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  1. Oh get over it already. Obama is not a terrorist, he is not and has never been aligned with the Weathermen in any way whatsoever. The Cubans and the Vietnamese aren't going to be dividing up the country. You know trotting out a bunch of "washed up" terrorists as if they have any relevance in this election is a desperation move. Are you going to jump on the Obama is a Muslin bandwagon next? If so, I'll suggest that you're one of the people who could use re-education.
    Truth is, Obama is going to win, and painting the future President of the United States with the terror brush isn't productive. Maybe you'd beter start getting used to the notion that change is coing. Imagine that.

  2. Bob.....Rose is showing another example of "A man is known by the company he keeps".

    She isn't calling the candidate a terrorist as you seem to have gleaned from the post.

    Stick to music.

  3. Right, Wollf. I am not saying The Obama is a terrorist.

    BUT - as I have said before - if he wants to be President, he will have to defend us against KILLERS like Ayers. MURDERERS like Ayers. People who would and DID bomb our own people, our own buildings, who plotted to KILL MORE, BOMB MORE, and LOTS MORE if you listen to what this man is saying.

    But, Bob is in the same camp as those who thought Tim Stoen was a good and misunderstood guy.

    No accountability - as long as it benefits the chosen one, be it Gallegos or The Obama.

    It's too bad. Bob is a nice guy, and there are alot of nice guys like him. You just don't want them to be the guy you have to depend on in a crisis. Because they don't think there are any bad guys.

    Listen to me, Bob. AYRES is a BAD GUY!

  4. He would KILL you, your wife, your son and your friends, and THINK NOTHING OF IT.

  5. ...another example of "A man is known by the company he keeps"...

    Right, he's "paling around with terrorists" as someone said recently (over and over). My point is this, suggesting that Ayers has any influence over Barack Obama is facetious at best.

    A CBS report examines two false claims made by the McCain campaign about a connection between Bill Ayers and Senator Barack Obama:

    1. “Ayers and Obama ran a radical education foundation, together.”

    The foundation they are referring to is the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC), set up in the early 1990’s with funding from the Annenberg Foundation to reform public schools. Walter Annenberg is a well-known philanthropist and conservative Republican.

    “This was not the Bill Ayers and Barack Obama show,” says Ken Rolling who was the Executive Director of the CAC and ran the organization, “It was not created by two people, it was created by a hundred people.”

    Was it radical? Rolling says that’s in the eyes of the beholder, but he confirms that the CAC funded programs with the following purpose: teacher training, music education, support for new school council candidates, afterschool programs, education research, improvements for literacy and arts programs and initiatives to strengthen parental involvement in public schools.

    “The idea that the Annenberg Challenge was somehow the extension of the Weather Underground of the 1960’s, that is just one of the most lunatic contentions I can imagine,” says Mike Flannery, political editor at the CBS Chicago affiliate WBBM who has covered Chicago politics for 35 years.

    Flannery says the other people on involved in the CAC with Obama and Ayers were "business types and Republicans."

    Obama chaired the board of the CAC but he did not serve on the board with Ayers. Ayers served on a separate advisory board.

    2. “They wrote the foundation’s bylaws together.”

    “They didn’t sit over a coffee table somewhere and say ‘let’s do it this way,’ they were involved with a large group of people,” Rolling says, “They did not actually write them.”

    Rolling says Ayers served on a voluntary advisory board that hired a lawyer to write the bylaws that were eventually approved by the entire board of directors - one of the votes for the bylaws came from Obama.

    Flannery says the negative attention that is being paid to the CAC is mystifying to Chicago reporters, "Those of us who have covered politics in Chicago the way I have for 35 years simply don't recognize the caricatures and the ridiculous descriptions of this group."

  6. Ok, Bob.

    CBS has done such a good job of looking into things. I guess I have to say, WOW.

    But did they put as much effort into it as they did looking through Palin's garbage can? Did they have even one Team working to get a look at the Annenberg papers, alongside Stanley Kurtz? One reporter? Maybe they did. And maybe they put all their effort into DISPROVING any concerns.

    Nothing here to see, move along. We're all going to be so much better off when he appoints Ayers to the Education Secretary position. They spent that $110 Million so well, and made such a difference in Chicago's public schools.

    Kinda like the DA's Office is so much better now.

  7. "Paling around with terrorists", Bob? Is that a Freudian slip?
    Just asking.

  8. The absolutely BEAUTIFUL thing is the centrist Democrats and the centrist Republicans working together. The end of the partisan divide, in sight - working for the right reasons - completely ignored by good old CBS, surprise surprise - but happening nonetheless.

