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Craig's List as a political weapon?

The item below is posted on Craig's List. It appears to be an attempt to discredit Frank Jager - which makes it likely a move by the Clark Campaign. It references this blog. Whoever posted this doesn't have a clue what they are talking about. There is alot more information than is posted on this blog, though I am going to be VERY HAPPY to fill in some of the gaps!

The claim it makes is false - Jager has, in fact, made a request to release and return the remains of Andrea LaDeRoute to her family. This request has been turned down by Paul Gallegos, with his usual mumbo-jumbo response(s). The emails that prove this are posted, I believe. I am checking. Andrea's sister, Lisa has a site of her own and a rather lengthy place of her own on the Court TV Message Boards - a standing link in the sidebar. She has made repeated requests to Gallegos for the return of her sister's remains.

What's Wrong with this Picture? (Eureka)
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Date: 2008-10-15, 7:17AM PDT

Why won't Frank Jager, our esteemed county coroner, release Andrea LaDeRoute's remains to her family so they can have some closure?

Andrea was murdered in 1980 when she was 20 years old. Her murderer was arrested and jailed right here in Humboldt County. He had her bloody clothing in his car. He was set free because NO ONE SHOWED UP FOR HIS ARRAIGNMENT.

He went on to kill up to a dozen more young women.

Frank Jager was on the Eureka Police Department then. He has some explaining to do. Maybe he is covering up for his friends. Or himself.

In the mean time, release her remains, let her family have some peace.

It's the Christian thing to do.

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  1. It appears to be an attempt to discredit Frank Jager - which makes it likely a move by the Clark Campaign.

    Likely? What makes you think that? Do you have any evidence at all? There are a lot of people with access to the internet.

  2. Rose, did you read Hank Sims column in the Journal this week regarding the Evergreens closing?

    "For one, the wood products sector is definitively no longer the economic engine we have been used to. It's still big, but it's just another of the many niche sectors that make up the economy. Take small pinches of lumber, dairy, fishing, services, tourism, light manufacturing. Slop them all in a bag, season with an equal amount of herbs and spices, and hire a university employee to shake vigorously -- like it or not, that is Humboldt County.

    The good part: A diverse economy at least means we are less susceptible to sudden, drastic shifts in any single company or industry. The old ones have already failed, or been drastically reorganized à la Pacific Lumber/Humboldt Redwood Company. The bad part: There's no easy, obvious source of growth, no spigot that we can simply turn up in times of need. Even marijuana is suffering from problems of oversupply, much like the pulp and paper industry.

    You know what the takeaway is? It's how ridiculous and silly we've looked these many years, blaming "environmentalists" or "no-growthers" or what have you for all our supposed recent economic woes (which don't look all that woeful now). Look at it with the perspective we have been recently inherited -- the economic debates of our very recent past look like rival anthills squabbling over a crust of toast. All the while a category one hurricane was bearing down.

    What was the nail in the coffin of Pacific Lumber? Not EPIC or the Sierra Club, but the wordwide slump in the softwood lumber market. What was the cause of skyrocketing Humboldt County home prices? Not Mark Lovelace or Kirk Girard, but the same bubble that skyrocketed home prices everywhere in America. What shut down the pulp mill? Not people who objected to the smell, but a global pulp glut. Amazing as it may seem, international capitalism could be more powerful than the hippies who bought the house across the street."

  3. Sounds like George is getting pretty desperate.

    Not uncommon. When you have no accomplishments of your own, run down the other guy. Tres Salzmanesque.

  4. I say this again - There is NO REASON for Paul Gallegos to continue to keep Andrea LaDeRoute's remains. Tests have already been performed, and records have been kept.

    John Annibel is in prison for another murder.

    With Gallegos plea-ing off the Kesser case, do you really think he is going to take on the Annibel case?

    Never in his lifetime, I'll warrant.

    It is particularly scurrilous to go after Jager on this matter.

    What, they couldn't get heraldo to do it? Even heraldo has his/her honor.

  5. This should be traceable - there's more than one attack on Jager here: (The same old anti-cop warfare!)
    Yager - A Step Backward (EKA)
    Reply to: [?]
    Date: 2008-10-02, 4:58PM PDT

    One thing is for sure, a Yager victory will set the Larry Glass centrist agenda back by about 5 years.

