Saturday, March 21, 2009

There are no gays in Iran. One less blogger now, too.

link A young Iranian blogger jailed in Tehran's notorious Evin prison for insulting supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has died, his lawyer told AFP on Thursday.

Mohammad Ali Dadkhah said that although there is not yet an official report about the death on Wednesday of Omid Mir Sayafi, "officials in the prison said that he committed suicide."

Uh huh.


  1. commited suicide?

    I'm sure he did.

  2. Onward Zionist shills slamming Iran and forgetting all about Guantanamo torture..

    Of course as long as Iranians and Muslims in general see an America that pumps billions of dollars into Israel and Israeli takeover of Palestine, they will not budge from their militant intransigence. One can say that militants dominate Islam precisely because of Middle East Muslims being the victims of European and American foreign invasion and exploitation. Get out of their countries and stop fueling the Israel colonial foreign invasion of Palestine and you will see a gentler, kinder Islam. In other words, Rose, it is because of lack of global responsibility by America and Europe in treating the Middle East as pawns in oil field control that creates militant Islamic leadership. It's like so simple but Zionist supporters will not look at it objectively. They want to keep the war rhetoric going to justify the Zionist war effort. Call off the dogs and maybe the neighbors won't be so nasty..

  3. No one's throat was slit in Guantanamo, Stephen. No one was beheaded on camera and the killing broadcast over the internet to the sounds of Praise Allah. No one was stoned to death, or had their skull crushed in with a cinderblock. So don't even go there.

    Ignore it if you will, but this is another example of the Islamic assault on free speech. Ignore it at your peril.

  4. I'll try to ignore Stephen.

  5. There is a Kurdish armed insurrection in Iran, but I think they feel much more threatened by the bloggers. For good reason.

    Is this man's blog still up?

  6. Rose, you think the US is innocent of torture and mutilation and murder by torture? You think the CIA and all those hidden torture centers they ran/run are just happy go-lucky USA nightclubs for wayward Arabs? You think the US is innocent of grossly trying to manipulate Iranian politics?

    Like I keep telling you Muslims are REACTING to years, centuries of Western interference in their countries and with the imposition of the Western Jewish colony in Palestine, that little item has cause more damage for Western and American relationships with Middle East peoples than the Crusades did.

    One of these days you guys will get some grey cells working and realize that when you keep poking a stick at a bear the bear wants to attack you. At least Obama may be listening. You guys aren't at all and are only continuing the warfare of Zionists against Muslims. Read my blog today and see that Obama's outreach may be working.

  7. Stephen, the Iranian Hitler of our time is laughing his ass off at our weakness. He sees that we will roll over and expose our underbelly and piss all over ourselves in our desire for political correctness, allowing him to jab the spear in and kill us without any difficulty at all.

    That's what he sees in Obama. So does Putin.

  8. Rose,Ahmadjinedad is only further empowered by the constant meddling of the west into mideast affairs.His popularity is extremely low,but is not even in comparison to that of the U.S.Why do you neocons hate Iranians so much that you will constantly poke and invoke terror,at the behest of an individual so disliked by you and the large majority of Iranians themselves?Of course he would be laughing,you are being played like a fool by drinking the neocon kool-aid.In the eyes of those out to play world police and control,the enemy is the lot he sits on,not him.It's what fuels the hatred in the region against the U.S.

  9. No one hates IRANIANS, mresquan. Don't go jumping up to the next level. It is one man and one man only, not the entire people.

  10. mresquani and his brother stevie

    How did they become so educated and all knowing? And where did they get their big red noses?

  11. Well, it's more than one man. But not the entire people.

    As for viewing Obama as weak, well, it's certainly not reflected in their rhetoric. But we'll see how it plays out.

  12. Not reflected in their rhetoric? They're playing a classic game. hard to get - and figuring they will win many concessions as a result.

