Friday, January 18, 2008

The TS reports

Drug operation near Eel River caused environmental damage
It's an AP story

UKIAH, Calif. -- Mendocino County authorities say a marijuana growing operation discovered near the Eel River may have caused $1 million in environmental damage.

A sheriff's spokesman says when deputies served warrants on the 2,000-plant indoor growing operation near Highway 162 Wednesday, they found hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel and other petroleum waste had been dumped into an open pit a half mile uphill from the river.

Authorities have arrested two Southern California men they say ran the operation.

Thirty-three-year-old Marco Guerra of Downey and 29-year-old Anthony Kim of La Mirada are being held on suspicion of manufacturing illegal substances, and being armed in the commission of a felony.

Compassionate use.


  1. Compassionate use my ass !!!!!!!

    Another example of the marijuana growers trashing the environment to get rich. They use their money to put certain politicians in office to further their criminal enterprise.

    Of course Eric, and that stupid b brain dead Ed, will try to down play this and say oh it's just an isolated incident, it is NOT. And I'm sure Hearaldo will blame it on Palco, Arkley, or the Eureka Police.

    What is Baykeeper going to do about this ?

    I could go on. The marijuana underground has destroyed Humboldt County. The core of Humboldt has been corrupted by these sub human's that make their living off the dope.

    Even with this negative publicity more and more and more "sub humans" will come to Humboldt to make their fortune because the Board of Supervisors, the City ofArcata, and the District Attorney have taken the moral low road.

    Shame on them all (the tainted politicians and government officials) and I hope karma catchs up to them all very very soon.

    Congrats to whoever caught these bastards or helped in catching them.

    I hope these two, and any friends, end up in prison where they belong.

    Peace be with you
    Love eternal

  2. Here we go.....yet another grow operation that will get a slap on the wrist and not one thing will be done in regards to the environmental impact caused. Why? Because it was a grow. Which our boy Paul turns a blind eye to. He'll take the money seized at the arrest and put it towards giving unqualified people in his office a raise. But you bet your sweet ass (sorry Rose, not sure one way or the other about your ass, just a saying, But I do know it is determined) if Palco had a cutting operation that was dumping such waste (which they would NEVER do) he would hound them to the end of his term. At the taxpayers expense.

  3. Uh,Paul is the DA only in Humboldt County.Nice try though.

  4. Are you suggesting that our champion of environmental degradation would do anything if it were in Humboldt County, mresquan?

    For that matter - are you suggesting that such incidents are unique to Mendocino?

  5. This is 1:56, so sorry such a Paul hater I missed the fact it was in Mendocino county. Sorry Rose. Go F yourself mresguan! Rest assured growers never have one operation.

  6. Rose, Mresquan is just being Mresquan. An A.H. He can't help himself as he is not that bright (based on several of he comments he has made over the past few months).

    If this operation was discovered 15miles north in Humboldt what do you think PVG would do ? Maybe he would indict the cops or sue them disrupting the marijuana industry?

    This kind of thing (diesel and motor oil contamination by marijuana growers)has been going on for ten years or more in Humboldt.

    What do you think of this Eric Kirk?

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  8. Sadly enough Rose,you're right.Perhaps the Watershed Council would be able to take some action,unfortunately anyone who goes near these properties would get shot.My brother who works for a subsidiary of PG&E removing trees in the way of power lines has had a gun pulled on him twice and two other times was chased by pit bulls and was forced to pepper spray them to get away.So for the past few years they don't even bother to go down there during grow season.
    So I don't know what any Watershed Council member or anyone else for that matter,could do in order to collect evidence.CAMP is in with the growers so they're no help.
    So the real solution lies in legalization.Time and time again,that's what it comes down to.

  9. "CAMP is in with the growers so they're no help."

    Mark, you are a moron.

  10. NO ! Moron is too kind. A complete blithering F'ing idiot.

    I hope he does't have kids, or puppies.

