Thursday, March 11, 2010

Witness takes stand in Keyes preliminary hearing

Witness takes stand in Keyes preliminary hearing
...Though he never saw a gun, Jamerson testified that he did see the muzzle fire.

”I was screaming, everyone was screaming to get out of there,” Jamerson said.

He described how Clark was able to make it back to the car, open the back driver's side door and toss his child in the back seat before slumping to the ground.

”He said, 'I can't move my left side,'” Jamerson said. “I told Todd to get up, get in the car. He just ... he just laid there.”

In the confusion following the shooting, Jamerson said, Keyes ran to a car and the man Clark was initially fighting tried to reach into Jamerson's car and take the child. Jamerson quickly drove off with just himself and the child in the car.

Jamerson drove around the block before returning to the scene, saying he didn't feel right leaving Clark on the street.

He returned to find two people administering CPR to Clark. Police arrived soon afterward.

The hearing is expected to continue this morning.

Keyes' attorney, Russell Clanton - Prosecutor, Deputy District Attorney Arnie Klein
Kenneth Fiaui held to answer for allegedly shooting girlfriend, Courtney Weaver, in the face in Arcata in January

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