Thursday, March 04, 2010

An EPIC Campaign

Contact: ◼ Natalynne DeLapp, Campaign Manager
( cached link )

For Release on: March 4 & 5, 2010
707-444-9600 or 760-845-6228
District Attorney Paul Gallegos holds press conference

District Attorney Paul Gallegos is filing with the County Elections Office to declare his candidacy for the Humboldt County District Attorney race. A press conference will held on Friday, March 5th at 12:30pm. Former Assemblymember Patty Berg will be announcing the candidate. The public is welcome to attend.
Purpose: press conference announcement
When: Friday, March 5th at 12:30pm.
Where: 321 Third Street, Old Town Eureka
Family, friends and supporters are all invited to the new campaign headquarters as he makes his announcement at the press conference and then invited back at 5:30 that evening for the Grand Opening Celebration.

Paul Gallegos came into office promising justice for all and has not wavered from that commitment. Now, seven years into his term, he has achieved more than he thought possible, bringing a refreshing change to the District Attorney’s office along with a decline in violent crime.

Paul Gallegos is proud of what he has achieved over this period. He has stood up for all of Humboldt County and maintains his commitment of “justice for all.”


Interestingly, his Campaign Manager's EPIC page has been deleted:
Natalynne DeLapp, Policy Advocate


  1. google has it cached:

    looks like she likes to pick mushrooms, gee I wonder which kind? amateur mycologist my a**

  2. She's hot. Is she old enough to vote?

  3. That's some shitty photoshop work Rose

    Contact the Mirror immediately!

  4. Actually Rose, she is still listed on the site

    What they deleted was her bio page.

    EPIC is an epic disappointment. Maybe they want to actually talk to the casulties of Gallegos' stupidity and incompetence? Nah, that would interfere with their politics. Nope, to hell with the victims of crime in this county.

  5. Hey, thought I would let all of you watchpaulers know that I noticed that the page is now gone from EPIC's beautiful new website. (

    It seems like Natalynne DeLapp has got bigger fish to fry now. (hope you're ready!)

    Too bad that to work on a political campaign in this county one must tolerate hate drama and desperate slinking around in the Humboldt mud.

    I know, maybe instead of communicating anonymously here, people should just find you all congregated at your church of choice every morning.

    Is it still Ramone's in Mckinleyville?

    Good luck Natalynne! I hope you don't let these turkeys get to you.

    They're just another case of sad white people that haven't found more effective ways of contributing to society.

  6. You are joking right? She is the front so that Salzman and buddies can continue lies and sleazy innuendo. If she isn't then she will disavow them but I doubt it. Prove me wrong.

  7. Well, 2:59, you are the one slinking around anonymously. Is that you, Pete?


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