Friday, January 11, 2008

Guess Paul Gallegos will have gave a statement

You are invited to attend a Press Conference regarding PALCO's Decision,
today, Friday, 1/11/08 @ 3:30PM, at the D.A.'s Office, Courthouse Bldg,
825 5th St, 4th Floor.
Paul Gallegos
District Attorney

What? Not on the Courthouse steps?

TS has it as Breaking News

Gallegos unlikely to appeal fraud decision

Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos said he disagrees -- but respects -- a state appellate court's ruling allowing his hallmark fraud suit against the Pacific Lumber Co. to be tossed out.

At a press conference Friday, Gallegos said that the California Ist District Court of Appeal upheld privileges that originate in the First Amendment.

”Certainly I understand the public policy issues behind those privileges,” Gallegos said.

But he said that there is no societal value in fraud. While he believes the case looks into a new area of law, he said it is unlikely that he will petition the California Supreme Court in the matter.

The lawsuit filed in February 2003 claimed Palco submitted faulty studies during the Headwaters Forest negotiations to get the California Department of Forestry to adopt a less restrictive long-term logging plan. Gallegos' second amended complaint was thrown out of Humboldt County Superior Court by visiting Judge Richard Freeborn, a ruling upheld by the appeals court.

And of course, heraldo has the spin - Gallegos is just a "freshmen DA who had his first brush with POWER." In other words...

But even he admits - Gallegos doesn’t have the support, the ability, or the interest to carry on.

And Larry Evans is hopping mad - I guess EPIC has to take their ball back and try to put it in play even though it is now flat as a pancake.


  1. Pretty poorly written. Palco's decision?

  2. Poorly written ? Are you ignorant or just an asshole?

    How many people can he fit in at the DA's office ? 15 maybe ?

    I can't wait to hear this.

  3. So Rose...

    Any idea what the man had to say at 3:30?

  4. Besides heraldo's statement that Gallegos doesn’t have the support, the ability, or the interest to carry on?

    TS has it as Breaking News

  5. Gallegos will have a statement.
    Wow, there's a surprise. Now, it would be news if he had anything
    coherent or true to put in that

  6. I read his press statement and as usual it is rambling and not coherent.

    This guy is just plain stupid!


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