Sunday, January 13, 2008

He's jist a boy who cain't say no...

♫♪ ♫ He's in a turrible fix... ♫ ♫♪

Paul Gallegos wants to jump his Secretary and Office Manager from the bottom of the pay scale to the very top.

From the Board Agenda for Tuesday
County Administrative Office
Item 3. Advanced Step Request in District Attorney's Office
RECOMMENDATION: That the Board of Supervisors deny the request of the District Attorney for step increases for the Legal Office Business Manager and Executive Secretary positions in the District Attorney's Office (Budget Unit 1100 205).

Yes, Gallegos claims he made a mistake when he hired his new secretary and his new office manager, that he should have started them at the top of the salary schedule.

He's asking that ◼ the Board approve movement of two employees in the District Attorney's Office to the TOP STEP of their respective pay ranges. The item cites an "internal miscommunication of the process" as the reason why these individuals were hired at Step A rather than at Step E.

From Step A to Step E

The personnel director says ◼ I am unable to sign the agenda item from the District Attorney requesting approval of an advance step appointment. This is actually a request to approve an accelerated step increase but the discussion section talks about the initial hiring process based upon the 2 employees work experience.

Appointment at an advanced salary is a tool to be used on occasions where there is a very limited candidate pool (many times only one qualified applicant on a list) and when the outstanding candidate, to come to work in Humboldt County, would have to take a salary reduction at our "A" step. This is not the case in either of the positions in the District Attorney's agenda item.

In regards to the Executive Secretary position there were many well qualified candidates to choose from on the list. there was no need or justification for offering a salary above the entry step.

In regards to the Legal Office Business Manager position Ms. Duncan promoted from a County position, receiving a 55% salary increase at Step A. This is not remotely close to justifying any beginning salary above "A" step.

Here's Gallegos' proposal: ◼ On, December 4, 2006, the District Attorney's Office hired a highly experienced business manager. Originally, Ms. Duncan was hired at Step A. On January 22, 2007, the District Attorney's Office hired Ms. Shoshani who was another highly skilled and experienced personnel for the position of Executive Secretary to the District Attorney at Step A.

He goes on: ◼ It was the Departments intent to hire both individual's at the level equivalent to their experience. Because of internal miscommunication of the process, both employees were hired at Step A rather than at Step E. We are requesting approval for Step E effective the beginning of the bi-weekly pay period following approval (note all spelling/punctuation errors are left as is here) pdf file

♫♪♪ ♫♪♪ Words fail me. What do you think? ♫♪♪ ♫♪♪


  1. Rose, you are such a cunt. There isn't a bigger cunt in McKinleyville, maybe even in Humboldt.


  2. Rose,you have to take this stuff in stride. They attack because you scare them.

  3. Maybe you have a clue where this thread is going, then. I'm sure you are going to like it.

  4. (meant that for 5:26)

    THANK YOU, 5:33!

  5. I'm an asshole and Rose is a cunt.I for one am a proud to be an asshole,and I find cunts to be generally beautiful!!So Rose,I hope you enjoy your moniker as well.

  6. LOL - I am wondering if I am missing something, because this post isn't about "Baykeeper" - and those only show up when a post is about the moneygrubbing "Baykeeper."

  7. robin shelley1/13/2008 6:17 AM

    I tried to tell you before that calling Rose a cunt is NOT insulting. It's like calling her "sweatpea" or "cuddly bear". If you really want to insult her you have to come up with something truly disgusting. You know, like "foot fungus" or "sweaty armpit" or "belly button lint"... God, didn't you short, pimply-faced guys with little feet learn anything in the locker room?!!

  8. Is this one about family matters, if so, I have an idea where your going...

  9. Rose,doesn't delve into family issues.

  10. I'll end the suspense - I'm updating this post and moving it to the top of the thread.

  11. Doesn't this mean the office person is about to leave? I mean
    that's how it worked with yougo.

    Paul gives you the big jump, it has to mean you are utterly incompetent at your job, but reaally good at brown nosing.

  12. "It was the Departments intent to hire both individual's at the level equivalent to their experience."