    Why? Because Yager is firmly in bed with the Murl Harpham/Nova clique of dissatisfied Eureka Police officers that slandered Glass, Tyson and Chief Neilsen on their "blog" .

    Yagers old friends on the force miss their overtime pay and their exagerated powers, now that the Chief has taken away their toys.

    Let's not go backwards folks. Larry has a vision for Eureka. While it may include moderates like Polly Endert it doesn't include corrupt old cops.

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    Anybody recognize this poster's style? Verbage? Syntax? Issues?

  6. I'm going to add that Jager has such a solid reputation that I am amazed anyone would try this. Let Clark run on his own merits. This scorched earth politicking is so BAD.

    People love Jager because he is a kind and considerate, thoughtful, intelligent man, with a deep commitment to serving the community. As coroner, he must help people through some of the worst of times.

  7. Here's another one!
    The Yager - Endert Ticket (Eureka)

    Reply to: [?]
    Date: 2008-09-24, 8:07AM PDT

    The Yager Endert Ticket is sinking like a stone, and the reason is not Polly. She is a reasonable, though not very effective city council person. The problem is that her running mate is an idiot. A double dipping public pensioner who has done nothing his entire life but suck off the public's teat.

    He has put his arms around Polly and she can't swim strong enough to save them both. They are lost.

    Location: Eureka
    it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
    PostingID: 853285072

    Again, lies. Endert and Jager are not a slate like Clark/Atkins.

  8. link for that last one

    It doesn't appear that Craig's List allows you to flag something for being outright scurrilously untrue..
    please flag with care:




    best of craigslist

    I'll go with prohibited.

  9. Interesting. I thought Craig's List was for selling old furniture and stuff. Not for political attacks, like underground anonymous letters to the editor, not even as brave as the anons on the blogs...

    Frank Jager's Little White Lie (Eureka)

    Reply to: [?]
    Date: 2008-09-06, 7:40AM PDT

    He claims to have been "elected" coroner in 98 on his website which may be but he was appointed to the job first. He
    was re-elected with the advantage of incumbency.

    That's one of the few ways a Republican can get into office in Humboldt County. Be one of the good ole boys.

    Location: Eureka
    it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
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  10. You going to respong to Sims piece?

  11. It contradicts many of the points that you consistently make on this blog-

    I'd say that it makes alot of sense to the non-conspiracy theorists out there.

    I'd like to hear your rebuttal- If you have one

  12. It's Hank's opinion. A nice tidy way to wrap it all up. I see his point but I don't completely agree.

    It ignores or trivializes, everything that we have been through here. The dirty tricks, the phony groups, the massive efforts by EPIC, Ken Miller, Humboldt Watershed Council, Salzman, the AEB, the Recall, the treesitters, the pepperspray, the hatred and divisiveness, as if they are nothing.

    If a meteor struck the Earth, or a nuclear war ensues, he's right, like the financial crisis, it makes it all seem unimportant. That doesn't change what happened. Nor make Salzman suddenly innocent. It doesn't take away Gallegos filing a suit he shouldn't have filed, it doesn't restore Debi August's damages, it doesn't bring back Pacific Lumber as a company or all those jobs.

    It's nice to wrap it all up in a tidy package and say, "there, it's done."

    It's not, financial crisis or not - the "Ptogressive" effort is still underway to take over the Eureka City Council and every other governing body - what did those people suddenly have an epiphany?

    Are they suddenly going to stop because the economy is bad? I don't thinks so.

    And we're still stuck with a lousy DA.

  13. It would be refreshing to hear you atleast occasionally admit the obvious.

    I'd say that your typical scapegoat characters had a minor impact, but were not even close to the primary reason that any of these industries failed locally. The greater market conditions had everything to do with it. The local politics were simply that- politics- which can get ugly, unfortunately. Public money was definitely wasted, and that is truly a shame. But I completely agree with Hank that it was international trends that had everything to do with the outcome.

  14. Bill Holmes was making the same ugly allegations against Jager (over him not deserving his publicly funded pension) a few days ago over at the Heraldo slanderfest, in between his shilling for Kaitlin/DUHC and his absurd attacks on Republicans (for the Bailout passed by Democrats in Congress, including Thompson).