  13. "Hard to get", that's a good one. As if Iran and all the enemy states of Israel have ever been offered ANYTHING in the way of wooing a potential political ally since the Crusades. No wonder they're pissed off with the U.S. right next door in both directions operating substantial war invasion and occupation. Think, Rose. Canada and Mexico invaded and taken over by China by force of arms--right next door to your beloved nation. It's called empathy and putting yourselves in the other person's shoes. Or think this way, positive reinforcement of good behavior. You guys just do negative reinforcement and that doesn't work historically even if you win by overpowering the other guy--there's always the REACTION left behind to come back at you. Obama's trying positive reinforcement. Maybe you should too.

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  15. Good points, Glenn, and one I haven't even touched on the extreme religious intolerance of the Islamic extremists - it is not just against gays.

  16. I removed the first post due to typos, Rose, but it appears exactly as written with a slight addition and hopefully all my typos corrected.

    Rose is correct.

    First of all, the president quoted the Persian poet Saadi, who promoted Sufism through his poetry and, in fact, represented nearly everything important that Sufism stood for. This is independently verifiable.

    But why does that matter and how does it relate to the president’s message to Iran? Keep reading.

    The president then “hoped” that Iranians could celebrate Naw Ruz as Americans celebrate their New Year holiday as Americans do.

    Uh, Iranians, who are mostly Muslim, will not be getting drunk and partying as many Americans do – not only because Muslims cannot consume alcohol but because Naw Ruz is a religious holiday -- not a secular holiday as is our New Year.

    Thus, this ignorance of culture and religion is quite astounding for a Harvard graduate.

    Hear me out.

    To add insult to injury, the persecuted Iranian Bahais’ Naw Ruz wasn’t mentioned.

    Why not? They are the largest Iranian religious minority that happens to be the subject of religious cleansing by the same Iranian murderers the president addressed.

    Many people cite the positive messages from Iranians on Facebook, etc., but let me ask you this: Have you seen any posts from Iranians from WITHIN Iran demanding that religious cleansing be halted?

    If so, please e-mail me at

    I can guarantee you that person will be arrested and imprisoned within time.

    That thousands of Iranians post nice comments only means that the government allows them to have access to post, or that they are actually outside the country and living in Europe or the United States, yet they list their home towns in Iran as their locations.

    If you are a Christian convert from Islam, say, and you reported that Christians are now being targeted, how long do you think you would last after that Facebook post?

    How long would you last as a Bahai making posts about the religious cleansing of Bahais?

    And, if all the Facebook Iranian posts were indeed from within Iran, how shameful that they did not mention the religious and other cleansing taking place.

    Yet there is hope.

    Two non-Bahai Iranians who spoke out were noted by me at

    Furthermore, many Iranian intellectuals, artists, writers, etc. have stood up for Bahais, even though they are not Bahais, and apologized for the crimes against humanity (against Bahais and others, including gays, lesbians, atheists, etc.). You can also read about that on my blog or many other sources.

    In referring to Naw Ruz, the president showed that he does not understand that Naw Ruz started with Zoroaster, whom Bahais and Muslims regard as religious figures.

    By citing the Islamic Naw Ruz as the president did, does he not realize he cited an Islamic celebration that was started by a persecuted religion, Zoroastrianism, and is celebrated by Bahais, the subject of religious cleansing?

    So here is where mentioning a near Sufi poet and Naw Ruz are tied together for you, proving Rose’s point that our president’s speech was even more ridiculous than first thought:

    An Iranian Parliament committee on appropriations just (but before the president’s speech and widely reported in international media) recommended $3.1 million (in U.S. dollars – an astounding sum in Iran) to crush what it specifically called out as “Bahais, Sufis and other Satan-worshippers," meaning Christian converts from Islam, Zoroastrians, Ahmadis and anyone else who differs with the Neanderthals running Iran. This story can be independently verified. Just do a Google search.

    The president’s speech would be like President Roosevelt congratulating Mussolini on the new year while Roman Catholics were being raped, murdered, imprisoned and tortured in Italy.

    On my new blog,, I have a lot of this documented and I plan to adapt this post or just use it entirely more today on

    Check this out at Amnesty International:

    It documents the crimes against humanity that have been and are currently under way in Iran.

