so little time to say it.

  5. rose,
    maxxam is doing's PALCO that is in dire straits!!...remember the headwaters agreement? maxxam walked away with $500 million..... harvests were INCREASED when maxxam took dont hear the term much these days, but hurwitz is/was a GYPO logger. fast to come in, fast to leave the area. ...

    heres what i dont understand, how exactly did people outside of the timber/govt/corporate realm(salzman, miller, ect) make an impact on timber harvest yields? arent you claiming that reduced timber yields led to PALCO's demise? i could see criticizing julia butterfly hill or EPIC or earth first! or other activist groups(mainly out of southern humbldt) that challenged timber harvest plans, but salzman is a political strategist who runs campaigns, not a forest activist...

    that said, i have thought that the lawsuit agaisnt PALCO by the DA was stupid from day one....

  6. The company is in bankruptcy, and those who have worked to bring this about are now crying crocodile tears for those workers

    Maxxam brought down Pacific Lumber, just like it did Kaiser and Simplicity Pattern. Hurwitz doesn't cry about workers.

  7. "He hasn't survived. The company is in bankruptcy...."

    maxxam posted a profit of $347,000,000 on Dec 31, 2006....

    dont confuse PALCO with MAXXAM...PALCO is owned by MAXXAM, but they are seperate entities..

  8. Really, "heraldo?" Or is that just more of the story you guys tell over and over and over til it is fact - is that was asje tells you? Then you move them in here?

    Rgardless - I say it again - no other company is under such direct and concerted and ongoing attack as this company.

    Who is to say the origins at this point? It is lost in the mists of time and obscured by layers and layers of misinformation, spin and political manipulation.

    All because you guys want his land.

    You don't want to buy it at fair market value, you want to buy it out of bankruptcy or given to you.

    "to start the healing."

    What you have done is effectively KILL any chance that there will EVER be another Headwaters deal, another negotiation in good faith. Because you guys broke the deal the second it was ratified.

    And you are going to do the same thing to the Klamath agreement.

    No one in their right mind should ever invite you guys to the table.

  9. Liars and environmental opportunists, that's what Heraldo's crew is all about. Exploiting our local forests isn't all just about Hurwitz but about enviros exploiting Hurwitz as much as Hurwitz exploiting Pacific Lumber Company. A great big three ring circus was created that effectively blocked all environmental protection concern for Humboldt rural watersheds being wrecked by 10,000 plus unregulated homestead subdivisions with their hundreds of dirt roads sloughing mud and silt into Humboldt creeks each rainy season. Then the premature drying up of Humboldt creeks and rivers in the dry season because of unregulated homestead subdivision development. Everyone was looking at Palco but the major eco-problem was right in homesteaders back yards. But Darryl made a million, Julia probably even more, and Ken got to pull the wool over all of Humboldt County voters. Not bad for enviro exploiters on parade..

  10. the goal has always been Kingdoms only for the enviros who already own- if they could just devalue the land then take it over in a sociallt responsible way HA!- then they could live like lords over the whole damn place- pretty slick trick and with Huriwitz (good or bad) they seem close to pulling it off. otherme and the rest of the heraldo trolls are willing pawns.

  11. robin shelley1/26/2008 8:33 AM

    Let's not forget Judi Bari, Stephen.

  12. $347,000,000


    Now why can't they bail their own company out of bankruptcy?


  13. "What you have done is effectively KILL any chance that there will EVER be another Headwaters deal"

    another headwaters deal? why would we expect the govt to overpay for MORE unused land? we got ripped off on the first headwaters agreement(everyone except hurwitz).....what kind of 2nd headwaters agreement are you talking about? a govt bailout of PALCO? before we give hurwitz welfare, shouldnt we make sure that he is exhausted of all funds. if a working person were to apply for welfare, the govt would make sure that no assets exist before issuing any payment.....