    I wouldn't be surprised if it was him on Craiglist, he's been getting more unhinged lately.

  15. Yeah, I've been reading some of Bill's stuff and you could be right - with this linking of Jager to LaDeRoute's remains, he is completely and 100% wrong if it is him.

    Whoever it is should pull that lie down, and apologize.

  16. As for you, 8:32, I get that you want the sins wiped clean, and the economy is a nice foil.

    Does it mean "Baykeeper" will fold up its tent? EPIC? No. The fact that an unforeseen event came along to render it all moot doesn't change anything really.

    And, if you think it does, then remove all the lover restrictions on the beach because if a tsunami hits and wipes out Clam Beach you would decide that all this wrangling over allowing footsteps, horses and vehicles is all moot anyway.

  17. Censored comment #8:

    "So Davies being co-counsel with another lawyer on a totally unrelated case means he is personally responsible for everything that other lawyer does in cases which don't involve him?

    We can only imagine what can be pinned on your hero Gallegos now considering who he's been associated with, starting with Tim Stoen. Actually, that's worse: Davies sure didn't hire Schectman at taxpayer expense, they were both hired by a third party. Gallegos actively recruited Stoen, and entirely on the county's bill.

    If Kaitlin really wants to go there to slime her opponent, I guess it's fair game to ask about David Cobb's long-time employment by a big insurance company in Texas back when he actually was a lawyer. My goodness, Cobb a Corporate Lawyer, heaven forbid!"

  18. Oops, wrong thread, feel free to delete this one and the last Rose.

    No it isn't censorship, since I asked for it.

  19. It isn't about the 100 year economic flood Rose, its about the global economy, and jobs and even industries adjusting to the changes. EPIC, Earth First, Baykeeper, are just microscopic bugs in the big picture. They are and will remain a convenient local scapegoat.

  20. Then the same could be said of Hurwitz. So what has all the hatred and anger and dedicated effort been for? If you believe this then it applies to your guys - like I said, if you believe it, fold up the tent. Leave business owners alone. Let the people who want to try to put in the port go for it - who knows, you might find that those who are willing to to try end up making something good for even you -

    Microscopic bus? I do like that, though. Parasites. Who want nothing more than to now say it wasn't them who killed the host.

    But what will be the new host? where will the money train come from? Palco is gone. Who is next?

  21. BTW, I am not part of "those guys." I just have an opinion, and choose to share it here.

  22. :) Well, then, that's a point in your favor. I should not respond in frustration.

  23. Well,

    Heraldo is censoring posts again.
    I suppose he or she can't bear to entertain rational viewpoints which oppose hers/his.


  24. 4:57 nice try BUT Epic,Earth First,Baykeeper or Heraldo are not convenient scapegoats. They are self promoting,blood sucking tics feeding off any host unlucky enough to have a dime they can covet. They are all phonies to the core.

  25. Add mresquan to that list. You wouldn't believe the turncoat move he's pulled now.

  26. I've known Frank Jager for over thirty years. He is a good and decent man. Anyone that says different is just lying.

  27. Tell Bill "HighBoldtage" Holmes that. He's been on a real rage rampage lately. Bill even said Mr. Jager didn't deserve his pension because it was taxpayer funded. The nerve!

  28. We should start a "censored by Heraldo" support group. I am shut off too.

  29. Or start your own blog.Now let's here the conspiracy behind how Heraldo prevented you from doing that.

  30. Not a bad idea 7:36 - and mresquan both.

    It is interesting, Mark - either the Herald is a place for free and open discussion or it is not. From what I am seeing many of the comments being censored are merely asking questions and responding to other's points. Not profane or anything. And I keep hearing from people about that and being blocked for questioning things about money and Humboldt Watershed Council, and a few other things, most recently comments that are critical of DUHC and K S-B.

    Curious? I am.

  31. "Add mresquan to that list. You wouldn't believe the turncoat move he's pulled now."

    I hope the poster here does into further detail so that I can respond to it.

  32. You know what you did Mark Konkler...but just keep on pretending that no one will know, just keep on pretending there will be no consequences to your actions in the future, just keep on pretending than anyone in their right mind will ever trust you again.

