Saturday, March 21, 2009

Venezuela military 'seizes ports'

CARACAS (AFP) - Venezuela's military took control Saturday of all the country's major airports and maritime ports, following a recently enacted law handing management of the facilities to the central government....

◼ BBC Venezuela military 'seizes ports'

President Hugo Chavez has pushed for the move, describing it as "reunifying the motherland, which was in pieces".
Critics of Mr Chavez says the plans are unconstitutional, but the National Assembly backed them a week ago, saying they would improve essential services.
- it's for your own good, really.

Soldiers were seen moving into major sites on Saturday, among them the port at Maracaibo, Venezuela's main oil-producing city - an opposition stronghold in the state of Zulia, AFP reported.
Facilities in at least three opposition-run states were seized, according to reports.
Since the government lost a number of key seats, including the mayoralty of Caracas, in local elections last year, there have been regular clashes over jurisdiction between local mayors and the national government.

Venezuela's Chavez calls Obama 'ignoramus'...


  1. the South American messiahaaaa

  2. Humboldt Heretic3/23/2009 11:45 AM

    The ignoramus comment is one of the few worthwhile statements Chávez has made lately.

  3. I'm sure the Venezuelan people are THANKING Michael Shellenberger. It's good for people to see what the fascist leftist/"Porgressives" support, and tolerate. It is a good warning for us, Remember it come election time.


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