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Repeat Offenders, armed and dangerous w/update

It's not til you get to the end of the story that you realize - this story hasn't ended yet, and it is going to end badly. Someone is going to end up dead. And when it happens, people are going to ask - why did they keep letting this guy out of jail? In fact, you have to ask, why is he out NOW?

☛ TS Shotgun brandished in home invasion robbery

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Police are searching for four suspects allegedly involved in an armed robbery that took place at a D Street house in Eureka on Friday morning.

Eureka Police Department spokesman Lt. Murl Harpham said that at around 10 a.m., dispatchers received a call reporting a home invasion in progress at a residence on 14th and D streets. Authorities learned multiple suspects reportedly kicked their way into the house and confronted a woman inside. They were brandishing a shotgun and demanding marijuana.

Police do not yet know how many of those suspects entered the residence, Harpham said. But investigators have identified two of the suspects as Michael Tray Johns, 26, and Waymond Richard Kelly, 25. Both were previously sought by police for parole violations.

You remember WAYMOND - ...(he) Kelly was arrested in 2007 after a string of armed robberies in Eureka. He was found by EPD officers with Zachary Cooke at an abandoned residence on Albee Street. As officers approached the two men, Cooke fired a shotgun and officers returned fire. Cooke, who was shot 11 times in the incident, died at the scene. Kelly was taken into custody.

In 2008, Johns and Kelly were arrested together after an EPD officer spotted them driving a stolen station wagon. The men reportedly fled from police, and were arrested after a high-speed chase. When officers searched their car, they reportedly found shotgun shells and other ammunition in the vehicle.

Authorities urge anyone with information about the alleged robbery or the suspects' whereabouts to contact detectives at 441-4060.

☛ Rio Dell Times Home Invasion Follow-up info on the home invasion on this date. It is believed four persons were involved, one female and three males. The attached photos are two person of interest in this case and are wanted for parole violation. They are Michael Tray Johns, 26, and Waymond Richard Kelly, 25 . Any information on the whereabouts of these subjects will be accepted at the Eureka Police Department.

EPD Press Release/Rio Dell Times

On 3-14-2009 at about 4:35 am, Officers of the Eureka Police Department were dispatched to the 100 block of West 7th Street to a reported suspicious vehicle. The reporting party stated that there was a white sedan parked on 7th Street, occupied by at least two subjects with hoods pulled up over their heads.

As units arrived on scene, they located a vehicle matching the description leaving the area. When a traffic stop was attempted on the vehicle, the vehicle fled. When the vehicle reached 5th Street, it sped up to over 100 mph. The vehicle tried to negotiate a N/B turn onto "R" Street, however due to its speed the vehicle impacted into the Pizza Hut building. Three subjects fled from the vehicle, but were taken into custody a short distance away by responding units.

A firearm was located at the 500 block of 5th Street, soon after the pursuits conclusion. The firearm had damage consistent to multiple skid/strikes against the pavement. It is suspected that it was thrown from the vehicle during the pursuit. The firearm will be processed for evidence.

The three suspects are identified as:

Waymond Richard Kelly (26 years old of Eureka) was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for possession of a controlled substance and a parole hold.

Michael Tray Johns (28 years old of Eureka) was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on a parole hold.
Nathan Aaron Ruptak (27 years old of Eureka) was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on charges of evading the police, resisting arrest, and a parole hold.

Kelly and Johns are persons of interest in the recent home invasion robbery that occurred on 3-6-2009.

This is an active investigation and anyone with information concerning this incident or the home invasion robbery are urged to contact the Eureka Police Department's Criminal Investigations Section at 707-441-4300.

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  1. I don't think Kelly was the one with Cooke on Albee st. I think that was a Juvenile and Kelly was caught by the CHP or Mendocino Sheriff. Kelly had taken off after the other guy, Omholt was arrested.

    Anyway you look at it this guy -Kelly- should be in prison. Who did his plea bargain? Sounds like to me.

    And I was thinking Eureka was going to go a week without a stabbing, robbery, or some kind of shooting.

  2. Yep. It was a juvenile that was with Cooke, although whoever the juvenile was might well have turned 18 by now. I forget the age of that kid. Was he 16 or 17?

  3. Thanks for following this Rose....

  4. Kelly was let out by the same DA's office that released one of the men linked to a recent murder.
    So maybe that decision should be re examined?


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