  33. So maybe I can get Rose to explain to the readers of her blog exactly what I did.I don't want to pretend that she doesn't know.

  34. Truly, Mark, I do not have a clue. Whatever that is about, it is not something I have heard about. And I am often mystified at the pokes at you, you've always been someone I enjoy discussing the issues with. I don't think we agree on much of anything, but it's always fun.

  35. Still not spilling any beans for anyone eh anon?I'm sure Rose wouldn't mind hearing about it from ya.

  36. I don't know Mark, why don't you enlighten us all and tell us what you've been up to lately?

  37. Well, unless you think he is the one posting stuff on Craig's List, 5:13, you're a bit off topic.

    I'm interested in knowing who did this. Maybe it is someone who is genuinely concerned about the issue of returning the remains to the family. If so, please put the pressure on Gallegos. It is high time he did do that.

    And he owes it to Andrea's sister, after using her for his own political benefit. Once the coroner confirmed that the remains had been tested, and the evidence had been secured, it is only right to release the remains.

  38. Well I told someone who comes here about something,don't know if you're talking about he same thing though.You seem very afraid to confront me about your issue for some odd reason.You are doing the readers of this blog a big disservice.Ever think Rose would have something on Gallegos that the public should know,and keep it to herself?

  39. You're a backstabber Mark. I don't know why anyone in their right mind would hire you now. That must be the reason you can only get a job from your BROTHER Theo Therme at Flips for Kids, since no reputable employer would possibly want to hire someone as untrustworthy as you.

  40. Well. I guess 9:23 has dropped enough clues. At this point, sir, you should use your name. Anonymity in this case is futile. Even if you won't, I suspect Mresquan can name names here.

  41. Theo Therme is a Konkler! BAM!

    Guess Mark pissed the wrong person off this time.

  42. IF that's true - I am glad to hear it. He is welcome here, and always has been. He asks a lot of questions, and that is a good thing. Don't try to make him into any sort of bad guy.

    What is this all about? Some new sort of flame war? What is the source?

  43. i was wondering who theo was. thanks for the info.

    now if you can tell me who heraldo is i will be truly impressed.

  44. Mresquan has this habit of playing both sides of the fence. It was only a matter of time before somebody called him on it.

    That's why we refer to him as Mark the Mole.

  45. Well. I'll talk to Mark, then. No point in this back and forth digging. It has a feel of the old Nick Bravo wars.

  46. I don't see any "back and forth" digging. I just see Mark's political grave getting dug deeper.

    Don't stop until six feet under, boys!

  47. "Mresquan has this habit of playing both sides of the fence. It was only a matter of time before somebody called him on it."

    Oh no.What a horrible person I am,I like two people who are running for the same seat!!And oh my,my political grave is getting deeper and deeper,please help!!
    Rose,with your permission,I'll print here something you sent me,and then my response to it.The anon poster here for some reason is very afraid to discuss his beef,so I'll be the one to break the ice.

  48. Mark needs Rose's permission to print something he wrote himself?

    Methinks he needs to take off the training wheels already. Aren't you in your 30s, mresquan? What is it YOU are so afraid of?

    Maybe a lack of professionalism was what got Mark into trouble in the first place, from what I can read into all this.

  49. You are very bad, Mresquan. Very, very bad. And naughty. Very, very naughty. You deserve to be punished.

  50. "Mark needs Rose's permission to print something he wrote himself?"

    No,idiot,I'll wait for her permission to print something SHE wrote,and then my response to it.

  51. "That's why we refer to him as Mark the Mole."

    Wjy is the local ACLU outfit so hostile to freedom of association?

    "You are very bad, Mresquan. Very, very bad. And naughty. Very, very naughty. You deserve to be punished."

    Ummmm.....Hmmmmm......I sure do,but well,my political grave is getting deeper,so I hope you find a great way to top that!!

    "since no reputable employer would possibly want to hire someone as untrustworthy as you."

    Tell me what reputable employer hires you,I'll tell who hires me.It's only fair,right?

  52. I have no objection, Mark. I would not have posted it without your permission either.

  53. What does Mark's peeve have to do with the ACLU?

    Ugh, don't tell me this is more Measure T crap.

    We all know Mark's in bed with David Cobb and co., there's no new news there.

