Saturday, January 05, 2008

Requiem for an armed robber

Commemorating Zachary Cooke
Protesters, like Marissa Sholes, above, stated that they wanted to reach out to the community and give a voice to those who feel afraid or are threatened by law enforcement and to remember that organizations like Redwood Cop Watch are working towards establishing a police review board to investigate the actions taken by law enforcement that led up to Cooke’s death.

On Jan. 4 2007, Zachary Cooke, age 18, was shot and killed during an investigation into numerous armed robberies committed throughout Humboldt County of which Cooke and several other parties were suspected.

No private family memorial, this is a full blown stunt.

Lots of discussion all week at heraldo's
Protest to honor robber killed by EPD - - Redwood Curtain Cop Watch will hold a protest outside the Humboldt County Courthouse on the one-year anniversary of the police shooting of Zachary Cooke on Friday, January 4 at noon.


  1. I strolled by at around 1:30 or so and saw about a dozen people at most.Sorry,couldn't support this one,or CopWatch here.It really demeans some of the better work they've done doing this.But hey,if they think the police committed a crime,get to work on establishing something and proving their conspiracies involved in a cover-up of the incident.

  2. mresquan: "Sorry,couldn't support this one..."

    "Sorry"??? Better luck next time.

  3. Mresquan,

    You mean you're not a complete idiot ?

  4. I'm not going to bag on SrEsquan at all this time. He sees the other side of the coin as a differing opinion most times....he doesn't agree, I don't agree with his opines oftentimes.....but at least he's usually polite to commenters.

    Regarding this protest....I think the "poor teenager"....with two rounds left in the chamber after having shot once at the Police?

    Shoulda been kilt twice.
    Sorry, really. Shoot at Cop, get shot. ROE

  5. A few years back a local teen on meth shot the gas station attendant at Hwy 101 and Murry Rd. The teen the cops shot in Eureka was on meth and did a violent robbery at Rogers Mkt. It's to bad that the EPD had to kill him. If someone at Rogers Mkt. had been packing and had shot him dead there it would have saved everyone much grief. Everyone.

  6. Mini-mart Gas Station Attendant is one of the world's most dangerous jobs - all because of punk thugs like this guy. I agree with you 9:46. No sympathy.

  7. I'm glad they all got wet. I hope all those honoring an armed robber and assaulter of police officers catch a cold.


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