  11. Is CAMP helping to solve any problems?And who benefits from their existence more than growers do?

  12. Well, before he was dumped by the DA, Hagan used to go after the growers for the environmental damage. That, however, reduces the money available for the legal fees charged by certain FOP. When was the last time a grow was prosecuted
    and when was the last time the county collected enviro fines and penalties. Too bad TS, PVG, Eric, Kennie et al care more about
    typos than about real environmental crimes.

  13. "Is CAMP helping to solve any problems?And who benefits from their existence more than growers do?"

    Yes, they are trying to eradicate the drugs that are being illegally grown and hurting our environment. Your above statement is also very different than your previous statement that "CAMP is in with the growers so they're no help".

  14. Mark,

    You really, no REALLY should consider limiting yourself to comments here in the ole blogosphere. Here, we just THINK youre a complete bufoon.

    Live, on camera, as evidenced as recently as this past tuesday evening, all doubt is removed.

  15. CAMP gets about 10%,just enough to keep the price high which leads to the crime that follows,as long as the crime follows,CAMP will receive its funding for another year.And the cycle goes on....CAMP doesn't survive without growers,growers can inflate prices with the help coming from CAMP.
    Don't believe me,I respect that,but give a call to your pal Rodoni and see if he'd disagree with me.

  16. Hate ta tell ya this, nresquan, but most guys would rather be doing something besides the dope beat.

    I'd say that in the early days there wasn't the armed criminal element, but, even back in the early seventies, once the dope growers moved in, they'd shoot at you when you were up in the hills.

    These are not all gentle folk sitting peacefully in their living room listening to music and talking politics.

  17. Can he really be that stupid? Maybe he's just trying to be obnoxious? Maybe he was deprived of oxygen at child birth? Maybe he wasn't really born, found under a rock?

  18. It is interesting, or maybe amusing, that Eric V. Kirk has not commented on his blog about this. The incident occured about 20 miles from Eric's office. I do believe Eric has several clients that are into similar activties, by things I've read on his blog. I'm sure the locals are buzzing about it in N. Mendo and in SoHum. But Eric, and Heraldo, avoid this one. Kind of telling when Eric, or Hearldo, just avoid something that doesn't fit in with their propaganda or agenda.

    I have come to have an extreme dislike for all marijuana growers and those that support and/or defend them. They have contaminated the air I breath (and I'm not talking about air quality issues, but I guess that applies too) and the community I grew up in.

    The marijuana industry and culture of Humboldt has brought us outsiders like Mresquan (Mark), Tad, Noel, Richard, and so on. Rodoni is a by product of the marijuana industry. If he wasn't a supervisor he could get a job selling used cars of a street corner or bitch slapping ho's.

  19. W/regards to mresquan, C'mon guys - we're better than the folks at "heraldo's" - and Mark is brave enough to take the slings and arrows, whether he is joking or not. I have to assume his being here means he has an open mind, and is willing to open his eyes and see certain things and certain people for who they are.

    The interesting thing about Rodoni is - all of Salzman's guys ought to support him. He has represented his district well, and his district includes back-to-the-landers, current and former counter-culture types, and growers.

    But Salzman has always hated Rodoni, has planned from day one to unseat him, has run candidates against him, has initiated smear campaigns against him, and that effort is ongoing.

    Because while Salzman uses the growers and their money, they are not his issue - his issue is Palco. Salzman is here to get rid of Palco, and he sees Rodoni as an obstacle. Salzman wants that third vote on the Board of Supervisors.

    What he is is a rancher and a cowboy, and I like him. He says what he thinks and what he means, and you know where you stand.

    He is the only thing standing in the way of Salzman gaining control of YOUR Board of Supervisors. As soon as Richard can count to three your rights will go out the window and this county will be lost.

