Saturday, January 05, 2008

Save Your Money

It sounds so good - but ask yourself - what does this really MEAN?

Already the NEC and EPIC are collaborating on several projects, including the Orleans Community Fuels Reduction Project, Humboldt County’s timber production zone ordinance, impacts to Tolowa Dunes in Del Norte County, and a proposal to widen Highway 101 through Richardson Grove State Park...

They're collaborating on the TPZ issue? Yeah, you saw them all get up and testify at the recent TPZ hearings, so willing to let all the smaller landowners fall as collateral damage in their bloodlust for Palco. They're using this to beat their chests and sound the horn, and ask for money.

Oh - and the Richardson's Grove project, what was it they wanted to do? Shhhh, don't anyone tell them that - gasp - some trees will be cut for the planned expansion of the Green Bridge (Mad River Bridge). Unless you want to delay the improvements for a couple of decades, and add millions to the cost.

“With EPIC joining our Board of Directors, the NEC will continue to grow and thrive as one of California’s leading conservation organizations,” said Greg King, executive director of the Northcoast Environmental Center.“We’re facing major environmental challenges on the North Coast today, and our responses need to reflect these challenges. Collaboration between EPIC and the NEC will bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the important work at hand.”

Joining forces with a predatory litigious group like EPIC and "Humboldt Baykeeper" will surely add to the NEC's coffers. So you can save your money and donate it to more needy causes.


  1. Seems like there needs to be an equivalent of the anti-trust laws to be applied here with these predatory environmental litigation organizations ganging together.

    As a long time environmental activist I have seen how these environmentally destructive political orgs have so misdirected environmental protection information that you can still find activists without a clue that homestead eco-damage has far outstripped anything Palco ever has done or is actually capable of doing.

    20 years of disinformation from EPIC telling everyone it was all Palco's fault yet fish swim in Palco streams while the Mattole dries up from over consumption of water by too many homesteaders without proper environmental protection information because that information delivered by EPIC and others exploiting citizen naivete is only about corporations and their eco-problems. In other words, the homestead community funders of enviro orgs have gotten off scott free because of political bias trampling real environmental protection concern. It makes everything EPIC and NEC says and does untrustworthy information. They don't care about environmental protection truth if it doesn't attack corporations.

  2. When it comes right down to it, there's no money to be made by the orgs complaining about individual homesteaders. They need the giant specter of a corporation, a Maxxam, to rail against in their fundraising letters.

    I'n curious how NEC is "helping" in the fuel reduction effort.

    They have a seat at the table in the Klamath Negotiations, I'd also be interested to hear if they are considered to be a "leader." I would be willing to bet they are a leader in using that topic to solicit money for themselves.

  3. Del Norte County BOS is so fed up with these people and their colusion with state parks. There really isn't any difference between these radical groups and our local parks staff. To close Tolawa for most public use is just another in a long line of money laundring scheems.

  4. Us folks in Del Norte Co know how terrible King is from his shaft us work in the Smith River Alliance. There are a few good people working for the parks but on balance the parks are just the emforcement arm of EPIC,NEC,on&on. Follow the money baby and you will see the dead bodies of personal liberty,public access and honesty in the public process. Just like your TPZ issue, Tolawa has awoken the citizens up here.

  5. What is the Tolawa issue btw? What happened?

  6. Tolawa is very hard to explain in a blog responce. I will get the link to the Lake Earl Grange web site where it is well covered. Quickly stated, parks is trying to pull a land grab and change of use(that means all the typical restrictions of save the dunes types) without including the locals or Del Norte Co BOS. When caught parks promised to restart the process only to make that a formal notice move. That didn't work with the county so they have joined with access advocates to find a way to bring parks back to the table. As usual parks in it's arrogance and empowered by the restrictionists(NEC,EPIC,SRA,ETC) has earned the completl ownership of our popular local bumper sticker "ca.state parks=slimmy politic's" and the disgust of Del Norte Co.

  7. Yes,state parks pulled a Bill Clinton on us. They just came in and leaned on Tolawa. After a while they just call it their own. Old Arkie trick,ha!ha!


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