Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Another "Tides Center Project"

And further proof that the NorthCoast Environmental Center has access to millions of dollars and does not need your donations... It's also another indication of the incestuous nature of alot of these "groups" - and of the very small pool of people involved, really.

Smith River Project Staff and Associates
Project Staff
Greg King, founder and Executive Director of Smith River "Project"/Darryl Cherney's CO-Earth Firster/now the new Tim McKay/NEC
Ken Miller, Smith River Project North Coast representative/Bay Area Physicians for Social Responsibility/Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters Forest (BACH)/"Humboldt Watershed Council"/pre-eminent 215 Doc/pot stirrer

Project Associates
Cynthia Elkins, Program Director, Environmental Protection Information Center/Special Projects Associate for the Center for Biological Diversity/ASJE
Britt Bailey and Dr. Marc Lappé, Center for Ethics and Toxics
Jennifer Kalt, EPIC/Resource Protection Associate,/California Indian Basketweavers Association/Native Plant Society/Baykeeper/TPZ "expert"
• "Friends of Del Norte Norte"

The interesting name that (re)surfaces here is yet another "Tides Center Project," Dr. Marc Lappé, Center for Ethics and Toxics... who, if you remember, conducted a "...toxicological study that found elevated levels of dioxin in mussels and crabs immediately adjacent to the Sierra Pacific mill. The study...was commissioned by the Ecological Rights Foundation, a Garberville-based environmental group that (was) suing Sierra Pacific for alleged violations of the Clean Water Act. In addition to looking at shellfish near the mill, the study also collected and tested shellfish in Hookton Slough... The study, done by toxicologist Marc Lappe of the Center for Ethics and Toxics in Gualala, Calif...y." source..."

"ERF: is the predatory litigious parent of the equally predatory "Humboldt Baykeeper."

According to activistcash.com "...With dozens of wealthy foundations bankrolling radical activist groups, a good deal of public philanthropy has become a shell game. The money flows freely, largely undetected, thanks to Tides’ innovative funding vehicles. The many groups that Tides “incubates” (and which operate under Tides’ umbrella) are smart, fierce, and built to last -- their targets in industry are just now beginning to learn the size of this organized opposition and its institutional bankroll..."

Baykeeper/Ecological Rights Foundation (ERF)/Center for Ethics and Toxics CETOS), a project of the Tides Center
ERF donated more than $5,000 to the "Center for Ethics and Toxics"
Incestous Activist groups
The "projects"

It's quite a racket these guys have goin'.


  1. Rose, How DARE you cast aspersions on the memory and blessed efforts of the late St. Tim (c*nt face) McKay (peace be upon him)! This is a sacrilege that will NOT go unavenged by the Humboldt Marxist worshipers of Gaia.

  2. Kalt (aka Jane) thinks of herself as a TPZ expert. God that is funny! Pathetic, but funny.

  3. Nah, she doesn't call herself that - I added that because she's been testifying on all the TPZ stuff as part of the Baykeper/EPIC/HealthyHUmboldt/NEC.HumboldtWatershedCouncil effort AND she served as an "expert" of sorts on a recent McKinleyville forum on the TPZ issue - the one where she said that Redwoods only grow here, to which the audience jeered, "Not true." and where she tried to employ the spin against Bill Barnum, but unfortunately for her, he was there to contradict her little claims in no uncertain terms.

    It all works well when they are all sitting around together, which was the case with Mark Lovelace on Cobb's radio show, but Lovelace was markedly docile in the face of someone who had the facts to contradict him at the Mck. forum. It was a striking contrast.

    The question is WHY has this group (roll them all into one ball the way they belong) so bent on harming property owners?

    What's in it for Mark Lovelace and the string of "groups" named above?

  4. "What's in it for Mark Lovelace and the string of "groups" named above?"

    Answer: It's what they do. They are "watermelons" i.e. elitist Marxists who are against any private property that they cannot control.

  5. And groups like Arkley and HELP and co.are against are against any public property that they can't control.And that leaves a whole lot of people stuck in between.

  6. And you see no differences, Mark?

    One I see is Rob Arkley buys the property, pays the contractors, carpenters and tradespeople... that generates taxes for the county and provides, in his case, generally, office spaces (though he seems to like to provide housing above the businesses, which, in theory leads to a thriving downtown as opposed to say, a strip mall mentality.

    Or, the "evil developers" buy the land, and build homes for people, paying architects contractors, carpenters and tradespeople along the way...

    That also provides jobs for planning staff, who somewhere along the way decided to take an antagonistic role. (And don't go saying I'm advocating for rampant unchecked growth and unchecked profits for greedy slobbering... it's not that simplistic, and neither is my thinking on the topic. I consider your views in the nanosecond that it takes to asses the situation.)

    These predatory litigious groups, on the other hand are like parasites that make their living off of trying to block, obstruct and paralyze anyone who wants to do anything. For them it is about power, and, obviously, increasingly, money, and lots of it.

    But with "Humboldt Watershed Council/Healthy Humboldt" in particular, what I hear when I hear Mark Lovelace talk is a belief that he owns the properties in question, and has the dogmatic RIGHT to tell others to do things his way. And it makes me wonder, with regards to the Palco properties in particular, what is the end game?

  7. Rose, do you have documentation to show how much money these local enviro orgs are receiving from outside sources? Do you know how much Pete Nichols is being paid? Or EPIC's salaries, or NEC's?

    It's time to compare the salaries these anti-economic development activists are receiving vs. the pay of regular working folks living here having to work, most of them, or even the numbers of people on social security.

    The essential argument is the anti-growth protesters are themselves benefiting from outside salary sources while keeping local poor and working class people forced to pay extra in order to live and get by.

  8. miss quirk en,what time warp are you from? Arkley buys property. I had to buy my property. That's honest. EPIC,etc tries to get me and you to buy property they want to control. That's dishonest. I wonder where you and Mark were when the mega corp aka Blue Lake Casino threw out a nice afforable housing community just to build a RV park and Mega hotel just for more profit. Where have you been protecting the Mad River from this corporate rip off. Come on,you make with the big talk now lets see you phonies try to walk the walk. peace be with you


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