Monday, October 20, 2008

Fortuna Mayor John Campbell has died

☛ ER He passed away at his home Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m. after a fight with cancer.

☛ Steve Lewis Fortuna mayor John Campbell has passed
☛ Heraldo John Campbell is dead
☛ TS Timber man and Fortuna Mayor John Campbell dies


  1. I am so very very sad. What is this with my friends dying this year? It was only a few weeks ago that I was chatting with John and Margaret in their UPS store in Fortuna. He looked awful to me, a big man way too thin, but seemed in good spirits. I will sorely miss him. People here have no idea how much he did to hold back Maxxam. He was a good man.

  2. John was a great man and a gentleman. He was a joy to visit with sharing great stories of his past.

  3. No matter what side of the political fence you were, John treated you with respect. This is a terrible blow to his family and to our community.

    Rest in peace, my friend.

  4. Now if the rest of the republican filth in Humboldt would die off this place would be a progressive utopia.

  5. Unfortunately, I never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Campbell in person but I did have occasion to speak with him on the telephone a few times. He was always gracious in answering this (former) reporter's questions & it was obvious to me that he was passionate, sincere & dedicated to his job & community. My deepest sympathies to his family & friends.

  6. Heraldo and Not A Native not only should be exposed, they MUST be exposed after dancing on John's coffin like this (before the poor man is even laid to rest, even).

    No decent people would be so callow. Even Clif and Estelle suspended their campaign for a week out of respect for the dead. I'm ashamed to consider myself a progressive with people like these acting so inhuman.

  7. i think NAN or The Big H left that 3:15 filth. these people are just godless jackals.

  8. It fits Salzman's m.o. but do you really think so? Didn't he get spanked by Trinidad PD bad enough last time around?

  9. Yes, that's why he's been incognito and keeping a low profile because his public name is mud and local activists know it but still are using him behind the scenes. He's supposedly in Ohio now..

    Heraldo is still censoring my posts which I added to the John Campbell thread on H's which was immediately deleted. Humboldt Herald and Richard Salzman, low life activists afraid to face criticism for their low life political actions.

  10. Well if nobody is going to pay Salzman any more, it's little wonder he skipped town for a paying gig, Kerrigan-style.

  11. Oh,the Soros coin is still flowing to RS

  12. His lack of local activity would seem to throw that into question.

  13. RS is alive and well in local politics, don't be mistaken for a minute.

    Just ask Mark Lovelace, for starters. He sent out the Loco Solutions letter drumming up cash for Cliff this summer, remember?

  14. In other news, Al-Qaeda has endorsed John McCain. Rose will probably conclude that their motives are to get Obama elected, assuming their endorsement being a barrage of negative press. Similar to her insistence that Salzman was behind the Eureka coalition for jobs.

  15. McCain equals an endless war in Iraq. Just what Al-Qaeda wants.

  16. 5:24 you really ought to start using some critical thinking skills if you even have them. You sound silly.

  17. For those who missed it, someone left a great tribute to the man on the agitprop h blog:

    Hutch Turner Says:
    October 24, 2008 at 11:13 pm

    I knew John Campbell before he knew Pacific Lumber. He was a fine person with a great sense of humor. A man’s man in every sense of the word. Like the rest of us he was far from perfect, and he knew it. Nontheless, he was an excellent family man and did his best.

    Like so many of our friends he came to the US with only the shirt on his back. Through the decades he remained the same person. He was disarmingly compassionate towards people in general and at times towards specific people with whom he disagreed.

    He was an excellent rugby player. For those of you outside the rugby playing community we sort out the players from the posers very quickly. We don’t care what anyone does for a living and make it a point to never ask. It’s besides the point as survival of the game itself is the point along with the all important post match party with the opposing team. The key element was it was OK to occasionally lose a game but never lose the party. John Campbell was and is a rugby player.

    Not living in around Fortuna it was difficult to really understand what was actually happening or happening with Maxxam. Both sides of the issue seemed determined and sincere. Having attended several Rotary Club meetings in Scotia one got some feel for the atmosphere around the mill. But it was impossible to really comprehend matters because you weren’t actually there. At times I got the impression that John was caught in the middle of a no win situation.

    Several times through the tense years while he was President I would ask if he was doing OK. Never did he boast about any successes he might have had, nor did he ever wish bad things to happen to specific people who opposed PALCO. The consistent component throughout these times was his respect for the individual.

    I personally did not agree with PALCO’s position as I understood it from the media. I would never ask John as it was not my business and I would never as his friend ask. There was one thing for sure he cared deeply for the men and women who worked at PALCO. John as many born in Australia do considered his heritage to be blue collar. Even when he was President of PALCO you could tell he really felt for those who were paid by the hour.

    My sincere condolences to his family.

    I hope that economically the situation in Humboldt County will improve. John’s passing will be a significant loss to the community. He is the second good friend I have lost to cancer recently. We have to move on but we should remember....

    Very nice, sir.


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