Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another Twist

...Phillip Morris has already copyrighted some 500 street names for marijuana should it ever become legal. Philip Morris isn’t an ethical corporation—they don’t care if their customers’ cause of death is related to the product that was sold to them. However, Phillip Morris is under close supervision by many nonprofit groups.

They file lawsuit after lawsuit, all in attempt to keep Phillip Morris in check—you just can’t have that supervision with so many smaller operations going on....

Another interesting twist if the orgs, who were pressing for legalization of Pot suddenly start decrying its harmful properties - all in the name of money. Predatory Litigious Orgs are the new growth industry after all.


  1. I knew if I waited long enough I would be king of the catbox and sure enough it looks like fortune is again smiling at someone else..

    January 8th, 1979, yours truly incorporates Californian Kush based on hope of legalization following the amazing 2 week period cannabis indica was found by Judge Thomas to be a legal herb not under the onus of cannabis sativa l., the species specifically outlawed in the California penal code. Anyone want to buy a share? Such a deal now as legalization is just around the corner, right?

    California Kush Inc.

  2. LOL - Ahead of your time, Stephen. Good Luck with that. I do think we are one election away from Legalization, at least in California. And the other States will quickly follow suit.

    Then, one of the questions will be if the Government takes action to PROTECT the brand and pricing, like 'Champagne.'
    (Champagne, Switzerland, can't use its own name)

    Won't that be a funny twist?


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