Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Deputy Field Organizer for the West Side (OHIO)

the North Coast Journal - Web of Lies - Richard Salzman and other email phonies
From the Publisher: An apology
Rhonda Meehan's letter
Letters from "R. Trent Williams" printed by the Journal
Glossary of terms
Another Salzman alias?

Salzman exposed: Local newspapers reveal real names of letter writers - Diane M. Batley/Eureka Reporter
Read it here
Supervisor Geist wants apology from Salzman - Eureka Reporter
Read it here
Police begin investigation into fake letters allegedly sent by Salzman - Diane M. Batley/Eureka Reporter◼ link
Editor files criminal complaint - Eureka Reporter◼ link
Search warrant served in Salzman case - Eureka Reporter◼ link
Salzman investigation forwarded on to state Office of the Attorney General

Trinidad police investigate Salzman
The final Salzman tally?
Consultant used others' names in letter-writing blitz to local newspaper


  1. Any chance he'll stay there?

  2. Perfect guy to be involved in a little voter fraud.

    Some things never change.


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