    "You don't want to buy it at fair market value, you want to buy it out of bankruptcy or given to you."

    ummmm, we paid $380 million dollars for 7400 acres in the headwaters agreement.....thats over 2 million dollars per 40 acres...a 40 acre parcel in humboldt county sells for between 80,000 and 400,000, not 2 million......

    rose, your cheerleading for a rich corporate raider makes me wonder.......would jesus have stuck up for hurwitz? maybe if jesus were being paid by maxxam to be a spokesmouth...

  14. You're barkin' up the wrong tree there, otherme, no one pays me. And when Gallegos steps down, most likely, I go away.

    I guess you have to ask the question why so many people worked so long and so hard to bring about the Headwaters deal if it was so bad.

    With what little you know about negotiations, you can no doubt imagine that future value was taken into consideration - and when the price of a house here went from $30,000 to $330,000 - I would imagine that kind of figure factors into the thinking at the time.

    I don't profess to know - nor do I care, really. I think the Headwaters Deal was good in this sense - if you want to protect the Old Growth Forest, you should BUY IT - and then you control its fate.

    We have done that with all of our park land, to the point that a large percentage of California is publicly owned, and now they are closing parks because we cannot afford to pay for them.

    What interests me is the machinations that went on - and what happened after the deal was struck - that which we are paying the continued price today... people who claim to have helped manipulate and pressure public officials into agreeing with the Deal and then set about to destroy it - and make tons of money off of it.

    The untold story, sir. Aren't you even curious?

  15. Yes,what about Judi? What about the bum riding with her? No one ever knew who's bomb that was,except the bomber/s. Big D's million dollar settlement never delt with that issue. Now Judi is dead and he is stiring shit as usual. Only now it's blowing up SoHum health care.

  16. We'll never know the origins of that bomb. I have to say that when I read about Stoen's predilection for bombs in Mark Lane's book on People's Temple - in particular the mention of bombs that fit in cars - I found it chilling, given that he was suddenly involved with the "movement." There are certainly alot of possible explanations.

    But here's the deal - with regards to what is going on in Humboldt County NOW - TODAY - do you realize that a young girl got up on the stand prepared to tell her story and help put the man who molested her away - and the DA's Office failed her miserably?

    Do you know there is a woman laying in a hospital bed who was so severely beaten by her boyfriend that it is reported that they had to pick up pieces of her skull off the ground - and that case will go to this DA... and he probably has a better chance of being prosecuted if he let his toddler wander in front of him on a sleepy street.

    Do you feel good about that as you continue to focus on the evil Maxxaam?

    I know, Bush lied, and Kaiser was bad, and Hurwitz is evil - but this is here and this is now, and this is local and this is something you really could do something about.

  17. "The untold story, sir. Aren't you even curious?"

    what about the headwaters deal dont you understand? as someone with a forestry background, i intently watched the deal play out. i had reservations at the beginning, but in the end i thought it worked out good for all parties involved. thats what makes a good business deal, everyone being happy in the end.

    as for what is happening now with the deal, who is going back on the agreements? no one is asking for hurwitz's money back. no one that i know of is asking for additional regulations on PALCO timberlands.
    i personally am benefitting today from the deal. a business venture of mine was financed with headwaters funds. im not sure of the exact numbers, but the federal govt gave local governments monies in order to make up for the lack of income from the loss of 7400 acres of prime redwood forest.

  18. I agree that it worked out good in the end.

    I don't agree that that was the end, because I don't agree that everyone was happy. The Burton faction wasn't, and in that is the genesis of what we are dealing with today.

    Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

    What I do care about is the current and recent machinations by the whole Ken Miller/Salzman et al gang to manipulate YOU - to affect who you vote for - to USE the DA's Office to do their dirty work - to try to subvert the entire judicial system - to excuse away the degradation of that office - to ALLOW the current situation to stand.

    The girl who was just fucked over by the incompetent DA is not the only one. She is just the only VISIBLE one.

    Don't you get it? How many child abuse cases have you heard about in the last year? Two years? Do you think all the child molesters just picked up sticks and left the county?

