Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ongoing Saga - UPDATED

Be remiss not to post this
☛ TS Gundersen pleads not guilty

”There's no merit to these charges -- it's that simple,” Clanton said after Friday's arraignment.

☛ riodelltimes People vs. David Gundersen Part II
Judge Cissna patiently listened to the blunt statements from David Gundersen’s defense attorney Russell Clanton. Clanton emphatically states that Mr. Gundersen is “not guilty! .. and we also deny the special allegations.” While discussing an intervention hearing Clanton declared “no disrespect your Honor, it is pointless. There is no criminal liability for my client and it is just that simple.” Clanton also mentions that he has notified the District Attorney’s office that there has been an appeal filed on the earlier conviction.

Representing the people, Deputy District Attorney Mary McCarthy stood in for DA Paul Gallegos. She indicated that Gallegos will be making the decisions on the case, including the intervention hearing. Note: the intervention hearing is not open to the public. The hearing will be March 30th at 3pm. Judge Cissna ordered Mr Gallegos or the person making the decisions be present at the next hearing.

Other important dates: May 6th at 3pm will be a trial confirmation hearing with the trial starting May 18th....
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Full saga

Grand theft charge dismissed against former Blue Lake police chief


Former Blue Lake Police Chief David Gundersen has been cleared of all major charges first filed against him in 2008. - Arcata Eye MARCH 2012



  1. Ok, where was the DA this time?

  2. Surfing dude, just out surfing.

  3. Probably had to go to China. You know,keeping up with the Pete and all that.

  4. The judge has to order the DA to appear. Can he order him to be
    competent, honest, prepared, and so forth?

  5. I can't tell you how many times I have heard that the judges have to do this. This is just the first time it has made the paper.

    From what I can deduce, the judges have had it.

  6. Well, maybe the Judge will ask the
    DA to 'splain where he was, and where he wasnt, again. And maybe
    the "reporter" for the local "news"
    paper will actually report that.

    Or, and this could be a little out there, the "news" people could
    actually ask the Dude some questions themselves? Some of that
    Jimmy Olson cub reporter stuff.
    How come the media maven never harps on the fact that the local media have totally abandoned the traditional role of watchdog re
    local gov't? yougoeasyonpaul.com seems to be a website they could start.

  7. PVG has not had much luck on his prosecution of Gunderson. After the trial he kind of looked like a chump, losing so big.

    The new charges were just because PVG had egg on his chin and was pissed, not much substance.

    PVG's off to better things like vacation and so on, leaving Mary McCarthy to make his excuses.

    Makes me want to watch the six minute video on Measure T again, just for a laugh!


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