    President Obama, despite his sincere effort, will be seen as weak, a fool and is currently being laughed at in the Middle East. It's just that most Americans only hear the propaganda, which says his message "was welcomed."

    Welcomed with glee just like Hitler welcomed Neville Chamberlain.

    Rose is correct.

    Our president does not understand the murderers he is dealing with.

    I do. My Iranian friend's dad was murdered by them.

    But before you accuse me of being anti-Islamic, I have more than one friend who is Muslim. One is an Ahmadi Muslim, an Ahmadis are persecuted in many countries, so don’t mislabel me as a jingoistic idiot who hates Muslims.

    Plus, I’m one of the dreamers who so often was torn apart by those “tolerant” progressives who probably believe in the lyrics, as I do, of John Lennon:

    "You may say that I'm a dreamer
    But I'm not the only one
    I hope someday you'll join us
    And the world will live as one"

    Although I don’t think we can have a world without possessions, and I believe the Bahai Faith has the blueprint for solutions, I understand why Lennon wrote what he wrote.

  17. Don't be silly. It's all Bush's fault.

  18. Until Europeans and European-Americans understand the history of Europe's meddling in Iranian politics, militant Muslims will dominate Iranian politics. Again, Republicans have to overcome their ignorance of Iranian history and jingoistic views that hypocritically do not even try to see what Middle East Muslims see everyday from American support of Zionists. Again, look at my blog to see why Iranian militants and Hamas continue to hold power. They are the natural reaction to foreign invasion and occupation of Middle East countries. To get liberal peace-seeking Muslims into power means stopping US support of European and European-American Zionist Nazism against Palestinians and American invasion and occupation in Iraq.

  19. Be careful what you wish for.

  20. Stephen,
    You can save yourself a lot of effort by just copying and pasting your standard anti zionist comment in response to Rose and others here. On the other hand by repeating your opinions incessantly you are wasting Rose's bandwidth.

  21. Same goes for you and Rose. We just see post after post of Islamophobia from you rightwingers. And it isn't as if anti-Zionist blogs are plentiful in our area so I am providing a service to the community whether you like it or not. I'm being patriotic and backing Obama's overtures for peaceful relationships with Middle East Muslims. What are you and Rose doing but fanning the usual neo-con Zionist flames of religious warfare against Muslims.

  22. Freedom of speech matters, Stephen, And presenting both sides, no matter how unpopular is also very important.

    There are people who would shut me down because they do not like my views, or any "conservative" :evil right wing" Republican-ish views, while they laud to the heavens all the left wing voices.

    That said, I am extremely troubled by the rise of left-wing anti-Semitism. It is on the rise worldwide, and is even rising on our campuses, even here, and we allow it to flourish at our peril, and we risk the lives of every single person of Jewish origin.

    You've seen what has happened in the past.

    I don't understand why you champion the Palestinian aggressors, murderers and suicide assassins, nor why you thus tacitly approve beheadings, stonings, and honor killings.

    It is time the Islamic world stands up against the extremist murderers and assassins, and allow themselves to come forward several centuries. This insanity holds them back. From freedom - freedom of expression, freedom to marry, or not, freedom to succeed, all of the things we know, appreciate and hold dear.

    I am not fanning any flames of religious warfare. They are the ones who are at war against people who would just as soon leave them alone.

  23. "It is time the Islamic world stands up against the extremist murderers and assassins, and allow themselves to come forward several centuries."

    Well what happened after Iran elected a leader willing to stand up to extremism?The answer is,the U.S. led a coup to dethrone him and installed the Shah,who inflicted a reign of terror like you Rose,have never seen.And now what happens when Iran tries to improve it's technology so that it is on par with the West? The answer is,to further threaten them and invoke war by arming Israel and running covert operations to halt it's development.
    That's part of the reason why I asked you why you despise Iranians so much.Anytime they attempt to break from extremism,you neocons want to bomb them to shreds or gas them back to the stone ages.You neocons hate Iran so much that hell,you'd buddy up with Saddam to kill and terrorize them.
    I for one certainly understand why the continued U.S. policy in regards to Iran breeds some disgust against us.
    One thing that you and Ahadjineded have in common is that you equally dislike the majority of voting Iranians,enough that your desired actions only lead to further empowerment of the clerics and it's president.
    Still crossing my fingers as to whether Obama will work to put an end to this insanity.

