Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Forget $250,000.

Let's say you win $1,000,000.00 tomorrow. How are you going to spend it? What would you do with a million bucks?


  1. I would finish my dad's house and add solar water and electricity as well as a glass porch for passive heating. I would invest enough to pay the taxes on the property. I would start a nonprofit community garden where less fortunate people could grow their own food.
    The rest would probably go to taxes for the winnings.
    Before the collapse of the economy, I probably would have invested it for an income that I would only have to pay 15 percent federal income tax on. Much less than I pay as a worker.
    I have to admit that this is a fun exercise in light of the current economic situation.

  2. Well, I'm thinking a really beautiful horse, a stable and a fenced field and enough food and all the gear ...hmmm, I think I used up my million plus a bit more.

  3. First, I would find a good accountant to keep the greedy bastard liberal democrat socialists from stealing it all and giving it to lazy undeserving slobs.

    Second, head for the Bahamas. For good.

  4. A house for me, one for my parents, one for my brother. A new car. Or two. Pay off my credit cards.

  5. Set aside $100,000 for each kid and my mom (that's $400,000), plus another $100,000 for debt and taxes.

    Divide $100,000 between Food for People, the Eureka Mission, Miranda's Rescue, KMUD and Doctors Without Borders (and probably a few other nonprofits as well). Get a lifetime membership to Surfrider Foundation.

    Convince my landlords to sell us the house we're living in for less than the $400,000 left. (Let's hope for $350K.) Then Bobby won't have to work to pay rent -- he can do art all the time -- and once that's covered, we can keep on keepin' on.

    Out of the remaining $50,000, I'd pay for Bobby to get Lasik surgery, stock up on emergency supplies, including Nick's diabetic prescriptions -- and then I'd do those silly things like get the cars tuned up and buy everyone new wetsuits and board bags.

    I suppose some sort of investment would be more appropriate, something to live off of, but I have no experience and no real faith in the marketplace (hahaha), so cash and goods would be the ticket.

  6. Out of the million about 40% (or more)would go to taxes. Still alot of money. Enough for new wet suits if that fits into your thought process. Other than that 9:26 PM has a couple valid points.

  7. Hmmm....'twould buy a house up above and just a little out of town, pack the larder, drill a well and buy more ammo........

  8. the government will take 50 percent under the dems' plan so should you ask what you would do with 500,000 dollars instead?

  9. Half for my kids and grandkids and half to publish and distribute the Gospel of Humanity to save the world.

  10. the feds will take 30-40 percent, the state will take 10 percent, social security is 15 percent or so, unemployment is _?

    How much will I really have to spend? Maybe I can afford a place in a trailier park on the trinity. if I can afford the sales tax and insurance.

    but, hey I'm rich.

  11. Maybe move to Iraq. I hear it's a democracy now.


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