  54. wow. bored already. who cares about any of you people infighting when the repugs are stealing the dam election!!!! again!!!!

  55. You know, you might be right 12:57. I think I'll quit while I'm ahead and let Mark wrestle with his own conscience.

    Maybe one day he'll get the same treatment from someone he trusted and figure out what the right thing to do is.

  56. Republicans are not the ones registering dead people, imaginary people, and multiple people. They're not the ones voting against disabled people's wishes on their behalf. They're not the ones bringing in housefulls of people from out os state, to vote in Ohio and then vote again in their own state...

    Every single person, regardless of party, should be defending the one person one vote aspect of our system.

    If that means a thumbprint checked against a national database, I guess that is what it is going to take. And when that happens, blame ACORN, Barack and the Democratic Party's extremists.

  57. Ummmm.....Hmmmmm......I sure do,but well,my political grave is getting deeper,so I hope you find a great way to top that!!

    Well...I've got a shovel.

    And a whip.

  58. Hey‏
    From: Watch Paul (
    Sent: Sun 10/19/08 8:39 PM
    To: Konkler, Mark (

    Hey, Mark,

    I don't know what that is all about - the comment on the blog is a mystery to me.

    I just replied on the blog - but I want to reiterate that I also do not understand why people insist on making snarky comments to you. I enjoy talking to you, or disagreeing with you (most of the time :)) but I want you to know I appreciate your comments. I can try to steer the conversation, but at this time I am still sticking to my no censorship policy.

    I may change that at some point in the future. I've been on some back east blogs where the disagreements are many but the tone is always respectful and some really high quality conversations take place... I'd like to improve the quality of the discourse here, somehow, someday.

    Because I do believe we all have more in common than not.


    supplemental archives:

    RE: Hey‏
    From: mark konkler (
    Sent: Sun 10/19/08 9:17 PM
    To: Watch Paul (

    I assume it is coming from Charles Douglas due to the fact that he is a good friend of Stephen's. I've known Stephen for some time now and he approached me one day and asked if I were interested in being somewhat of a campaign manager for him, as I didn't really see why he thought it was a bright move to ask me due to my being a friend of Kaitlin's, a Measure T supporter, and against water fluoridation. I told him that I would be interested in it if he DID NOT make any issue of Measure T and did his best to stay away from her vote in regards to fluoridation. It was during this meeting also that he explained to me that he re- registered as a Democrat, when I asked him why he went on a little rant about his views on the failures of the Green Party, and that he wanted to register Dem just for the purpose of seeking his endorsement. When he said this, I jokingly said to him that he needs to keep his mouth shut about that. I told him I would work with him and that I DID NOT want the campaign to get personal, and that my biggest dissatisfaction with Kaitlin was her failure to bring fellow progressives to realize the importance of her seat and to involve themselves and attend their meetings,and that progressives like Kaitlin can prove that they work with others with vastly different political outlooks, and get some things done. In my mind she's failed a bit to do that,so I told Stephen I'd work with him if he thought it was worth it. We left, this was the day before he went to seek the endorsement of Dem Cent Committee.
    So, two days later, mind you, no contact at all with Stephen for 2 days, I read on Richard's blog that Stephen repeated his rant to some comittee members that he registered with them solely for the endorsement !!
    Then he sends out a couple of press releases where he mentions that if Kaitlin wasn't wasting time on Measure T, she could of better served her constituents !!
    And then, on the blogs I read continued attacks coming from both Charles and Stephen about her vote on fluoridation !!
    And then I finally do get a call from him, where he talks nothing about these issues here which I asked not to be dug into, and he just asks me if it's true that I've publicly supported Kaitlin, to which I told him yes, and that I would work with him and support him publicly as well, although I didn't think it was a smart move on his part because of my work with Kaitlin on Measure T, and now defending it, and my position of fluoridation which she certainly could jump all over.
    Oye....enough of that.....but in a nutshell, I think that's what the comment was all about. I am just interested to see if the poster (Charles, or Stephen) if they want to debate, or discuss the issue further.

  59. And Kristabel,the whole burial thing isn't all that appealing,and I'd prefer to see my political stature be cremated,that is unless my casket comes with a built in spanking bench and a couple bottles of limoncello and tequila.


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