    Do you understand that we get grant money to provide for a "vertical prosecutor" for Domestic Violence cases? Do you understand that even though he is taking the money, and saying he has one - he doesn't? Do you understand why that MIGHT be important?

    Do you stop to think that Paul was put on notice about the CAST program, the Victim Witness Program, etc YEARS ago now - and he has STILL DONE NOTHING TO FIX IT!

    No? It's all cool because he had the COURAGE to file a case against the evil evil PL/Maxam. Hurwitz...oooooh, gooody for Paul.... lucky for us!

    Why would you excuse in him what you would not accept from yourself?

  19. Give it a rest "theotherme". It's over & your side lost. Isn't that what you said or thought when people bitched about Gag's winning the recall and the 2nd term?

    The ill concieved lawsuit got kicked out of court over and over and over. Not only did the original suit not have legs it had no merit. Just because you don't like the outcome doesn't make it wrong. It is what it is. PVG made a bad decision initiating this pig.

  20. "Give it a rest "theotherme". It's over & your side lost. Isn't that what you said or thought when people bitched about Gag's winning the recall and the 2nd term?"

    i didnt vote for "gags" or against him. law enforcement is not a major issue for me. i dont think ive ever really had an opinion about any of our DAs now that i think about it.

    as for "my side" losing, i think that you are right. "my side" are the PALCO workers. the headwaters agreement really hasnt helped the workers one bit. as of today, only 200 workers are employeed by PALCO!!! PALCO was the county's largest employer just a few short years ago. "my side" losing is the understatement of the century.

    as for the lawsuit, i thought that it was stupid from the beginning.

  21. I think we agree more than we disagree, otherme.

    Most people don't realize how many mills were here in the 70s and how many are gone now.

    Some of them were gone after the park expansion - and another big money payoff to the county and the workers affected.

    Alot of guys bought new Camaros with their park money. Some invested it.

    Logging is going the way of whaling.

    There was an interesting Op-ed in the TS on that topic - I should link to it.

  22. rose,
    id say that we probably agree with each other 50% of the time. the problem is that i LOVE to disagree with you. just kidding.

    as for the parks, i think that your assesment is correct, they have caused ALOT of jobs to be sent elsewhere. BUT, the parks were not always a damper on the timber industry. the US forest service, up until relatively recently, allowed timber contractors to remove timber from public lands in exchange for fees. the USFS even had crews of workers surveying the woods and doing other timber related tasks. doug fir from the USFS fed alot of the local mills up into the 70's, but especially in the post war period.

    as for the future of logging, it is NOT going away. as long as humans build houses out of wood, the timber industry will thrive. it may not thrive here, but it will thrive somewhere. canada supplies alot of wood to the world these days. and we have REDWOOD trees here that grow nowhere else. we will always have a specialty market in redwood due to its desirable qualities. rest assured, there are many "certified tree farms" in humboldt county, many of them producing redwood lumber.

  23. Ha Ha! You've made me smile, otherme! Hard to do today - I've been in a bad mood.

    Yeah, it was closing off the parks to logging that closed alot of the small mills here.

    I don't know about redwood's future. Most people I know are buying cedar or salvaged redwood - the new stuff is all sapwood crap.

    If the timber industry doesn't get a handle on that, allow the trees to grow longer and retain that inherent value in redwood, there really is no point in cutting it, except for lath or pulp.

  24. rose,
    agreed. but i stand by my assertion that there will always be a SMALL timber industry here. there is no doubt that heartwood from the redwood tree is in low supply. fortunately, there will always be a specialty market for heartwood. for example, simpson(now california redwood company) still makes a good decking product that has a strong demand. ive used simpson redwood decking on all of the decks that ive built in the last 10 years or so. fencing is another thing. i have bought cedar boards for many of my recent fencing projects.

  25. port orford cedar is used as a fencing material, but it is not as abundant as the western red cedar. most fence boards in our local lumber yards are western red cedar.


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