    People who aren't blinded by Party.

  9. Would you stand by and see me put in a 're-education camp,' Bob?


  10. So, you're "not saying The Obama is a terrorist.

    BUT what? But Bill Ayers is the boogie man, and the Weathermen were bad people. Who's defending them? I'm not.

    "Bob is a nice guy, and there are alot of nice guys like him. You just don't want them to be the guy you have to depend on in a crisis. Because they don't think there are any bad guys."

    What the hell is that supposed to mean? I appreciate that you think I'm a nice guy, but you're not going to depend on me in a crisis because I favor Obama instead of McCain?

    I know, you're talking about the candidates. You know, I used to respect John McCain. For one thing, he was the one who stood up to the Bush Administration when the subject of torture came up. He was a victim of torture, so he knows what it's all about. He knows that torturing alleged terrorists does not extract reliable information from them. He knows that being a country that condones torture and practices torture makes us more susceptable to crazies, not less. He knows that rejecting the Geneva Conventions puts our soldiers at risk. So, he took a stand as part of the Senate panel investigating how our military got to the point where we were torturing prisoners to death. Then what did he do? He reversed his position, and fell in line with the administration, because he thought that's what he had to do to get elected. I find the fact that a victim of torture now supports it far more troubling than the fact that both Obama and "an old washed-up terrorist" worked on school reform in Chicago.

    Ayers is going to be appointed Secretary of Education? Don't be ridiculous. That's another fantasy manufactured by the loony toons in the right-wing blogospere.

    As far as CBS investigating Annenberg, well, I'm sure they're not the only ones. I imagine Fox has had a team on it for months, and they're not alone. Every r-w blogger in the country would love to break something new on that story. If there really was something wrong going on there, we'd have heard about it. Go to the Annenberg site and you'll see that they've posted all the records of the Chicago project. While you're there, look into the history of the foundation and its support for education reform. See if you still think everyone involved is an evil terrorist sympathizer.

    Truth is, the only thing McCain's people have going for them is innuendo and suggestions of guilt by association, and even the association is tentative. This is a campaign based on fear, which reflects the methods of the Bush Administration, who have been putting our country at risk (and driving our economy into the ground) based on fear for the last eight years. I find Karl Rove and Dick Cheney far more frightening than I do Bill Ayers.

  11. Bob has his shorts in a knot again. Listen brother, calm down, smoke a reefer and listen to some music. Seems politics makes you spittle on yourself.

    Q: Why is it that folks like Bob come undone when certain criticisms are made of their messiah?

    .A: hits too close to home,

  12. And you can't see what is wrong about Ayers Bob? Really? Weather Underground. Totally not repentent for blowing buildings and people up in this country? If you don't find anything wrong with that god help you.

  13. Rose said...

    Would you stand by and see me put in a 're-education camp,' Bob?

    Naw, I'd just make you watch Oberman, Rachael Madcow and the Daily Show instead of Faux News.

    Incidentally, Anon 4:05, I have iTunes running in the background, and hey, look at the cock, its 4:20, gotta go...

  14. whoops Freudian slip, that could be clock...

    p.s. I support re-eduction reform, and I'd like to do a study, think I can get a grant?

  15. Obama is a muslim terrorist

    vote McCain/Palin to keep your guns and tax dollars. Obama will take away your rights as an American. He will bring Muslim extremist policies to the US.

  16. George Bush is a Christian terrorist.John McCain stnds by him side by side,has voted with him over 90% of the time,and bides by the same political agenda.The Bush administration knew well in advance of the plans to take down the WTC,that there was a concernted effort underway by extremists (many trained and were funded by the Reagan administration)to kill innocent Americans.Repeated warnings to Condi, Bush, Cheney, by the heads of foreign state's garnered nil of a response from an adminstration banking on the deaths of thousands of Americans,and putting into the works an agenda only aided by those devastating events on that fateful dayThe terrorist acts of Bill Ayers cannot come close to being compared to the terrorist acts of Bush and his administration,who now stand side by side hoping for a McCain presidency.Vote for Ralph Nader.

  17. Sr.Esquan....hope all is well in your world. Unfortunately, mine is not going well.....

    You see, in mine, I realise that Bushitlerbabykillerterrorist was only POTUS for Nine months before the attack......somebody else was busy for a few years before that. Can't blame him for this one ol' buddy....

