Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Suddenlink is down - again

No email for at least four days.


  1. Mine works!

  2. I'm with Suddenlink. Have you contacted our customer service team about this issue? You can also email me -- pete.abel@suddenlink.com -- and I will be happy to alert the general manager for your area; but to do that, I'll need (at the very least) the name as it's listed on the account. Let me know.

  3. It's up now - and I did call, several times. The first time, I got a very nice person who said they did have an outage in the Eureka area, and they were working on it, but had no estimated time of completion - and the next time I called they said it was fixed. A couple of hours later it did resolve itself. It worked for a day or so and then it went down again - this time they had a recorded message saying there was a system wide outage that they were aware of it and working on it. Yesterday, I called again, and was told it was fixed, and again, a couple of hours later, one at a time, my mailboxes started receiving mail again.

    Thanks for weighing in, I appreciate it - this post was more to let people who were expecting responses from me know why I wasn't answering.

    The good news is, they said they now have 24/7 support. Not sure how long that has been the case, but it is good news.


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