Friday, January 18, 2008

ANOTHER new group

with the same face. How many does that make now?

Hank reports - "a new organization called the “Community Forestry Team.” The group includes longtime forestry activists Mark Lovelace and David Simpson as contacts — could it be that the Community Forestry Team is an outgrowth of the so-called Timber Acquisition Group, which had hoped to make a “community forestry”-based bid for Pacific Lumber lands? It was."

Ken Miller's end game. The reason why Mark Lovelace was willing to risk it all over the TPZ thing. The reason he speaks of Pacific Lumber as if it is his own. In his mind it is.

So how do you send a message to that bankruptcy judge anyway?

Because there is no way in hell that Ken Miller's Lovelace/"Humboldt Watershed Council/any other name they make up should get their grubby paws on any timber land. Not after everything they have done. There should be no reward for their astounding dishonesty.

Let the company go to any other bidder. Not this one.


  1. Community Forrest Team? Gee that has such a nice sound to it. Kind of like Alliance for Ethical Business.


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