    As far as the "(many trained and were funded by the Reagan administration)".....I simply have to see, I was one of those "Individual Augment" kinda guys who surreptisciously rmoved unsightly bridges between Afghanistan and Tajikistan back in the early keep Soviet tanks from rolling across the river and decimating the Afghan population.

    The fact that doing so "protected" that dirtball Osama is regretable to the nth degree....but, and a crucial but that you don'tunderstand is....

    We Are The Good Guys.

    I woud not, with a breath still in me, allow you or Bob, and by G-d Rose and Robin, to be "re-educated".

    Love you little buddy.

    ps...please vote for less Obama

  18. Sorry, mresquan, but that is just BS - it's fun BS, I know, it just rolls right off your tongue and your keyboard, but it is bogus from the word go.

    A Christian terrorist? Why? Because he finished the job his father and Clinton failed to finish? Stopped the murder of innocent men women and children? Stopped the forced inscription of men in his country? That could have been you if you lived there. You don't want to be in the army, Many of them didn't want to. Ever hear what happened to them if they objected? Or tried to run away?

    If being a Christian terrorist means we try to stop the stoning of girls for having a boyfriend, or of women for walking with a man other than their husband - or if it means allowing girls to go to school - and for that matter boys to go to school and learn from real textbooks and not jihadi textbooks, you ought to be damn glad there is someone in the world willing to take a stand. To do otherwise is like sitting in your living room watching your neighbor beat his wife to death on the street in front of your house and sitting silent.

    I'm done with the BS, Mark. There are so many countries with so many horrific practices - China kills girl babies, the horrors on the African continent - the world should be so lucky as to have us help them out.

    They should be SO LUCKY as to have a "Christian Terrorist" making sure they get what you get - freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, freedom of religion, freedom to choose your own spouse, or not, freedom to go to school, to work, to travel as you please, eat the kind of food you want, wear your hair the way you want it, dress the way you want and not have to bow to mecca at noon.

    They should be so lucky, mresquan.

    I count myself VERY VERY lucky indeed to have been born here. At this time in history.

    It's a fragile thing we have going here and it means we need men, like you, mresquan, to realize how precious it is, and quit with the BS.

  19. 9/11 was an act of terrorism.The Bush administration did nothing to stop the attacks which they knew were in the works,despite repeated warnings.
    Wolfie,POTUS for only 9 months,indeed,and in those 9 months ole W. took quite a vacation days,during one of those a now infamous "Bin Laden Determined To Strike" memo came on through,and your boy did nada to act.And well,I'd tear into Clinton for ya,I'll leave that for another time,I'm not so sure Ole Billy couldn't of done something to help deter Mr.McVeigh for one.

  20. Rose says, "quit with the BS."

    I say, amen to that.

    I know it's not what you mean, but I'm looking over to the right on this page to your list of "The RIGHT links" and what I see is purveyors of BS: Ann Coulter, Rush and Michael Savage for example, sleaze-mongers all, whose idea of a political fight is to imply that your opponent is a terrorist, of allied with terrorists. Admit it, you know it's BS, just as much as they do. They're spreading their lies to make money and fool the foolish. What's your excuse?

  21. Well, you can put 'em in your reeducation camps, Bob. Amazing how quickly you would give up our freedom. And you in the press.

    Mresquan - seriously - do you think the President of the United States is EVER on vacation? Really?

    I would assert that even your City Council men and women are rarely 'off.' Ask them what happens in their off hours, when they go the grocery store, or out for lunch.

    And they don't bear anything like the weight the President has - there is a reason why they go grey within a few years of taking office.

    And Bob - Ayres was a terrorist. You may not want to admit it. But people died. And people remember. And he isn't sorry. He should have been put to death for what he did. Period, end of story.

    Your candidate does not understand his own job if he is to get elected. It is to protect us from people like that - NOT TO FUCKING GO TO HIS HOUSE FOR A CAMPAIGN LAUNCH, BOB.

  22. Was Biden Talking About a Draft? [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
    That's what some Hillary supporters think Joe Biden was talking about when he warned about the coming test under a President Obama and unpopular actions in response.

    Biden said: " . . .we’re gonna need you to use your influence, your influence within the community, to stand with him. Because it’s not gonna be apparent initially, it’s not gonna be apparent that we’re right.”

    Recall that Obama has said: “But it’s also important that a president speaks to military service as an obligation not just of some, but of many. You know, I traveled, obviously, a lot over the last 19 months. And if you go to small towns, throughout the Midwest or the Southwest or the South, every town has tons of young people who are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. That’s not always the case in other parts of the country, in more urban centers. And I think it’s important for the president to say, this is an important obligation. If we are going into war, then all of us go, not just some.”

