Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shadowy Networks - Project Vote, ACORN Institute Inc., ACORN Housing Inc., Wal-Mart Alliance for Reform Now (WARN), Citizens Consulting, Inc,

The Story: An intrepid researcher has discovered more than 200 tax liens totaling more than $3.7 million have been filed by the government against the (ACORN) Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now’s for unpaid taxes since the late eighties. http://tinyurl.com/6ecav4

...The conservative-leaning Capital Research Center’s Matthew Vadum found a staggering number of liens listed against ACORN’s national headquarters at 1024 Elysian Fields Avenue in New Orleans, Louisiana while conducting an exhaustive investigation of ACORN's history and current activities.

“I took that address and plugged it into Nexis and did a public records search for tax liens,” Vadum said. “At least 230 tax liens corresponded to ACORN’s address and they were all from ACORN’s shadowy network of affiliates.”

The liens filed against ACORN and their associated groups come from the Internal Revenue Service and government officials in fifteen different states.

75 of the 230 tax liens appear to have been “released,” meaning the full debt was paid or a negotiated payment was made for the debt. The rest are outstanding.

The "shadowy network" Vadum mentioned are the hundreds of ACORN offshoots housed at ACORN's official 1024 Elysian Fields Avenue address, such as Project Vote, ACORN Institute Inc., ACORN Housing Inc. Inc and Wal-Mart Alliance for Reform Now (WARN). One of those organizations is Citizens Consulting, Inc, which was paid nearly $800,000 by Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s campaign to conduct get-out-the-vote activities during the Democratic primary.

While CSI raked in cash from the Obama campaign the IRS was preparing nearly a million in liens against ACORN. The IRS filed a lien on ACORN for $306,407 on March 6, 2008. A different lien was filed for $547,312 against ACORN on March 10, 2008 and another was filed on March 14 for $132,997.

Minority Leader Rep. John Boehner (R.-Ohio)and other Republicans have called on Congress to strip ACORN of their federal funding, which has received at least $31 million in various grants since 1998, because of ACORN's role in rampant vote registration fraud across the nation, but Democrats have not expressed any interest in doing this.

“ACORN is a relentless crusader for social programs and government wealth redistribution schemes and the fact they can’t be bothered to pay taxes speaks volumes about the integrity of the organization,” Vadum said.

The Report ACORN: Who Funds the Weather Underground’s Little Brother?

More: In 1995, ACORN sued the state of California seeking an exemption from the law that requires that it pay its own employees a minimum wage. ACORN, which argued that keeping its employees in poverty helps to boost their zeal to help the poor.

As far back as 2004 - ACORN Voter Registration Fraud Allegations Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg
A Florida state attorney is investigating thousands of potentially fraudulent voter registrations associated with the leading organizer of Florida's Amendment 5 ballot initiative. But this is just the tip of an iceberg of illegalities, fraud and contradictions connected to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). In recent days, ACORN has been at the epicenter of reports on thousands of potentially fraudulent voter registrations across the nation -- including many by ex-felons -- submitted by ACORN employees in the presidential swing states of Ohio, Colorado, Missouri Pennsylvania, New Mexico and Minnesota. (...)


  1. Sounds kind of like a RICO investigation should be mounted. Identify the shot callers in ACORN and have Ohio officials conduct a background check on them.

    It is kind of funny to think that the democrats were concerned with the possible abuses of the patriot act!

  2. Go ahead, try to convince yourself that it's some shadowy network of evildoers that's to blame for the fact that the right wing is losing its grip on the reins of government. Ignore the fact that the failed economic policies and warmongering of neo-con ideologues who had their way during the Bush years sent the country down the crapper.

    Now ACORN is "the Weather Underground's Little Brother"? Don't be ridiculous. Can't you come up with a more plausible conspiracy theory, or at least something more creative? Maybe you could try and pull the Trilateral Commission into it like the John Birchers did back in the day.

    At this point the only real question is how badly will your guys lose? Will McCain pull enough Republican Senators down in flames with him so that the Dems have a bulletproof majority?

  3. Wow, this reminds me of when Republicans in Humboldt County hired people from Oregon and paid them by the signature to register people to vote and sign a petition to allow Walmart to build on the old Monkey Ward property. I cornered one of thier cronies at the Humboldt County Fair at the Republican booth. I asked the girl why she wanted the Walmart to be built and had some other local questions for her. She replied " I not from around here" and later told me how she was hired by the Republicans and paid by the signature, The state of California had no problem with this even though they were not paid minimum wage. Talk about outsourcing!

  4. Why would "republicans" be paying people to stump for WalMart? That makes no sense to me. Or do you just figure all developers are republicans?

  5. She didn't know why she was doing what she did. She was just there for the signatures and got paid for each one. The petition was at the Republican booth and not at the Green or Dem booth. What does that mean? Greens and Dems weren't trying to get Walmart on the ballot and bypass the local politicians. Republicans were.

  6. Again this begs the question????

    Why would the Repulicans spend their money for a Wal Mart in Eureka ????????? Don't mean to be too rude but that just sounds like a story! A fairy tail. BS to try and legitimize Acorn and Obama. Nice try but not even close.