  24. Rose, I'm sorry but you are just morally blind to terrorism that is inflicted by Zionists in Israel and neo-con pro-Zionists in Washington. Totally blind to it. All you focus on are the comparatively few and far between atrocities committed by Muslims while completely ignoring atrocities committed by YOUR SIDE.

    And I will stand up to fascist aggressors no matter who they are. You are blind to Jewish fascism committed by Israelis against Palestinians and for all your fears of "anti-semitism" you have only swallowed the Jewish paranoia hook, line, and sinker. Please study US history and learn that this country was established as a HAVEN for persecuted religious groups INCLUDING Jews. Not one pogrom against Jews in all of America's history. Not one. And my father fought to free Europe from the Nazis yet here we are 60 years later and you are saying what my father did changes nothing, Jews are still vulnerable to what, exactly, Rose? Concentration camps in America? I don't think so, not with Jewish people running America's financial system and all one has to do to prove that is Google the names of the big bank owners and ceo's and all the US top financial advisers. The 2% minority owns or controls the 98% majority's money system. Why don't you understand Jews constitute a hidden special interest group that has political power far beyond their numbers, power enough to get the US committed to a religious state in complete violation of Separation of Church and State, powerful enough to get the US into 3 wars now against the enemies of Israel. Why on earth aren't you afraid of this blatant Jewish attack on American values and American democracy? Because you don't let yourself use all that looking for dirt on bad guys talent of yours when it comes to Zionists. You give them a pass because I guess you've accepted the Hollywood image of every Arab being an overt or covert terrorist.

  25. See, there you are going to the next level, too. I do not believe EVERY Arab is an overt or covert terrorist. But that doesn't mean that some aren't. And it doesn't mean that many, especially those in power in Palestine, aren't fully prepared to use the propaganda to keep getting lots of attention, free stuff, and a big nation to fight their battles for them in the field of diplomacy, even negotiating for them against their declared enemy, our own ally.

    The rhetoric of Germany - "Jews are in charge, and control the money, hate the rich, hate the ones with money." Been watching the news? The ugly evil raises its head again in our own nation. Be careful Stephen. You may get your wish. And if Israel falls, what then?

  26. Hooray, hooray! Victory for the native peoples! And victory for democracy which Israel cannot tolerate due to racist policies against Arab-Israelis. See my blog at how Arab-Israelis feel about Israeli fascists in action.

    Rose, aren't you at all ashamed of supporting fascism or is it that when fascism wears a Star of David it's OK? Anything goes as far as Europeans conquering non-European peoples? Seems that way to me with you inability to feel any moral responsibility for white people going into 3rd World countries to take them over. You consistently have zero understanding for what indigenous peoples suffer at the hands of white European aggressors. You want to make it all their fault for not lying down when the white oppressors invade and steal their lands and lives. But you are a political fanatic (see your latest ongoing attack on Muslims at the top) I have come to see who holds rightwing politics above ethics when it comes to the human rights and freedom of indigenous peoples.

  27. The inability to see European and American terrorism I believe stems from our culture labeling old-style barbarism when used in modern times as "barbaric" whereas modern high-tech barbarity just isn't seen for what it is. A Muslim slitting the throat of a captive is perceived as horrible yet strafing a family home, killing innocent children with an F-16 fighter jet is not seen at all. Primitive rockets the Palestinians lobe into Israel are seen. The high-tech rockets from the F-16's are not. Crudely made suicide bombs are seen. White phosphorus and cluster bombs are not. Yet the body count shows who's really doing the most terrorism against civilians, against children, but still our Zionist promoters only see the victims of Zionist aggression as the source of trouble.