  20. It seems to me that one of the problems inherant in prosecuting marijuana grows here and now is that it is difficult to get a jury to care. This is not peculiar to Humboldt - Mendocino, Sonoma, and Lake all have similar issues. That is, you can prosecute a grow to the fullest extent of the law but most of these mooks are smart enough to to have a 215 card, or several 215 cards. Juries are not passing judgment on the larger social issues, they are trying to figure out if the dreadlocked ne'er-do-well in front of them has a legitimate defense to H$S 11358, 11359, &/or 11360. H&S 11362.5 gives these weasels the best of both worlds - a legal defnse to cultivation, and it keeps the prices at street drug level. Apparently it's ok for Hippie McGrower to make a 500% (or whatever it is) profit, but it's pure eeeeevil when a pharmecutical company tries to recoup the investment it made in research on new medications (not that major pharmecutical comapnies aren't evil). The other factor is the clubs - the cooperatives give the growers a relatively safe way to convert the crop to cash. Actually selling the product to the middleman or retail, was when you were most likely to get busted or ripped off. Now you just drop it off at the co-op and Bob's your uncle. Anyhow, my main point as to this thread is that growers think that no law applies to them, so they do what they want; the community as a whole allows or even encourages that to happen. PVG was elected twice (or three times I suppose) by this community. PVG is a symptom (like a large pus-filled boil, or violent liquid diarrhea, or heck you fill in the blank), not the disease.

  21. robin shelley1/19/2008 11:12 AM

    Actually, 8:50, this bust was on Hwy. 162 in Mendocino Co. probably about 100 miles from Eric Kirk's office. 162 is the road from 101 at Longvale to Covelo, commonly called The Covelo Road.
    I don't know anymore about this than what I've read here but I doubt there are any 215 cards involved.

  22. I did like this blog a bit better than when it wasn't like Heraldo's,nothing against that blog though.But opposing views were once more acceptable here and were discussed other than responding with personal insults.
    I can only imagine that I'm likely arguing with a grower or someone too uneducated on the subject,as growers are the ones most dependent on CAMP and ensuring that pot never gets I'm done with this subject.
    And I'd hate to break it to ya but pot growing isn't exclusive to Humboldt County,but your little education on this subject would prevent you from seeing how 215 is abused from indoor grows and how illegal pot production continues to harm National Parks,in every town and city,and everywhere in between, south of here.
    County taxpayers waste a million dollars a year funding CAMP,their supplies,salaries,fuel,etc...
    Sorry to tell ya,but family moved me here.Actually,I was the last one to finally make the move and that was 11 years ago.Although my sister left to SoCal 3 years ago.

  23. In general, I have tried to make it a point not to censor comments that come in. Though there are times I consider changing that rule, and some of the comments above qualify.

    Though I did not originally intend this to be a chat blog - I was just going to post documents and articles that i thought were important for people to know about, so that Gallegos' spin doctors could not hide the truth any longer - it has become a place to discuss things, and i would like to see it be a place where both sides can be aired and debated.

    So - I guess what I am sayin' is it is ok to say, "Mark, y'er crazy, you're wrong on this point," but be respectful. :)

  24. Red, I think you are right on the mark.

    I was certain mresquan was a transplant.

    "a grower or someone uneducated on the subject", wow mresquan you really are thick. The more I think about it mresquan must have a problem with reading comprehension or maybe has ADD, if so I apoligize but if not ........

    And Rose I guess you're right about Rodoni representing his district well. But he has/is representing the marijuana industry: criminals. Rodoni's district is the heart of the marijuana industry in Humboldt, the "cartel's" if you will (and don't fool yourself into thinking the Humboldt Marijuana growers aren't organized). Making his living (or a significant portion of it) indirectly from the marijuana growers is still wrong. In my book using your elected government position to assist or be an advocate for criminal activity is nothing sort of corruption.