  7. They just allowed the petition at their table.

    Why would Republicans do many of the stupid things they do?

  8. Perhaps for the same reason you write and sound so stupid Tom. They are just part of the human race like the rest of us.

    Hey, my dad used to say if all my friends jumped off the bay bridge would I too? The way you see it is that if someone at a republican table allowed the petition to be there it is stupid and wrong. And you are comparing this with fraudulent voter registration forms? You gotta be kidding me!

    There have been men and women who have given their lives for our freedom. Given their lives so that we can live in a land of free elections and you so willy nilly dismiss this bullshit?


  9. The overblown histrionics about ACORN do not surprise those of us who have been watching the RNC's election manipulation antics. For eight years White House operatives have been trying to gin up press stories about voter fraud. David Iglesias of New Mexico was one of seven U.S. Attorneys fired by the White House for their refusal to bring voter fraud prosecutions. "We took over 100 complaints," from the GOP, he told us, "We investigated for almost 2 years, I didn't find one prosecutable voter fraud case in the entire state of New Mexico."

    Iglesias, a McCain supporter, has, for the first time, leveled a new and serious charge: Despite finding none of the 200 voters guilty, he says the White House nevertheless ordered him to illegally prosecute baseless cases against innocent citizens, just to gin up voter fraud publicity. His refusal, he says, cost him his job. "They were looking for politicized -- for improperly politicized US attorneys to file bogus voter fraud cases."

    Certainly ACORN collected some bad signatures. But despite McCain's claims, now morphed into media theology, none of ACORN's actions will have any impact on any election. ACORN hired 13,000 canvassers to register new voters. A small number of these workers defrauded ACORN by handing in phony registration forms using names they had invented (e.g. Mickey Mouse), or copied from phone books. In one case ACORN canvassers used cigarettes to bribe a homeless man, now a Fox News regular, to register 17 times. None of these activities constituted voter fraud. It is no crime to register 17 times; only the final registration counts. His multiple registrations would not allow the tobacco lover to vote 17 times. Nor is there any evidence the phone book registrants will cast multiple ballots.


  10. Is this one of the hundred of affiliates? "Projects"?
    In a message dated 10/28/2008 3:55:53 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, salzman@inreach.com writes asking that officials NOT investigate Voter Fraud!

    He Links to a groups called credoaction.com.


  11. A 'small number?' Tom. Commondreams.org.
    o.k. then.

  12. D.C. Report Finds E-Vote Company Added Thousands of 'Phantom Votes' in Last Month's Primary
    Election Board Finds Sequoia Voting Systems 'Too Quick to Exonerate Self,' As Evidence Indicates Hardware and Software to Blame...
    After failing to count votes accurately in a number of recent elections in FL, NJ, and D.C., a report has now been released by the D.C. Board of Elections noting that, as it turns out, Michelle Shafer, official mouthpiece for both Sequoia Voting Systems and the election industry's PR outfit, Election Technology Council (ETC), has once again been misleading the public about Sequoia's bad voting equipment --- both touch-screen and paper ballot systems --- and the fact that they don't work.

    The D.C. Board released its report on its investigation into an incident from last month's primary where some 1,500 phantom votes were recorded on Sequoias tabulator after being uploaded from a paper ballot system. There should have been just over 300 votes, instead of thousands, from Precinct 141.

  13. the last stone10/29/2008 2:16 AM

    Why would the Repulicans spend their money for a Wal Mart in Eureka ?????????

    I'm afraid you're looking for logic in all the wrong places...

  14. No real answers just lame attempts at humor.

    Tom is kind of out there, like around Pluto or Jupiter. "white house operatives" oooooohhh a right wing republican conspiracy, I guess.

  15. Yeah, like I hired the bimbo from Oregon and then left her in charge of the Republican booth at the fair while I hung around Jupiter. Yeah, that's it.
    I hope everyone that thinks that photo id and ACORN are the most important issues in this election vote on electronic machines. These will be hacked!

  16. Fuck you Tom, you sexist pig. Like "Yeah, like I hired the bimbo from Oregon" is enlightened.

    You are a hypocrite and I can't wait to meet you in person you

  17. sorry, the send button got hit before I finished my sentence above.

    I meant to say "You are a hypocrite and I can't wait to meet you in person you ignorant putz!"

  18. Sounds kind of like a RICO investigation should be mounted. Identify the shot callers in ACORN and have Ohio officials conduct a background check on them.

    All of these state agencies, the FBI, and now the Department of Justice, feverishly investigating. Where are the indictments? All those thousands of false registrations, and not one attempt to vote under one of those names?

    I guess they'll all come after the election? It'd sure help the election process if they could nail anybody ahead of time. It might scare the others off.

    Unless, there is no conspiracy. Nah. It's been on O'Reilly and Malkin has been screaming about it. It has to be true.

  19. Acorn of the voter fraud: The tax return and the fees to "contractual" services for $210,995.00 and "bookkeeping" for $79,159.00. NOTE: President of Acorn Wade Rathke's real name is Stephen Rathke, Date of Birth: 8/5/1948. See the Federal Tax lien on Acorn's other entity



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