Saturday, October 25, 2008

That's a little better

In a message dated 10/24/2008 8:05:17 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

Dear Friend and Supporter,
Supervisor, and Clark/Atkins Campaign Co-chair, Bonnie Neely will host an Art Auction...

What happened to Two clues as to who is driving the bus.


  1. Pierson bought and paid for all four (Neeley, Kerrigan, Clark and Adkins), and probably even donated the art for the fundraiser.

    If any other special interest did such a thing in the Jager or Endert races, the so-called progressives and local newspapers would blow a gasket.

  2. The "Progressives" already just make up shit, Chris - a candidate who has nothing to do with Rob Arkley, but has the audacity to go up against the slate candidates, automatically gets attacked as being an Arkley stooge.

    But, nothing about a Pierson stooge, a Pierson stalking horse.... and no mirth whatsoever at the pathetic-ness of what he is doing. Trying to keep a monopoly. Lucky for him, he must be a "Progressive" Democrat. It excuses everything.

  3. Well, one thing's for sure. He's bought Clif Clendenen's vote against any Home Depot competitor in Eureka. Blue Lake Rancheria has bought Clif Clendenen's vote over their competitor, Bear River too, even though Bear River's tribal housing is in Fortuna and most B.R. tribal members live in the 2nd District. And Clif's brother has bought Clif's support for diverting Eel River water to Sonoma farmers. Or so we should think about at least, with not unreasonable assumptions based on following the money trail of campaign contributors.

  4. Good thing he'll be a supervisor, Stephen, cause he won't be able to do ANYTHING within city limits, be it Eureka or Fortuna, Eric Kirk's fondest wishes notwithstanding...

  5. Note to Pierson:disperse your donations in $100 increments to various supporters.Looks better that way,leaves little traces.
    "Well, one thing's for sure. He's bought Clif Clendenen's vote against any Home Depot competitor in Eureka."
    Well I sure hope it works out.We don't need any unethical business crushers like Home Depot in Eureka.And really,Rio Dell would be a much better location for one anyways,as the town has already experienced the economic shamble that a Home Depot would no doubt bring.

  6. Clark, Adkins, and even Neely pay little Chrisie as a "consultant". What a F'ing joke. It's the closest thing to a steady job that pot smoker has ever had. Did he ever even graduate CR ?

    I hear Chrisie is looking for a place to live north, as in a particular supervisory district. And then Larry Glass, Bonnie, et all will support him along with Dickie. Not many places like Humboldt county.


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