Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Ken Miller has another letter on Cheri Moore

Moore jury needs answers And Ken still has all these questions.

All fine and well, Ken, but you left one out. The only one that matters. Do you know what it is?

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  1. Chris Crawford1/10/2008 8:19 AM

    Ken's observations are like one of those dual cartoons where you are supposed to spot six things that are wrong.

    Just to pick two ... does he really think that flare guns emit a slow moving projectile, and does he really think that burning magnesium is easily extinguished?

    Perhaps the prosecution will bring him in as an expert witness, because he sure as s*** is testifying here. The problem is that he could be charged for perjury.

  2. There's alot of things he ought to be charged with in my opinion.

    But, maybe he is the one who should volunteer to be the test target, since he is arguably the driving force behind these indictments.

    There was another letter praising the "courage" of the Grand Jury - which also missed the point - it's not that they are courageous, it is what evidence they were shown that led to their conclusion - or rather, what evidence was not shown - I guess we will know soon.

    There's no question that the people on the Grand Jury did what was right under the circumstances. The question is whether Paul did.

  3. Ken is just a poor sport. He is fuming mad about the PL ruling he has to take it out on someone. And next to PL Ken hates EPD the most.

    Kenny is really going to stroke out when PVG gets his ass handed to him on the Douglas/Zanotti indictment.

    Ken is just an asshole and he can't help himself.

    ha ha ha

  4. Think he'll be self medicating tonight? Or plotting?

    Well, he didn't know about the ruling when he wrote the letter. He appears to be just trying to keep things stirred up, make Galleogs look like a hero.

    What a sorry disappointment Gallegos must be to him. Here he had the perfect weapon, the dream team, with Salzman running the show, covering all Paul's glaring errors by deflecting people's ire against others, and Ken plotting away in the background. The resources that have been brought to bear here are nothing less than incredible.

  5. Hey Ken
    we conclude the State’s evidence, even if credited, would not justify its
    prevailing at trial. Further, we conclude the State has failed to prove, on its third try, a
    reasonable possibility that the operative pleading’s defect can be cured by amendment.
    (Blank, supra, 39 Cal.3d at p. 318.)

    BOHICA Kenny.

  6. Good work Rose. As always.

    And Ken, ha ha ha ha ha


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