    We, the Western powers have foisted the most greedy for wealth and power ethnic group on earth onto Arab Palestine and are paying the price for our stupidity just as we pay the price for doing the same blunder to our national economic system. "Anti-Semitic"? Hardly. You know who supports Semitic peoples against European colonial invaders, the last group of which are the Zionists in Israel.

  28. "A Muslim slitting the throat of a captive is perceived as horrible yet strafing a family home, killing innocent children with an F-16 fighter jet is not seen at all."

    And in Rose's view,giving a Native American child a blanket covered in small pox isn't an act of violence or terrorism.So maybe if Palestinians started to do that Rose would ease up on her dislike for them.
    It's amazing for me to see and read the hipocracy flowing from neocons when they rant and urge for total destruction of a nation,and a peoples when a third world country (mostly inhabited by non-whites) try to step up their technologies with nuclear power,without even considering that the only nation ever to drop a nuke has been the U.S.,yet Rose and her ilk assert that we are the only ones sane enough to be allowed to possess them.Rose,I sure that you find some time today to watch some videos of those bombings and what it did to those innocent civilians,and reflect on that a little bit.

  29. Right, mresquan - those sneaky settlers. They KNEW that their blankets were biological weapons and they intentionally laced them with smallpox, and then deployed the secret weapon. Worse, they pretended to be friendly traders, then used the blankets as a Trojan horse of sorts. Those terrorists!!

    That is an incredibly ignorant piece of rhetoric for you to be throwing around - and it is beneath you.

    Further, no one is advocating for destruction of a nation EXCEPT Hamas, Ahmadinejahd and other Islamic extremists.

    Do you know remember that in every recent Peace Accord that has been brokered, the Palestinians have been given what they asked for in the negotiations. They have broken the Peace each and every time. Broken their own agreements.

    Discussing these things with you guys is pointless because you love the rhetoric, the cry poor argument, and refuse to understand that if the Palestinians STOP the violence, they will have Peace for thousands of years. The Israelis are NOT the aggressors.

    No point in discussing it in these upside down times, Good is bad, bad is good, drugs are cool and de facto legal, but talking on your phone is criminal. Somebody must be poisoning the water around here.

  30. And you're drinking it, Rose. Please stop your moral blindness towards the victims of European aggression. I am having more and more difficulty seeing your good intentions when you play the uncaring apologist for white people's crimes against humanity.

  31. At least now it is European aggression, Stephen instead of the usual American capitalist aggression, is that it?

    Was it Jordan who killed a whole slew of Palestinians, rather than allow them to migrate and settle there? I forget.

    Only white American aggression matters, huh?

    You're right, I don't get it.

    When our government starts killing bloggers, simply for speaking out as you are doing, then perhaps I will see a moral equivalency.

  32. Wow, great stuff guys! Nothing better than reading the ramblings of the two biggest nutballs in the Humboldt blogsphere!

  33. At least one of has balls as opposed to you anon 5:39, another chickenshit poster throwing dirt at people with guts enough to sign their names to what they believe in. Go back to underneath the rock you slithered out from..

  34. Rose, do you really not know American history or the history of the Americas or Australia or New Zealand or Africa? Did you miss the part where Europe sent out millions of Europeans to these lands to seize their wealth and take control of these lands far from Europe? Do you not know how barbaric these Europeans were in their treatment of indigenous populations? Are you conveniently forgetting all about it because you happen to be a white European-American so you don't want to be reminded that your people have not very long ago been as savage as any pissed off Middle East Muslim fanatic with his hands on a "Crusader" or Zionist? While you and millions of white European-Americans refuse to acknowledge dirty deeds done to Middle East Muslims by Europeans through the last few centuries of European exploitation and control of the Middle East they are not forgetting. The natives are armed this time, Rose. That's the difference and white European colonialism is deader than a dodo in our modern world only Zionists don't know this fact and are living as if white cowboys still at war with darker skinned Indians were the norm in our 21st century world.


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