Friday, October 24, 2008

Speaking for George Clark

In this corner we have Richard "R. Trent" Salzman

In a message dated 10/23/2008 5:37:44 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
Dear Friend and Supporter,
Only 12 Days separate us from making history in Eureka with the first progressive voting majority. (...)

And in the other corner, Alec the out-of-town-socialist-mouthpiece...

And what are they looking for? Power. You got it. A "Progressive" majority on the Eureka City Council. Soo no one can stand in their way. So no one can interfere with their plans to STOP all progress, and what that really means is so they can use the City Council to fight their nemesis, Rob Arkley. Clark is a tool.


  1. Couldn't you make the exact same argument for Jager/Endert? Last time around, the trio of Leonard/Jones/Bass was hyped as the power group out to stop the "no progress" progressives. How does that argument differ from the progressive power group that you describe here? Same was said of the conservative trio- no one could stand in their way.

    Seems that it's just one "power group" that you protest Rose.

  2. Wellll, it seems someone needs to look up the definition of progressive in the dictionary; ..'NEW' being the key word. Clark et al are nothing more than sad loosers unable to make it in society so they preach socialist rhetoric to those too stoned or lazy to get up off their asses and get to work. NOTHING said by any of the REgressives is or has been orginial when someone with a brain compares it to the likes of Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Lenin etc.; they just wear different clothes and oh, they carry CELL PHONES.

    Clark is a sheep/tools "leading" (at the direction of someone outside of the public view) for something that those surviving the Holocaust, those related to a a survivor, or those that served in World War II are not only seemingly tolerating, but SUPPORTING these animals. WE NEED TO WAKE UP!!!!

  3. Salzman? Didn't he get thrown to the sharks a while back? Maybe they regurgitated it.

  4. Wow, using the Holocaust, Hitler& Stalin as adjectives for the Clark Campaign. Now how is that worse than anything Salzman is recently guilty of?

    You poor, poor people. Get a grip.

  5. Hey - now the guys that call themselves progs are actually the most regressive folks I have ever encountered.

    I have met Jager and he is the most reasonable guy and a real dear man. Never met Endert and never met Atkins, but both seem pretty reasonable. But, I have had many a meeting with George and he is out there on a different planet. Hitler and Stalin were smart. George is a dufus, albeit a socialist dufus.

  6. Salzman is currently working in a swing state to replace our Wonderful Leader with someone, shall we say, intelligent? reasonable? honest?

    That would not be McShame.

    "Socialist" = desperate bottom-of-the-barrel mud-slinging.

  7. George Clark's campaign is an avowed Socialist. It is a very reasonable assumption that Clark would hold these same views. That is hardly mudslinging.

  8. uggggg - should say "George Clark's campaign MANAGER is an avowed socialist. It is a very reasonable assumption that Clark would hold these same views. That is hardly mudslinging.

  9. Don't you just find it ODD that Clark can't post his own messages on his own blog?

    Why even LET someone like Alec speak for you when you are the one supposed to be running. It's not like this is some huge national campaign where you need handlers to be your interface.

    Who's driving the bus? And what does it mean for the PEOPLE of the City of Eureka?

    Atkins does seem genuine, why she got messed up with this scene, who knows.

  10. she is a genuine socialist as is clark,salzman is were ever the pickings are best. bj cris kerrigan is a weak wanna b, much like draculas renfield.

  11. If Clark were to win, and that is very Iffy, he would have to recuse himself from voting on anything regarding the Marina/Home Depot project. Because he takes lots of money from Pierson and said that Pierson is his long time friend. How could a long time friend be impartial on a vote that might or would impact the friends net profit for years to come?

    One of the many things I have learned is anyone that calls themself a "progressive" is anything but.

  12. Doesn't Pierson own the Eureka Mall? I'd say that is the best site for big box retail, possibly a Walmart. It's 2/3rds empty, and needs to get some kind of identity. Home Depot would obviously be a conflict, but other large retailers make alot of sense.

    A much better site than the Balloon Tract.

  13. 2/3rds empty? Guess I'll have to look closer. Didn't look that way to me.

  14. It certainly has been reconfigured many times - but right now it's pretty full - Staples, Michaels, Winco, Longs, Tuesday Morning, Blockbuster?, the Bank... is there something in the Fabric Store space?

    I miss the pond area they used to have.

  15. You use to be able to walk down an interior hall to interior stores. I believe all of that space is empty, including the old pond. Or was that converted to the stores that face the parking lots?

  16. Thing is, it seems to be all outside approach at the Eureka Mall now. For better, or worse.

    Plenty of places to go, though. Winco, being my favorite.

  17. Ok. I just did a drive around of the Eureka Mall on my way to pick up a Leonardi's pizza at Winco. Here's What's there now starting at Winco and working my way around:

    Winco, Michael's, Blockbuster, Staples, Long's, Dollar Tree, Subway, Cosmo- Prof, vacant, Tuesday Morning and an empty place where the bank once was. There's a sign on the door of the old bank saying they've moved to the other side of the mall so that must be that newly built, teeny, little drive- thru bank on the SE side of the parking lot at the corner of Harris and Central.

    So, two empty slots and nine open businesses. Certainly not 2/3s empty, not even one third. I think that's more like 20% empty, depending on whether you include the newly built bank, or not.


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