Sunday, January 20, 2008

Redwoods in fog...

Check out Rambling Jack's Laboratory
Redwoods in Fog
Moonstone Beach at Sunrise


  1. Did you watch 60 Minutes tonight Rose?

    You might have changed your stance on global warming if you did so-

  2. Still on if you wanna give it a try

  3. Did you tune in Rose?

  4. Nope, I was watching The Green Mile.

  5. Ummm.....beautiful picture, Rose.

    Are you responsible for Global Warming too? Sheesh, you are a Busy girl.

    Please stop it.
    Thank you,

  6. Did you not realize, Wollf? You are responsible, too, if you used your toaster today. Why, every breath you take is contributing. I hope you are makin' LOTS of money to afford the "carbon credits" you'll soon be mandated to purchase in penance for your sins.

    Me? Nah. I am a heretic.

  7. I'm not always in agreement with you politically, Rose, but I agree with you about Jack's photos. They are achingly beautiful!

  8. Oh, and Wollf, I made a mistake. "Carbon credits" are not in penance, they are to be purchased so that you can go right on doin' whatever it is that you do, but not feel guilty about it. Ya get it?

  9. And Rose...

    who get's to pay for those carbon credits?

    The dope growers who run generators day and night?

    The workers in third world countries where the rain forests are being decimated?

    Where is Baykeeper when we need them.

    How many credits does a Bayliner use up?

    Nope the charges as always will be paid by regular businesses and regular people and the envirocrusdaers will get a non-profit exemption.

  10. So I wonder what Gore will have to pay? How many credits will he need?


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