Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Mendo Pot Chronicles

The Mendo Pot Chronicles by Mark Scaramella, from The AVA

Exerpt: A cautionary tale, versions of which have happened here, and will continue to happen here.

On January 9th of this year, Rex Farrance, 59, a long-time technical editor of PC World Magazine, was murdered in a home invasion robbery. Farrance, at the apparent behest of his son, had a large indoor grow going in his home in Pittsburg in the East Bay. Last week three men, Tremaine Amos, 25, of Bay Point, and Darryl Hudson and Montrell Hall, both 23 and both of Pittsburg, were charged with Farrance's murder, and the associated robbery and burglary....

and this:

...If urban pot dispensaries are selling their medicine for $40-$60 per ounce, that's $5120/pound @$40/eighth, and $7680/pound @ $60/eighth. Locally, we understand the wholesale marijuana is selling for $2500-$3000 a pound, which is a pretty sweet markup by any measure when it reaches buyers at $40 to $60 an ounce. And it's all tax free. You can make even more if you can grow and process your own medical pot and sell it for at least $40 per ounce, and if you don't have to pay the black market $2500-$3000 per pound, it wouldn't take long to recover your modest growing costs, would it?...

Fascinating read. h/t: RS


  1. In the future I expect to see small growers getting popped and hassled more regularly,and the growers connected with the clubs getting more free passes.Growers will begin to hook up with doctors and dispensaries on a more regular basis,and essentially working with the feds to weed out the smaller growers not in business with the dispensaries.

  2. Finally something halfway sensible from Mresquan.

    And there are four "dispenseries" in Arcata ! Scam. Shame on Arcata, Shame of Chief Mendoza, Shame on Paul Gallegos.

    Why is it that there are no "dispenseries" in Eureka ? No sick people in Eureka ?

  3. But Mark, the purpose of 215 was for people who needed it to be able to GROW THEIR OWN. Free, Not to pay thousands of dollars for it.

    Why isn't there any squawking? if this were an arthritis medication costing $7,680 per pound, you'd sure hear about it.

    This is more of a sham than I ever thought. And I'm just realizing how little I had thought about it.

    Let's back this up for a minute - the 99 plant allowance was to allow "patients" to be able to "have enough" for how long? A year? A month? How much is that in pounds? What does that add up to?

  4. Rose,I think that Kevin Hoover may have some exact numbers for you.He covered some of your questions a little bit on one of his shows a few months ago.

  5. 99 baggies of Pot on the wall, 99 baggies of Pottt, take one down and pass it around, 99 baggies..

    Oops, sorry Rose. Forgot to re-up my Muggle prescription....

    Sorry, SrEsquan, for interrupting. It's a beautiful morning.....

  6. robin shelley1/08/2008 11:44 AM

    Ha, ha, Wolff! If you take one down & pass it around, that leaves 98 baggies on the wall...
    did you really you could trip us up with that one?!!

  7. Yah, you got me. Point being, Wollf always has a point even if it only makes sense to me, Point being, Legal Home Grows, no matter how many baggies,(plants), they medicinally burn or "share", always seem to still have 99.

    It's a mobius strip of underground capitalism. Go figger.


  8. robin shelley1/09/2008 5:57 AM



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