Friday, March 20, 2009

More cheerleading for Pot

With all the things going on, you just have to sigh when you see another Times Standard headline for Pot. You get the feeling all the reporters do is sit around smoking dope and wishing it was legal. Once again they are calling for selective enforcement of laws.

☛ TS About time for federal about face

Legalize it and stop this sham that has nothing to do with 'medicine' and everything to do with allowing massive grows for obscene profits. Let the grower-dealers pay the 50% of their incomes in taxes, make them comply with the laws, taxes, employee withholdings, business licenses, fees, employee withholdings and paperwork, labor and environmental compliance - all of the things that they are unjustly avoiding right now.

It's not just about Ammiano's tax on an ounce of dope, it's about fundamental honesty and fairness, and equal treatment under the law.

And, you're in dangerous territory when you are applauding the Government choosing to ignore its own laws. If you - if the people - think the law is wrong, they must change the law, eliminate it if you will, but what is happening now shows that the rule of law means nothing. That does seem to be where we are headed, where lawmakers like Thompson are constructing new laws to punish those they are angry at, and simultaneously choosing to let others break laws and slide, you really are in trouble.

Your laws either mean something or they don't. Apparently it is the latter.

We're in Animal Farm territory, with all pigs being equal, but some pigs are more equal than others.


  1. Well, the March 7 edition of that famously liberal item, the Economist is about the drug wars, and the editorial content inside makes some very good points about
    legalization being the "least bad" alternative. I've only been in law enforcement 30 years, but
    it makes sense to me.

  2. I agree that changing the law and making pot legal is a better idea than the gray area it's in now.

    No laws should be diluted with doubt as to how to enforce them. Otherwise, we do open the doors to anarchy and anything goes.

  3. People, you are living in an occupied territory. Your countryside isn't yours anymore; it's under the control of armed, drugged out pot growers. Try going for a walk in "our" hills and you'll meet them soon enough. Ever seen a real machine gun?

    Not that Big Pot control the countryside, they are going after the towns. See the TS for evidence.

    Your police are out gunned and outnumbered. Your military is busy elsewhere. You're on your own and you're going to be living in Columbia pretty soon.

    Mr CP


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