  23. Unfortunately, Bob Doran doesn't stick to the music. He just wrote a rather slanted piece on the Arcata City Council race this year.

    In Bob's defense, he didn't make such a swiss cheese of it like that awful fact error-ridden piece by Heidi Walters on the Water Board races, she must have been on some of Bob's good stuff when she "researched" that so-called news story.

    But for Bob to be such a blatant Obamaniac and do political writing, isn't that what Hank Sims and Kevin Hoover complain about when other advocacy journalists do the same thing?

    Oh, but it's the Journal, do as we say, not as we do. Got it.

  24. Not to mention the publisher Hodgson running off to Colorado, presumably to vote in a swing state for Obama. And even bragging about it in her own "news"paper.

    She can be as political as she wants, same with Bob, free speech and all. I just can't wait for them to hypocrite themselves by attacking others for exhibiting the same behavior, that's all.

  25. No. Judy is one of the most ethical and principled people I know. She would never stand for that, much less be a participant in it. She might excuse it away, like Eric, believing it is not true, but once she determined it was true, they'd be in big trouble.

    She is in Colorado walking door to door and calling, I believe.

    I don't understand it. :)

  26. Rose, did you see this week's Journal? The article they wrote correcting all the errors on the water district contests was nearly as long as the original article itself. And who was attacked? All the opponents of the Loco Solutions establishment, from Ben Shepherd to Stephen Davies. They've got egg on their face big time. Not the best moment for Judy to have skipped town to leave Hank Sims to clean up the mess.

  27. Watching the barbs fly on this comment thread is more fun than s'mores 'round a campfire.

    Rose - your narrow understanding of the world is threatened by current events -- wake up and smell the New World Order -- you can't bury your head in Clam Beach to find Nirvana.

    Bob - it's useless talking sense to these Faux Newshounds ... you're wasting time and valuable vibes trying ... laugh at their petty insecurities and vapid accusations all the way to Nov. 5th.

    I'm booking my ticket to D.C. for Jan. 20th ... it's gonna be one helluva party -- and you suckers are still invited -- cuz we're all Americans after all!

  28. Bad politicians come and go. We all survive - some of us beaten or broken, but we survive.

    Frankly, I don't know what is going to happen on election day. But whoever gets that office will face half of this country if he fucks up. (of course those that voted him in will always make excuses.)

    Now, we all lived thru that idiot Gallegos and have survived to soon vote the dumbshit out of office. I know he never could do the damage on a national level that we face in this election and that Gallegos has also abused his authority and hurt some very decent people. But we survived.

    I think McCain and Palin are more grounded then Obama. I honestly feel Obama is smitten with himself and just wants power and control, but I also admit I could be wrong.

    So Bob and whoever else is on this thread, just vote and quit trying to change our minds with rhetoric. We disagree with each other on some fundamental things. It does not make us good or bad, we just disagree. I personally feel that being tied to the despicable Chicago cog is a judgment thing against Obama. And to me the Bill Ayers thing is a huge because its a judgment thing. And Bob, you can disagree...that is what makes this country wonderful.

  29. MURDERERS like Ayers.

    In order to be a murderer, you actually have to kill someone. Not talk about it. Do it.

    Grathwohl may or may not be telling the truth about the conversation, but I find it questionable. I've spent many hours since high school having these deep political conversations with radicals, including those in the Prairie Fire Organizing Committee, associated with the Weatherman. There was a lot of tough radical talk, but nobody ever talked like that, even if they were thinking it.

    By the way, whoever put up the video is wrong. Grathwohl infiltrated the Weatherman faction of SDS in 1969 and left by 1970. Therefor he was never in the Weather Underground. That didn't happen until later.

  30. Since you're a pathetic little coward so afraid of a contrary viewpoint Eric, I'll be happy to take you to task here, since watchpaul seems to be the last bastion of free speech on the local blogs.

    Eric Kirk lied about Ralph Nader earlier this week, suggesting he was ducking out on debating the other candidates.

    Then Nader DEBATED the Constitution Party candidate on Thursday, which was broadcast live on CSPAN. It was McKinney who refused to show up and gave a real loopy reply as to why.

    When I pointed this out to Eric, he zapped my comment. Well here it is now Mr. Kirk, your disgusting bias in all its glory, enjoy every morsel of it.

  31. I did not zap your comment. It's still there, cute as a button.

  32. I even responded to it, which normally I wouldn't bother.


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