    As I see it (this is just my opinion) the money from the marijuana industry has corrupted or tainted many regular working stiffs. Like businesses that sell lots of "supplies" to the growers; diesel, grow lights, fans, car insurance, motor oil, lumber, stocks, electrical equipment, groceries, turkey roasting bags, jewelry, cars and trucks, electronics, appliances, guns, real property, and so on. Many of these marijuana growers/brokers go on to start legit type busniesses and these busniess have an unfair advantage over someone else trying to start a business that doesn't have the untaxed ILLEGAL money (proceeds from crime) to start the business and then to keep it afloat.

    I do hope that these criminals get what they deserve, in this life or the next.

  25. And on many of those points I do agree, more than wholeheartedly.

    Too many people view dope growers as sweet college kids with a few plants, and are thus indulgent. But is has become something far more evil and corrupt.

    It is thinking of those sweet college kids that people indulgently allowed the sham of 215, and it is that that makes them believe that if it were just legal all the badness would go away. I'm not so sure it will.

  26. robin shelley1/19/2008 12:10 PM

    Except in some regards, with all due respect, Mark probably isn't wrong. At least not too far wrong. And don't think I don't hate to say that because I'm as anti-pot growing, anti-215, anti-anything-to-do-with-the-stuff as they come.

    I'm sorry you're done with the subject, Mark, because in my quest for education about it, I value your knowledge & opinion -& others', too - but I appreciate the thoughtful & rational way in which you always present your point.
    I hope you won't leave us alone here with... well, you know.

  27. Robin,it's just a stupid thing to go round and round about when legalization is the best way to rid of all concerns in regards to the pot industry.A statewide petition drive is much less costly than continually funding a group which only gets at most 10% of the crop,by it's own estimation.
    And that's only CAMP,not to mention time and money wasted by sheriff's,judges,etc..who deal with very minor pot violations which make up for the majority of convictions.

  28. "Big Longvale bust nets two
    By Linda Williams/TWN Staff Writer
    Article Launched: 01/18/2008 10:15:40 AM PST

    A traffic stop on Highway 101 north of Willits has led to the shutdown of a large scale marijuana grow and concentrating facility in Longvale. Two men from Southern California remain in jail following the discovery.

    Mendocino County Sheriff's deputies discovered a drug lab, 2,000 growing marijuana plants between four inches and four feet in height, $15,000 in cash, the drug ecstasy, psilocybin mushrooms and several firearms--including a military style assault weapon in a Longvale residence near Highway 162 on Wednesday, January 16.

    The discovery followed a traffic stop on the previous day for several vehicle code violations, which had netted information leading to the location of the operation, more than $30,000 in cash and a small amount of marijuana.

    Suspects Anthony Kim, 29, of La Marada and Marco Guerra, 33, a Mexican national from Downey were pulled over by sheriff's deputies on Highway 101 about 10 miles north of Willits for a variety of vehicle code violations at about 3 p.m. on Tuesday, January 15. Deputies noticed a strong odor of marijuana and searched the vehicle. Deputies found photos of a significant marijuana operation along with the cash and a small amount of marijuana.

    Kim and Guerra were then
    arrested on suspicion of possession of marijuana for sale and for possessing money obtained during the commission of a felony.

    Sheriff's deputies received a warrant and searched the subject's Longvale residence near Longvale on Wednesday, January 16. Deputies report finding a large-scale indoor marijuana growing operation, cash and other drugs. An elaborate drug lab operation along with scales and other packaging materials was also uncovered which, according to officers, appeared to be set up for extracting oil from marijuana plants and concentrating it.

    A large generator and several petroleum products were found at the scene and deputies contacted Mendocino County Environmental Health investigators to determine the extent of the environmental contamination.

    Kim and Garcia were re-booked in Mendocino County jail on suspicion of possession and cultivation of marijuana for sale, possession of a controlled substance for sale and being armed during the commission of a felony. Garcia is being held on a no-bail immigration hold and the bail for Kim is set at $150,000. "

    Seems as though TS missed a point, of one being a Mexican National.

  29. Mark - in case I didn't make myself clear - you are welcome here.

    Thanks, cap, for the info.


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