Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh, it'll never happen... Uh huh.

Thursday, October 9, 2008
(Orange County) Sheriff begins taking away concealed weapons permits
Hundreds of letters have been sent out advising current permit holders of impending revocation.

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The Sheriff's Department has begun the process of revoking hundreds of concealed weapon permits across Orange County.
This week, department officials confirmed that 146 letters have been sent out advising current license holders that their permits to carry firearms in public – called CCWs – are being revoked. There are currently 1,024 permit holders....

Locally - Recent Journal story prints the names of local CCW holders.

Uhhhh - THIS is the guy you WANT to be worried about. NOT the legal CCW holder.
TS - Man faces concealed weapons charges What is HE thinking?


  1. That's because they have a new Sheriff, Rose ... an ex patriot from LA replacing Sheriff Corona who is standing trial on criminal charges. The new gal from LA is bringing LASO's tough permit policy with her to Santa Ana.

  2. Well, what she is doing is punishing her hyper-legal citizens. The ones who take the time and trouble to go in and register. Who take extra steps to comply with the law.

    What she is telling other law abiding gun owners is that every Red Dawn fear they have can come true, if they are stupid enough to sign up.

    Couple that with the new attitude that criminals have to be understood while the law abiding people, to quote (or paraphrase) Heidi Walters, we have to wonder "What are they thinking?"

    The bad people aren't going to be affected by that new Sheriff doing what she is doing. They'll just be happy she's wasting time going after the good guys.

    It's more of that world-flipped-upside-down stuff.


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