    If the secretary typed that, you have to wonder about her ability's. :)

  13. I did not know departments had intents. People who work in or run them do, but apparently do not wish to be identified.

    Plus there's more really stilted language "Ms. Shoshani who was another highly skilled and experienced personnel". How about person? And what were those sklls, what was that experience. I mean
    this is the guy who made Stoen, who never tried a case, the assistant DA at a 6 figure salary
    and who hired and promoted yougo
    to a topped out DDA, despite the fact that he had what, one felony
    case go to a verdict and he lost it?

  14. Do you wonder whether Paul wrote (or dictated) it - or whether the Secretary and Office Manager did it themselves?

  15. Rose

    I write business correspondence all the time.

    Typos are my fault even if I didn't make them. You sign the document, you own it.

    But, you have to appreciate the irony of lauding 'highly skilled and experienced' clerical support in a document with so many errors.

  16. In most governement jobs you start at bottom step or maybe one step up, depending on qualifications and experience. Then if you do a good job you get your merit increase.

    Maybe these two have learned things that would be ......... unpleasant or dangerous to PVG if it got out? Maybe he his trying to keep them happy so they stay on his "team" ? I do remember when he got bumped up 2 or 3 step incresases to the top (FOR NO APPARENT REASON). The guy that pled everything out to a misd. or dismissed it. He never won a jury trial but he got top step pay. Then he's "poof" gone !?

  17. By 5:26PM's reaction I'd say Rose is onto something! Something juicy! I get the impression she's holding back? I can't wait to learn the "rest of the story".

    I would bet these two are not toothless bearded hags?

    My My My

    Maybe he will ask for silencers for his assault rifles next? I read on Heraldo's blog that PVG dressed up like a SWAT or cop and went on a burglar raid!

  18. Yay, another fun thread! Hi SrEsquan, Robin my love, Rose , the good Anons!

    First question was alluded to by good anon 3:01.....Are they "Hot"?
    LOL if they are.....

    Seems Al Anon is back and has his panties in a bunch,(and I do mean Panties, hairless boy, Men don't use that word). Something is afoot, Watson.


  19. Hey there, Wollf!

    Well, interestingly enough, it looks like Gallegos did not sign that request. And it looks like it was originally intended for the Consent Calendar. So are the inmates running the asylum?

    He - or whoever wrote it - also makes reference to the fact that Gallegos is swimming in money because he has so many vacant positions.

    He also uses the fact that the previous Secretary was at the top of the scale to mean he has the money budgeted for that position. Does he really have so little understanding of how things work?

    And - what about his campaign statements that he had "sacrificed" his own secretary so that his office would not suffer from the budget cuts...

    Uhhh - that is not exactly accurate.

  20. The "old boy" Farmer hired everyone as a level 1, on the theory that however good you looked on paper you had to prove it, and also that it would be wrong to jump someone in above others who had proven their worth.

    But now we are soooooooo progressive, especially where
    an experienced and skilled personnel is concerned.

  21. I have to admit I am laughing, wondering how the "right to lie" argument might apply here...

    He wants to jump his Secretary and Office Manager from Step A to Step E - from the bottom of the pay scale to the top.

    He claims an internal communication error that set them at Step A when he really intended to start them at Step E.

    So, is he lying about this (a year after they were hired)? Or did he lie to them when he hired them? Is he just trying to employ an argument that he thinks will get him the result he wants?

    Just curious how this might be interpreted by those of you who favor the "right to lie" rhetoric.

  22. Wollf using detective skills only known to four leggeds, reads between the lines....

    "right to lie"

    "the result he wants?"

    "He wants to jump his Secretary and Office Manager"

    I know that's probably not your point, but I couldn't resist.

  23. robin shelley1/14/2008 7:04 PM

    Maybe he already jumped the secretary & office manager & the Step E is really hush money... did somebody already say that?
    I did not have sex with that woman.
    Oh, wait! Somebody already said that, too!
    Wooooooooo-cough, cough-ollf!

