Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trinity county repeals its marijuana law

Check out Eric's post - ☛ Trinity county repeals its marijuana law
...The Trinity County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday repealed a year-old ordinance that allowed medical marijuana users to exceed state limits on how much marijuana residents could grow and keep....

"What we adopted last year ruined the fabric of the county," said Supervisor Wendy Reiss, who voted for the ordinance last year....
Redding Record Searchlight - Trinity repeals marijuana law - Complaints of commercial growers prompt revisit year later

As Eric points out, that's two counties making major changes in their policies - and with all the grow house problems in this county, we're probably not far behind.

From the article - "The emphasis of marijuana growing has changed in most cases from medicinal to profiteering," Craig told the board Tuesday. "I have 15 men to patrol 3,200 square miles and the increased quantity. It takes us eight hours to get to some parts of this county who have never seen a cop."

During a supervisors meeting earlier this month, officials with the county's health department reported that the ordinance has led to an increase in hundreds of violations that included guard dogs running loose, unpermitted dwellings, rentals being destroyed when they're converted into grow houses, and septic lines draining into the ground or creeks.

Left out diesel spills. Code Enforcement issues? And Pot? Imagine that.


  1. As I posted on Eric's blog, too.

    Did anyone hear Darryl Cherney's new folk lament on the state of the Humboldt Nation broadcast on KMUD this morning?

    It seems the answer to all of the problems of the Humboldt Nation, the hospital issue, the Supervisor issue, the ROTR issue etc, is as stated in the repeating chorus; to spark a bowl and pass it around.

    Well, there you go. Marijuana isn't the problem, it's the answer.

    And not so many years ago, so was running liquor stills in the Smokey Mountains to make "Grandma's Medicine"

    Or, Dr. Singley's Cordial Elixir of Siam Cure-All with dubious amounts of alcohol as the "medicinal" treatment.

    Snake Oil is Snake Oil no matter who pitches it's usefulness in a modern-era version of a traveling medicine show.

    Oh, but it sure does bring in an awful lot of money. On this, we can all agree.

  2. Also left out: locked gates, armed guards stopping cars, torture of "trespassers," addicted children, automatic weapons, rat poison in creeks and millions of acres of public land effectively closed by armed pot growers.

  3. Good for Trinity County. There were places you could see from the roadway that they were growing marijuana. It was clearly over the top.

    Maybe in Humboldt? Naw too much corruption in place. Humboldt is doomed.


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