  24. Clinton is coming to Eureka!

  25. duncan is competing with a long list- Joanie is gonna be sreaming at poor strangers at the hospitall again>>>pathetic ___putting up with this for what? a bunch of vacations? Easy money? Not having a payment plan for the IRS- PATHETIC

  26. What happened? Yawn! I watched all the boring stuff and never saw it? Did I turn it on too late??

    Rose, Please update us.....
    missing my mole with all the scoop.

  27. I don't know - I turned it on where they were talking about the garbage collection - and the audio was spazzing out. Anybody hear? Did Gallegos show up?

  28. That's when I turned it on too!!! Garbage!

  29. Heard from another mole it got pulled from the agenda...not posted on the website. Hmmmmmm....Guess got pulled out of embarrassment?

  30. Shi-it. I want to be at the top of the pay scale, too.

  31. if the DA's office is anything like other county departments, the pay scale is the lowest in the state....the calpers benefits may be universal statewide, but the payscales are not....

    that said, i would hope that our county would expect years of experience from an employee before paying someone at the top of the payscale.

  32. pay scale....2 words...doh!

  33. Yeah - I agree. Gallegos brought in Stoen at the top, supposedly Hislop was brought in at the top, though he moved over from EPD - Gallegos raised Jeff Schwartz, Kelin and Cox as well - thus, he is "the boy who cain't say no."

  34. robin shelley1/15/2008 5:35 PM

    So, how do you make friends with this Gallegos guy? I could use a job...

  35. He says no. Especially if you are not a member of Camp Galle-goes.

  36. Robin, you really don't want to go there . . . ..

  37. I'm so hurt. I thought Robin was holding out for Ol' Fuzzy Face me.


  38. robin shelley1/16/2008 5:30 AM

    You're right, 5:53... the commute would be a killer!
    Get up, Wollf! You look pitiful like that. I can't stand it!

  39. As for the topic of the original post - it sounds like a payoff to me.

  40. robin shelley1/16/2008 7:42 AM

    From Step A to Step E is a 55% pay increase... do we know what that equates to in actual dollars?
    Does Humboldt Co. have an auditor?

  41. robin shelley1/16/2008 8:02 AM

    The personnel director certainly seems to be against it.

  42. I don't know exactly what the percent increase is from Step A to Step E - but the County Personnel director pointed out that she effectively GOT a 55% pay increase when she transferred from her old job, which paid so much less that simply taking the DA's position was a 55% raise...

    Gallegos' shenanigans - the claim that he had really hired them at Step E and somehow for a year that little fact didn't get corrected - it's just ludicrous.

  43. You going to see Clinton tonight Rose?

  44. Nah. I'm not into crowds. But it's neat that he's coming. Would be interesting to see if he is the same in person as he is on TV - and it would be fun to see the entourage.

  45. robin shelley1/16/2008 9:30 AM

    I was confused about where Ms. Duncan came from. Thanks for clarifying that.
    But you're right, Rose. It's ludicrous!
    Gallegos has certainly been an expensive "investment" for Humboldt County.

  46. robin shelley1/16/2008 9:32 AM

    And now Clinton!

  47. Remember the comment at the top of the post?

    I wondered if I was missing something? About Baykeeper?

    Well - it appears something was up after all. The litigious boys were setting up and conducting tests on storm water/drainage ditches - putting Rhodamine in without a permit - didn't give the Water Board the info they asked for.

    Imagine the results if it had been Security National conducting tests without permits!

    Who is going to stop these new age con men?

  48. It seems progressives aren't interested in transparency, that's for the little people. Permits, preliminary hearings, bah. The public will thank the progs later for doing the thinking for them.

  49. It's "Do as I say, not as I do" for them for they consider themselves to be the anointed ones. They think if you believe their motives are pure then they are exempt from the very rules they expect everyone else to follow and seize on as fresh meat when they decide someone has slipped - just look at all their cases.

    And they feign ignorance when their own transgress, they throw the full weight of the law against Debi August, yet ignore Gallegos own more egregious errors (luckily the FPPC was paying attention).

    They scream about stream and environmental degradation by their chosen target, but ignore Schectman, pot growers in general, and even homesteaders (yes, Stephen Lewis has been right about that all along.)

    Time and time and time again you can see the hypocrisy. These people do not deserve the high road.


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